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16. I will argue with them...
Sun May 8, 2016, 05:16 AM
May 2016

They might correct me, but if they do, I will argue with them. As long as the first syllable of "vegetable" and "vegetarian" is pronounced with the short-e vowel sound and the soft-g consonant sound, I will pronounce the first syllable of "vegan" the same way. -- Ron

P.S. -- In case anybody's wondering, I'm an omnivore, but it would not be much of a sacrifice for me to go vegetarian. I usually eat mostly vegetables and fruits and cheese and nuts anyway, with usually only a small token amount of chicken, beef, pork, shrimp or fish. So I could pretty easily go vegetarian, but I could never go vegan. I like cheese way too much.

I've heard it pronounced vay-gan by some. aidbo May 2016 #1
Too close to the pronunciation of the inhabitants of the Vega system in the constellation Lyra. nt onehandle May 2016 #3
Still infinitely better than Vogons. aidbo May 2016 #5
But almost as annoying. GoneOffShore May 2016 #18
If the g precedes a, o or u, you pronounce it with a hard g sound. demmiblue May 2016 #2
^^ That. In India they say "Vay-gunz" Recursion May 2016 #4
Gif? progressoid May 2016 #8
Weird, isn't it?! demmiblue May 2016 #9
The door is ajar. redwitch May 2016 #6
'Cause that's how vegans say it. Iggo May 2016 #7
Couldn't sleep last night, huh? BlueSpot May 2016 #10
btsoom So Far From Heaven May 2016 #11
Herbivores, carnivores, omnivores... Jeebo May 2016 #12
Because, as humans, we still like to separate ourselves from mere animals. kentauros May 2016 #13
vee-jen, vee-jen, vee-jen So Far From Heaven May 2016 #14
Vegans will have the last laugh. kentauros May 2016 #15
I will argue with them... Jeebo May 2016 #16
The clever vegan will then ask you for your name. kentauros May 2016 #19
Ooooooooo! I'm so afraid!!! So Far From Heaven May 2016 #20
Well, I will say this. kentauros May 2016 #22
Chill So Far From Heaven May 2016 #23
Too bad you didn't take your own advice to chill before replying above. kentauros May 2016 #24
I pronounce it grazers. hobbit709 May 2016 #17
Your quirkiness has earned you Lounge-ness n/ UTUSN May 2016 #21
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