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6. Yes, I saw the certification refusal in the news
Tue Nov 29, 2022, 02:38 AM
Nov 2022

and commented this evening on an article applegrove posted about it. I said, tongue partially in cheek,

Fine, don't certify the Cochise county votes, and toss them all out.
Then Kirsten Engel gets more votes than Juan Ciscomani in AZ CD 6, and we get another Democratic representative in Congress.
If the election deniers insist, they can hold another county-wide election to vote on local offices, at taxpayer expense.
And the Cochise County voters will be so disgusted at their election-denying members of the board of supervisors that they'll vote them all out the first chance they get. Win-win!

Of course, even if such a thing could be lawfully done (which. while knowing little about law, I doubt it could be) the election-denying repukes would find some way to twist everything around and make themselves the victims.

As for environmental concerns, it certainly is a complicated situation. And you start to wonder what to prioritize for species and habitat protection and human migration with limited resources when looming over it all is climate change and the upheaval that will bring.

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