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Sat May 18, 2024, 05:25 PM
May 18

First I have to say I loved riding on the train--also the Coast Starlight, from LA to Seattle and back.

But omg, the delays were unbelievable! I was supposed to arrive and have friends pick me up in Seattle at 6 in the evening. We didn't arrive until almost midnight!! I had to keep calling my friend to say I would be later and later. Things like waiting in Oakland until they added a new car to the train and I don't recall what else.

Then on the way back it was similar--going through the CA central valley it was really hot and they said the train couldn't go over 10mph because the rails were overheated. I don't know if that was bs, but it was one excuse we got. Then one of the freight trains that have the right of way lost a wheel and we sat for hours while they got repaired because they were on the line ahead of us!

There was a group of people on our train that were supposed to be connecting to another in SoCal to go on to New Orleans and we were so far behind schedule that they would have never made the connection. So they took all of those people off of the train in Santa Barbara, put them on a bus to head to Ontario to try to meet the other train!!! That got even more crazy when my train continued on and stopped at Oxnard, where a family was waiting at the station to pick up their grandpa. He was nowhere to be found!!! So we sat and waited and waited while they searched for him. In the end they guessed that he had gotten onto the bus at Santa Barbara and was now on his way to New Orleans, lol!!! (If that was the case I'm sure they called ahead and caught him in Ontario) I was 6hrs late getting back to LA.

It was all entertaining for sure but if you get stressed by being late, be prepared and be patient! As someone that had to commute on the SoCal freeways 5 days a week back then, the train was heaven, the dome car wonderful when going through Oregon, food decent, and I would ride it again.

Congratulations! DUgosh May 18 #1
Congrats! mercuryblues May 18 #2
I like the area around Newport (touristy though) flying rabbit May 18 #3
Have a great time LoveTheDU May 18 #4
Years and years ago I took a train trip with my boyfriend from Seattle to New York, we had a roommette Walleye May 18 #5
Congrats and safe travels 🥂 Deuxcents May 18 #6
Congratulations. AmTrac is the way to go. Wait till you see how comfortable the seating is! We slept ... marble falls May 18 #7
Congrats on your nuptials & have fun on the trip!! CrispyQ May 18 #8
The Coast Starlighter is not very accessible central scrutinizer May 18 #9
Sounds fun! sdfernando May 18 #10
Yes, I think the rumbling will be my issue, But... FirstLight May 18 #12
I took the train home after the Northridge earthquake. Had an economy sleeper room. chowder66 May 18 #21
I thought the bedding was comfortable in a roomette nilram May 18 #29
Take earplugs, if you can use them, and clothes pins nilram May 18 #44
Tip on the hotel drapes sdfernando May 18 #45
Earplugs...heard! FirstLight May 18 #47
Sounds great! elleng May 18 #11
Sounds like fun..next trip..train the other direction to san diego Demovictory9 May 18 #13
we already said that was next! LoL FirstLight May 18 #16
ive ridden trains sinc 1969 in mexico and amtrak since its formation in 1970 AllaN01Bear May 18 #14
Seconding this comment! catchnrelease May 18 #30
i remember rides with slow orders as you described along with soft roadbend due to heavy rains AllaN01Bear May 18 #37
Good idea! catchnrelease May 18 #43
Scanner? FirstLight May 18 #48
poice radio scanner physical radio reciver. AllaN01Bear May 18 #54
We had to stop and back up at one point sdfernando May 18 #46
Congratulations! EverHopeful May 18 #15
Don't forget, meals are included when you get sleeper room. Diner and Wonder Why May 18 #17
So happy for you! Sounds fantastic! ❤️ littlemissmartypants May 18 #18
Congratulations and welcome to Oregon CanonRay May 18 #19
Powell's Books SarahD May 18 #20
Yes! 💯 FirstLight May 18 #38
We love Portland, hope you do as well. tinrobot May 18 #22
Mississippi Ave is also great for shops and character nilram May 18 #31
Gravy Great Breakfast Right There HandmaidsTaleUntold May 18 #32
Mrs. Putz and I did Portland on the train for our 40th anniversary and stayed at the Benson. Great time. EarnestPutz May 18 #23
Mazeltov! barbtries May 18 #24
Congratulations! 2naSalit May 18 #25
Thanks! 👍 FirstLight May 18 #39
... 2naSalit May 18 #42
Grand Hotel, plus they have your rental car out front waiting for your arrival. KS Toronado May 18 #26
Yes, congrats......have a wonderful time. a kennedy May 18 #27
I took an overnight trip from Portland to Montana captain queeg May 18 #28
I'm so excited for you. dai13sy May 18 #33
Powell's is on the list... FirstLight May 18 #41
Self-deleted Mme. Defarge May 18 #34
I think you mean Powell's Book Store mchill May 18 #35
We have a place on the Oregon coast.. Permanut May 18 #36
If you get to Astoria MurrayDelph May 18 #51
Love Astoria - boy, bring your hiking shoes! Permanut May 18 #52
Roomette is the way to go, includes 3 squares and they are very decent, who has the top bunk? Shellback Squid May 18 #40
We're not sure about the sleep situation yet 😆 FirstLight May 18 #49
you'll be snug, btw, these trains are usually old, no USB ports on the California Zephyr so take a 110 adapter Shellback Squid May 18 #50
I have no travel advice but I'm very happy for you and your partner. badhair77 May 18 #53
Thank you 😊 FirstLight May 19 #55
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