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20. There's only one solution: Swedish Candy Cornfish
Fri Oct 2, 2015, 05:10 PM
Oct 2015

I can't believe no one thought of this before. It's win-win!

Candy Corn vs Swedish Fish [View all] yuiyoshida Oct 2015 OP
#11 .................. chocolate Angry Dragon Oct 2015 #1
Chocolate is good...but this is a showdown yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #2
corn is often used as bait for fish Angry Dragon Oct 2015 #5
MULLET! trof Oct 2015 #23
I couldn't find the option for whiskey Major Nikon Oct 2015 #3
Ooooooooooooookay than yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #4
No contest gratuitous Oct 2015 #6
I have not seen nor tried the green and other colors. yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #7
Seriously, who could say candy corn is better than Swedish fish? gvstn Oct 2015 #22
Candy corn pumpkins ok_cpu Oct 2015 #8
I really like candy corn. blogslut Oct 2015 #9
Candy corn sakabatou Oct 2015 #10
Fish (nt) bigwillq Oct 2015 #11
I like both. shenmue Oct 2015 #12
I believe Swedish fish are Fat Free.. yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #13
This requires a trip to the candy store to purchase both and compare them shenmue Oct 2015 #14
good idea! yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #15
Candy corn is a shadow of its former self - hedgehog Oct 2015 #16
Candy corn for a fast sugar rush, Swedish fish for a slow melt sugar rush benld74 Oct 2015 #17
Swedish Fish now. Swedish Fish tomorrow. Swedish Fish always. Solly Mack Oct 2015 #18
I just got back from Walgreens yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #19
There's only one solution: Swedish Candy Cornfish pinboy3niner Oct 2015 #20
Swedish FishCorn? yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #21
Considering you can't make DIY butterfingers with fish noamnety Oct 2015 #24
Is Swedish Fish a local or regional treat because I do not remember dae Oct 2015 #25
Most drugstores and stores carry swedish fish yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #26
I will definitely be looking for Swedish fish! :) n/t dae Oct 2015 #27
Polling time expired, but Swedish fish, all the way mike dub Oct 2015 #28
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