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18. Expect a message from me that day...
Sun Mar 26, 2017, 01:20 AM
Mar 2017

As I stop off in Wisconsin on my way to Minnesota to pay tribute to the man. Hell, I know he would neither want nor expect it, but you know the vigils will happen. Might as well be there to show my respect, via Wisconsin and Main Street fires complete with shoot outs!

Frank Ocean. Agschmid Mar 2017 #1
That's good stuff too! Still In Wisconsin Mar 2017 #6
Motrhead - Ace of Spades NewDealProgressive Mar 2017 #2
It is. I love that one. Still In Wisconsin Mar 2017 #5
Gypsy Kings - Hotel California Vinnie From Indy Mar 2017 #3
Hell yeah Still In Wisconsin Mar 2017 #7
A bunch of live YouTubes of Mandolin Orange. Hoyt Mar 2017 #4
The Southern Avenue debut album on Stax ornotna Mar 2017 #8
Tea & Symphony - The English Baroque Sound - 1967/1974 TexasTowelie Mar 2017 #9
Rudy Valle, collected songs from 1929 & 1930 Binkie The Clown Mar 2017 #10
"Brother can you spare a dime".... Docreed2003 Mar 2017 #12
I also love Helen Kane. The REAL Betty Boop. Binkie The Clown Mar 2017 #13
Love Zevon.... Docreed2003 Mar 2017 #11
It's hard to beat "Blood on the Tracks." Still In Wisconsin Mar 2017 #14
"Blood on the Tracks" has been my fall back, regroup, get your shit together, cry your eyes out Docreed2003 Mar 2017 #15
Hell yes... Blood on the Tracks is EXACTLY that album. Still In Wisconsin Mar 2017 #17
Expect a message from me that day... Docreed2003 Mar 2017 #18
Hibbing ain't THAT far away... I'll drive. Still In Wisconsin Mar 2017 #19
Well played...i love that song.... Docreed2003 Mar 2017 #20
I had a job in the great Northwoods Mendocino Mar 2017 #22
So I drifted down to New Orleans Docreed2003 Mar 2017 #23
You mind if I tag along on that trip, Mendocino Mar 2017 #29
"Pupal State" by the Croatian band, The Celetoids Tikki Mar 2017 #16
That would be pressbox69 Mar 2017 #21
My dog howls to "Werewolves of London" milestogo Mar 2017 #24
Benny Goodmans Hula Popper Mar 2017 #25
Wall Flowers IdiotsforPalin Mar 2017 #26
The new NOFX - among their best... lame54 Mar 2017 #27
Yes, great album. Love NOFX. Initech Mar 2017 #32
Might be my favorite... lame54 Mar 2017 #33
I'd say Wolves and The Decline are my two favorites, Initech Mar 2017 #34
I made a political vid with decline... lame54 Mar 2017 #35
Roxy Music - For Your Pleasure dawg Mar 2017 #28
Blue and Lonesome, the Rolling Stones Runningdawg Mar 2017 #30
Clutch - Psychic Warfare Initech Mar 2017 #31
Obituary by Obituary shenmue Mar 2017 #36
Great album..... fNord Mar 2017 #37
Townshend and Lane Mendocino Mar 2017 #38
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