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23. Cameras incentivize very strong brand attachment
Tue Feb 8, 2022, 12:26 PM
Feb 2022

because you have to invest thousands of bucks into a system that locks you in with compatibility, and switching brands is very expensive. So all the fanboy toxicity you find anywhere else gets extra intense because people really don't want to admit they picked the wrong horse, because if they do it'll cost them a big wad of cash.

This also incentivizes the companies themselves to nurture and cater to loyal fans. Companies that treat everything as disposable, like Sony, fail at earning the decades-long loyalty that can be had.

It probably doesn't help that the whole camera industry is now shrinking and financially weak and many companies are in a frail state, because the cameras themselves improved so fast that they've run out of ways to make next year's model better than last year's, so most people aren't replacing the old cameras they've got. (Mine is from 2013.) So people are worried they may have bought into a brand that not only might turn out not as good, but might not even survive. All of this anxiety can help drive additional toxicity to compensate.

So I'm not surprised that cameras are where this comes out.

I agree. Grumpy Old Guy Feb 2022 #1
And the 2016 Election was taken as permission to show it. GopherGal Feb 2022 #9
They were showing it way before that. 2012. 2008. 2004. 2000. 1996. 1992. Thank Rush & Newt. Tommymac Feb 2022 #11
Absolutely true! Rebl2 Feb 2022 #18
+1000 llmart Feb 2022 #50
Rush Bimbo on the radio got all the knuckledraggers riled up to hate the clintons SouthernDem4ever Feb 2022 #54
Back in the day when "the Shadow knew" soldierant Feb 2022 #53
Don't forget Karl Rove. wnylib Feb 2022 #55
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Feb 2022 #57
K&R! 2naSalit Feb 2022 #2
That's right. Like a family we can disagree but we still love each other. Hatred sucks Walleye Feb 2022 #3
Wow. He should have named the personalities but I understand why he didn't. DeeNice Feb 2022 #4
Hate is a very powerful drug. onecaliberal Feb 2022 #5
+1 appalachiablue Feb 2022 #28
+2 KS Toronado Feb 2022 #30
Nice hat-tip to EarlG PJMcK Feb 2022 #6
Yes, I don't mention the ones that make this happen behind the scenes often enough. AndyS Feb 2022 #7
Could not agree more!!! Chicagogrl1 Feb 2022 #49
We are losing touch with the concept of the common good. CrispyQ Feb 2022 #8
+1 c-rational Feb 2022 #10
This is why I post political comments using anonymous screen names. CaptainTruth Feb 2022 #20
of course also make sure you use a separate email for registration drray23 Feb 2022 #48
AndyS, I am so sorry you have to deal with this crap. MLAA Feb 2022 #12
It's a kind of online terrorism by corporations who want to shove out the little guy so they can ancianita Feb 2022 #13
Maybe he should call the FBI, too. ancianita Feb 2022 #15
If there were threats he should definitely call the FBI. StarryNite Feb 2022 #27
At times I am embarrassed by how hardened the last 5 years have made me. 2Gingersnaps Feb 2022 #14
Some backstory I came across ToxMarz Feb 2022 #16
Thanks. nt AndyS Feb 2022 #19
Agreed. Some people are devolving back to the primordial ooze . MiHale Feb 2022 #17
This is awful NQAS Feb 2022 #21
Its not us I_UndergroundPanther Feb 2022 #51
DU used to have the "Hate Mail Bag".... SergeStorms Feb 2022 #22
Cameras incentivize very strong brand attachment paulkienitz Feb 2022 #23
I have to own that myself. I'm a fanboy. AndyS Feb 2022 #29
there's another big influencer who loves to punch down on my minor brand paulkienitz Feb 2022 #36
I learned on a Pentax K1000... druidity33 Feb 2022 #38
Where did you get your BA? I got my MS at what is now Texas A&M Commerce AndyS Feb 2022 #41
I also studied film... druidity33 Feb 2022 #47
I also had a K1000, and learned how to work an enlarger and developing fluids paulkienitz Feb 2022 #44
I studied photo as digital druidity33 Feb 2022 #46
paulkienitz: i'm guessing you're using pentax and you're talking about.... Gato Moteado Feb 2022 #59
the truth is, all the brands make good gear paulkienitz Feb 2022 #60
actually, for image quality, i think fuji might be ahead of the pack.... Gato Moteado Feb 2022 #63
in my experience, for serious bird shooting, zoom lenses won't do paulkienitz Feb 2022 #65
i prefer primes for every kind of shooting... Gato Moteado Feb 2022 #66
that 500/5.6 PF definitely provokes some envy... paulkienitz Feb 2022 #67
well, i hope pentax hangs in there..... Gato Moteado Feb 2022 #68
One word: COMPLAIN Warpy Feb 2022 #24
...statistical link between surviving Covid and showing increased aggression... StClone Feb 2022 #31
I/m the original pessimist Warpy Feb 2022 #32
that might explain a lot of the bad public behavior we're seeing with airlines and such paulkienitz Feb 2022 #45
EarlG and the entire Admin/Moderation team deserve respect. StrictlyRockers Feb 2022 #25
All I can guess is maybe it's a RW Twitter or Youtube group? FakeNoose Feb 2022 #26
I left a photography group because there were some serious RWWhackos involved. GoneOffShore Feb 2022 #33
Come on over, you'll find it welcome here. We don't talk politics and we all agree! nt AndyS Feb 2022 #34
I used to post stuff here, but then when Photobucket started it's nonsense, I stopped. GoneOffShore Feb 2022 #35
I use imgur and there are other free sites that others here use.nt AndyS Feb 2022 #37
I'll investigate it. Thanks. GoneOffShore Feb 2022 #39
Happened to a site for knitting KT2000 Feb 2022 #40
It always saddens me HappyCynic Feb 2022 #42
You don't know the fucking half of it. William769 Feb 2022 #43
Hello, William! murielm99 Feb 2022 #52
I don't post near as much as I used to William769 Feb 2022 #62
I remember that. I went there and hung out. calimary Feb 2022 #58
You're welcome William769 Feb 2022 #61
Sometimes it felt like a cyber life raft. calimary Feb 2022 #64
Civility is dead. AngryOldDem Feb 2022 #56
A pandemic of hatefulness. Mz Pip Feb 2022 #69
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