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24. My dog howls to "Werewolves of London"
Sun Mar 26, 2017, 10:55 AM
Mar 2017

The first time he did it I was listening to an oldies station with my malamute in the car. This song comes on and he started howling with it. I just about drove into a tree because I was laughing so hard!
Frank Ocean. Agschmid Mar 2017 #1
That's good stuff too! Still In Wisconsin Mar 2017 #6
Motrhead - Ace of Spades NewDealProgressive Mar 2017 #2
It is. I love that one. Still In Wisconsin Mar 2017 #5
Gypsy Kings - Hotel California Vinnie From Indy Mar 2017 #3
Hell yeah Still In Wisconsin Mar 2017 #7
A bunch of live YouTubes of Mandolin Orange. Hoyt Mar 2017 #4
The Southern Avenue debut album on Stax ornotna Mar 2017 #8
Tea & Symphony - The English Baroque Sound - 1967/1974 TexasTowelie Mar 2017 #9
Rudy Valle, collected songs from 1929 & 1930 Binkie The Clown Mar 2017 #10
"Brother can you spare a dime".... Docreed2003 Mar 2017 #12
I also love Helen Kane. The REAL Betty Boop. Binkie The Clown Mar 2017 #13
Love Zevon.... Docreed2003 Mar 2017 #11
It's hard to beat "Blood on the Tracks." Still In Wisconsin Mar 2017 #14
"Blood on the Tracks" has been my fall back, regroup, get your shit together, cry your eyes out Docreed2003 Mar 2017 #15
Hell yes... Blood on the Tracks is EXACTLY that album. Still In Wisconsin Mar 2017 #17
Expect a message from me that day... Docreed2003 Mar 2017 #18
Hibbing ain't THAT far away... I'll drive. Still In Wisconsin Mar 2017 #19
Well played...i love that song.... Docreed2003 Mar 2017 #20
I had a job in the great Northwoods Mendocino Mar 2017 #22
So I drifted down to New Orleans Docreed2003 Mar 2017 #23
You mind if I tag along on that trip, Mendocino Mar 2017 #29
"Pupal State" by the Croatian band, The Celetoids Tikki Mar 2017 #16
That would be pressbox69 Mar 2017 #21
My dog howls to "Werewolves of London" milestogo Mar 2017 #24
Benny Goodmans Hula Popper Mar 2017 #25
Wall Flowers IdiotsforPalin Mar 2017 #26
The new NOFX - among their best... lame54 Mar 2017 #27
Yes, great album. Love NOFX. Initech Mar 2017 #32
Might be my favorite... lame54 Mar 2017 #33
I'd say Wolves and The Decline are my two favorites, Initech Mar 2017 #34
I made a political vid with decline... lame54 Mar 2017 #35
Roxy Music - For Your Pleasure dawg Mar 2017 #28
Blue and Lonesome, the Rolling Stones Runningdawg Mar 2017 #30
Clutch - Psychic Warfare Initech Mar 2017 #31
Obituary by Obituary shenmue Mar 2017 #36
Great album..... fNord Mar 2017 #37
Townshend and Lane Mendocino Mar 2017 #38
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