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22. Seriously, who could say candy corn is better than Swedish fish?
Fri Oct 2, 2015, 07:17 PM
Oct 2015

That is some crazy making stuff. Not sure if the green ones are the best, I'm partial to the orange and red ones, myself. But never the small size--don't like them!

Candy Corn vs Swedish Fish [View all] yuiyoshida Oct 2015 OP
#11 .................. chocolate Angry Dragon Oct 2015 #1
Chocolate is good...but this is a showdown yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #2
corn is often used as bait for fish Angry Dragon Oct 2015 #5
MULLET! trof Oct 2015 #23
I couldn't find the option for whiskey Major Nikon Oct 2015 #3
Ooooooooooooookay than yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #4
No contest gratuitous Oct 2015 #6
I have not seen nor tried the green and other colors. yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #7
Seriously, who could say candy corn is better than Swedish fish? gvstn Oct 2015 #22
Candy corn pumpkins ok_cpu Oct 2015 #8
I really like candy corn. blogslut Oct 2015 #9
Candy corn sakabatou Oct 2015 #10
Fish (nt) bigwillq Oct 2015 #11
I like both. shenmue Oct 2015 #12
I believe Swedish fish are Fat Free.. yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #13
This requires a trip to the candy store to purchase both and compare them shenmue Oct 2015 #14
good idea! yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #15
Candy corn is a shadow of its former self - hedgehog Oct 2015 #16
Candy corn for a fast sugar rush, Swedish fish for a slow melt sugar rush benld74 Oct 2015 #17
Swedish Fish now. Swedish Fish tomorrow. Swedish Fish always. Solly Mack Oct 2015 #18
I just got back from Walgreens yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #19
There's only one solution: Swedish Candy Cornfish pinboy3niner Oct 2015 #20
Swedish FishCorn? yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #21
Considering you can't make DIY butterfingers with fish noamnety Oct 2015 #24
Is Swedish Fish a local or regional treat because I do not remember dae Oct 2015 #25
Most drugstores and stores carry swedish fish yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #26
I will definitely be looking for Swedish fish! :) n/t dae Oct 2015 #27
Polling time expired, but Swedish fish, all the way mike dub Oct 2015 #28
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