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33. Some time ago I started thinking what if Will's death had been staged
Mon Feb 8, 2016, 03:58 PM
Feb 2016

A "rational" explanation might come from the fact that his death had to happen openly, in public, so there would be no question. Why? Because the FBI was moving him into the witness protection program.

Will had been receiving death threats, and the government thought Bishop was behind them. As Bishop's attorney, Will had a lot of information about the criminal side of his business. Information the government desperately wanted because putting Bishop out of business was a top priority to them. Yes, Bishop came to the firm towards the end of that segment saying he wanted to close out his enterprises to have a regular life for the sake of his son. That was a charade. He knew the government was getting close, and he needed to get out. He also needed to eliminate any evidence and witnesses that could literally "hang" him. Will was one of those people.

Yes, Will was not allowed to reveal what he knew because he acted as Bishop's attorney. But if the threats against his life continued, hanging on to his law license would not be a top priority. Having an opportunity to lead a normal life in the witness protection program, just starting over again and out of Bishop's reach was his top priority. And perhaps that new life could include Alecia if she too were willing to give up everything. After all, her two children were entering college and the damage done to her marriage never really healed. She could join Will if she truly wanted to, and what a wonderful gift that would be to the viewers who have loved this show for years....

Remember her whispered words in that beautiful love scene when she said to him, "This has been the happiest I have ever been" ... words to that effect.

The staged death scene was intended to convince Bishop he had no more worries about what danger Will could do to him. But just as a backup scenario, Will had given video depositions and therefore testimony against Bishop's enterprises. He also turned over other evidence. So the government had what it needed to put Bishop away, but the trade-off was it had to promise Will a safe, long life. Thus the staged death and subsequent witness protection program life.

This is another factor that prompted Kalinda to disappear. She too knew too much about Bishop's business.

The Bishop matter has now been handled, and I think a "stunning" end to this series -- they have announced it will be a "shocker" -- is that Alecia learns Will is in fact alive. One of the last scenes could possibly show just her walking towards him and the ensuing reunion. What happens afterwards, we do not know.

What could be read as a "clue" was recently dropped when Alecia suddenly asked Eli out of the blue what had been in the second recorded message Will left for her on her phone that Eli surreptitiously deleted. Part of the message Eli reported Will had said was that he was ready to give up everything, his current life, his law practice, everything for just the two of them to be together. It was odd this was thrown into that script at that time, but it did remind the viewers just how much Will loved Alecia and what all he was willing to give up to have a life with her.


This is pure speculation. But if the series ends in a fashion that has a "shocking" but wonderful, happy ending that would be an appropriate finale to an outstanding show that for seven years gave us an incredible source of entertainment.

Okay, elleng -- any possibilities, any thoughts?


Anyone know why? MADem Feb 2016 #1
There have been rumors that the show has been "struggling" to find itself scriptwise Samantha Feb 2016 #4
I was hoping she'd end up in DC eventually! MADem Feb 2016 #17
I felt the same way Samantha Feb 2016 #34
Or those astounding wigs! MADem Feb 2016 #40
I think they screwed up when they broke Alicia off from the firm justiceischeap Feb 2016 #14
I think she's heading back there again...? MADem Feb 2016 #15
I read the issue between JM and AP as jealousy justiceischeap Feb 2016 #16
Alicia forgave Eli in the latest episode--I think they're back on track. MADem Feb 2016 #19
I read she wanted to leave because she got a series on FOX Samantha Feb 2016 #35
Julianne Margulies had already hinted this would be her last season Fla Dem Feb 2016 #28
Peter would have been believable if they'd developed it a bit more. MADem Feb 2016 #29
If you have the time, check out my improvised ending for The Good Wife Samantha Feb 2016 #36
The Kings, who wrote the show, are leaving to do another show. dixiegrrrrl Feb 2016 #30
Damn. elleng Feb 2016 #2
Oh, please don't say that, elleng Samantha Feb 2016 #6
Sorry, Sam, elleng Feb 2016 #7
Margulies said she would be unemployed CC Feb 2016 #3
I think "Will's" sudden death sounded the literal death knell of the show Samantha Feb 2016 #5
He took a job on "Masters of Sex." He's the fictionalized paramour of 'Virginia Johnson'-he plays MADem Feb 2016 #20
It's 1:06 am and a Good Wife rerun is about to air Samantha Feb 2016 #8
HOLD ON, Sam, or not, it's some b.s. place holder! elleng Feb 2016 #9
If that Good Wife rerun doesn't show up soon Samantha Feb 2016 #10
DITTO re: Revolution. elleng Feb 2016 #11
Didn't take TOO long, elleng Feb 2016 #12
I saw it come on but it is too late for me to stay up and watch Samantha Feb 2016 #13
It's possible that Juliana Margulies pulled the plug TexasBushwhacker Feb 2016 #18
This is season 7 SwankyXomb Feb 2016 #21
A well-written show about an intelligent, accomplished, attractive woman. Paladin Feb 2016 #22
Shown during the Super Bowl: elleng Feb 2016 #23
The biggest surprise yet? Samantha Feb 2016 #24
I don't have any thoughts, Sam! elleng Feb 2016 #25
I will try to work up my nerve to tell you what I have been thinking Samantha Feb 2016 #26
Good, and I appreciate rationality! elleng Feb 2016 #27
Some time ago I started thinking what if Will's death had been staged Samantha Feb 2016 #33
Sounds good, Sam, the true romantic in the group! elleng Feb 2016 #37
It was a shocking episode and there was a huge backlash that evening and the next day Samantha Feb 2016 #38
OH GEE, but I want to see it! elleng Feb 2016 #39
OMG. If you aren't writing for them, you should!!!! MADem Feb 2016 #41
Well, you know the new guy doesn't keep his beard trimmed too well Samantha Feb 2016 #42
I like the foreshadowing you noted. It fits!!! MADem Feb 2016 #43
I was so surprised when I saw that DesertRat Feb 2016 #31
Mine too Samantha Feb 2016 #44
I like your ending DesertRat Feb 2016 #45
Thank you Samantha Feb 2016 #46
mine too. this is the last season !!!!! trueblue2007 Feb 2016 #32
I hope a couple more people recommend this thread so it comes to the attention of the rest of DU Samantha Feb 2016 #47
Good wife jumped shark. Denis 11 Feb 2016 #48
I'm team Will all the way Paula Sims Feb 2016 #49
You will have to tell me about THAT elevator scene Samantha Feb 2016 #50
Here's the scene Paula Sims Feb 2016 #54
7 season though is pretty good. mackerel Feb 2016 #51
Yes, it is Samantha Feb 2016 #52
Yeah. But it's time. progressoid Feb 2016 #53
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