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Gato Moteado

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68. well, i hope pentax hangs in there.....
Wed Feb 9, 2022, 09:57 PM
Feb 2022

...the industry needs strong competition to keep driving the tech.

now i want to see nikon pump out the 600mm PF and the 800mm PF!

I agree. Grumpy Old Guy Feb 2022 #1
And the 2016 Election was taken as permission to show it. GopherGal Feb 2022 #9
They were showing it way before that. 2012. 2008. 2004. 2000. 1996. 1992. Thank Rush & Newt. Tommymac Feb 2022 #11
Absolutely true! Rebl2 Feb 2022 #18
+1000 llmart Feb 2022 #50
Rush Bimbo on the radio got all the knuckledraggers riled up to hate the clintons SouthernDem4ever Feb 2022 #54
Back in the day when "the Shadow knew" soldierant Feb 2022 #53
Don't forget Karl Rove. wnylib Feb 2022 #55
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Feb 2022 #57
K&R! 2naSalit Feb 2022 #2
That's right. Like a family we can disagree but we still love each other. Hatred sucks Walleye Feb 2022 #3
Wow. He should have named the personalities but I understand why he didn't. DeeNice Feb 2022 #4
Hate is a very powerful drug. onecaliberal Feb 2022 #5
+1 appalachiablue Feb 2022 #28
+2 KS Toronado Feb 2022 #30
Nice hat-tip to EarlG PJMcK Feb 2022 #6
Yes, I don't mention the ones that make this happen behind the scenes often enough. AndyS Feb 2022 #7
Could not agree more!!! Chicagogrl1 Feb 2022 #49
We are losing touch with the concept of the common good. CrispyQ Feb 2022 #8
+1 c-rational Feb 2022 #10
This is why I post political comments using anonymous screen names. CaptainTruth Feb 2022 #20
of course also make sure you use a separate email for registration drray23 Feb 2022 #48
AndyS, I am so sorry you have to deal with this crap. MLAA Feb 2022 #12
It's a kind of online terrorism by corporations who want to shove out the little guy so they can ancianita Feb 2022 #13
Maybe he should call the FBI, too. ancianita Feb 2022 #15
If there were threats he should definitely call the FBI. StarryNite Feb 2022 #27
At times I am embarrassed by how hardened the last 5 years have made me. 2Gingersnaps Feb 2022 #14
Some backstory I came across ToxMarz Feb 2022 #16
Thanks. nt AndyS Feb 2022 #19
Agreed. Some people are devolving back to the primordial ooze . MiHale Feb 2022 #17
This is awful NQAS Feb 2022 #21
Its not us I_UndergroundPanther Feb 2022 #51
DU used to have the "Hate Mail Bag".... SergeStorms Feb 2022 #22
Cameras incentivize very strong brand attachment paulkienitz Feb 2022 #23
I have to own that myself. I'm a fanboy. AndyS Feb 2022 #29
there's another big influencer who loves to punch down on my minor brand paulkienitz Feb 2022 #36
I learned on a Pentax K1000... druidity33 Feb 2022 #38
Where did you get your BA? I got my MS at what is now Texas A&M Commerce AndyS Feb 2022 #41
I also studied film... druidity33 Feb 2022 #47
I also had a K1000, and learned how to work an enlarger and developing fluids paulkienitz Feb 2022 #44
I studied photo as digital druidity33 Feb 2022 #46
paulkienitz: i'm guessing you're using pentax and you're talking about.... Gato Moteado Feb 2022 #59
the truth is, all the brands make good gear paulkienitz Feb 2022 #60
actually, for image quality, i think fuji might be ahead of the pack.... Gato Moteado Feb 2022 #63
in my experience, for serious bird shooting, zoom lenses won't do paulkienitz Feb 2022 #65
i prefer primes for every kind of shooting... Gato Moteado Feb 2022 #66
that 500/5.6 PF definitely provokes some envy... paulkienitz Feb 2022 #67
well, i hope pentax hangs in there..... Gato Moteado Feb 2022 #68
One word: COMPLAIN Warpy Feb 2022 #24
...statistical link between surviving Covid and showing increased aggression... StClone Feb 2022 #31
I/m the original pessimist Warpy Feb 2022 #32
that might explain a lot of the bad public behavior we're seeing with airlines and such paulkienitz Feb 2022 #45
EarlG and the entire Admin/Moderation team deserve respect. StrictlyRockers Feb 2022 #25
All I can guess is maybe it's a RW Twitter or Youtube group? FakeNoose Feb 2022 #26
I left a photography group because there were some serious RWWhackos involved. GoneOffShore Feb 2022 #33
Come on over, you'll find it welcome here. We don't talk politics and we all agree! nt AndyS Feb 2022 #34
I used to post stuff here, but then when Photobucket started it's nonsense, I stopped. GoneOffShore Feb 2022 #35
I use imgur and there are other free sites that others here use.nt AndyS Feb 2022 #37
I'll investigate it. Thanks. GoneOffShore Feb 2022 #39
Happened to a site for knitting KT2000 Feb 2022 #40
It always saddens me HappyCynic Feb 2022 #42
You don't know the fucking half of it. William769 Feb 2022 #43
Hello, William! murielm99 Feb 2022 #52
I don't post near as much as I used to William769 Feb 2022 #62
I remember that. I went there and hung out. calimary Feb 2022 #58
You're welcome William769 Feb 2022 #61
Sometimes it felt like a cyber life raft. calimary Feb 2022 #64
Civility is dead. AngryOldDem Feb 2022 #56
A pandemic of hatefulness. Mz Pip Feb 2022 #69
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