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43. Good idea!
Sat May 18, 2024, 06:56 PM
May 18

Oh the scanner was a good idea. When I went everyone was just left wondering what was happening. I guess we hunted down the conductors and asked for info. That trip was in the early 90s I think. Still a fun adventure.

Congratulations! DUgosh May 18 #1
Congrats! mercuryblues May 18 #2
I like the area around Newport (touristy though) flying rabbit May 18 #3
Have a great time LoveTheDU May 18 #4
Years and years ago I took a train trip with my boyfriend from Seattle to New York, we had a roommette Walleye May 18 #5
Congrats and safe travels 🥂 Deuxcents May 18 #6
Congratulations. AmTrac is the way to go. Wait till you see how comfortable the seating is! We slept ... marble falls May 18 #7
Congrats on your nuptials & have fun on the trip!! CrispyQ May 18 #8
The Coast Starlighter is not very accessible central scrutinizer May 18 #9
Sounds fun! sdfernando May 18 #10
Yes, I think the rumbling will be my issue, But... FirstLight May 18 #12
I took the train home after the Northridge earthquake. Had an economy sleeper room. chowder66 May 18 #21
I thought the bedding was comfortable in a roomette nilram May 18 #29
Take earplugs, if you can use them, and clothes pins nilram May 18 #44
Tip on the hotel drapes sdfernando May 18 #45
Earplugs...heard! FirstLight May 18 #47
Sounds great! elleng May 18 #11
Sounds like fun..next trip..train the other direction to san diego Demovictory9 May 18 #13
we already said that was next! LoL FirstLight May 18 #16
ive ridden trains sinc 1969 in mexico and amtrak since its formation in 1970 AllaN01Bear May 18 #14
Seconding this comment! catchnrelease May 18 #30
i remember rides with slow orders as you described along with soft roadbend due to heavy rains AllaN01Bear May 18 #37
Good idea! catchnrelease May 18 #43
Scanner? FirstLight May 18 #48
poice radio scanner physical radio reciver. AllaN01Bear May 18 #54
We had to stop and back up at one point sdfernando May 18 #46
Congratulations! EverHopeful May 18 #15
Don't forget, meals are included when you get sleeper room. Diner and Wonder Why May 18 #17
So happy for you! Sounds fantastic! ❤️ littlemissmartypants May 18 #18
Congratulations and welcome to Oregon CanonRay May 18 #19
Powell's Books SarahD May 18 #20
Yes! 💯 FirstLight May 18 #38
We love Portland, hope you do as well. tinrobot May 18 #22
Mississippi Ave is also great for shops and character nilram May 18 #31
Gravy Great Breakfast Right There HandmaidsTaleUntold May 18 #32
Mrs. Putz and I did Portland on the train for our 40th anniversary and stayed at the Benson. Great time. EarnestPutz May 18 #23
Mazeltov! barbtries May 18 #24
Congratulations! 2naSalit May 18 #25
Thanks! 👍 FirstLight May 18 #39
... 2naSalit May 18 #42
Grand Hotel, plus they have your rental car out front waiting for your arrival. KS Toronado May 18 #26
Yes, congrats......have a wonderful time. a kennedy May 18 #27
I took an overnight trip from Portland to Montana captain queeg May 18 #28
I'm so excited for you. dai13sy May 18 #33
Powell's is on the list... FirstLight May 18 #41
Self-deleted Mme. Defarge May 18 #34
I think you mean Powell's Book Store mchill May 18 #35
We have a place on the Oregon coast.. Permanut May 18 #36
If you get to Astoria MurrayDelph May 18 #51
Love Astoria - boy, bring your hiking shoes! Permanut May 18 #52
Roomette is the way to go, includes 3 squares and they are very decent, who has the top bunk? Shellback Squid May 18 #40
We're not sure about the sleep situation yet 😆 FirstLight May 18 #49
you'll be snug, btw, these trains are usually old, no USB ports on the California Zephyr so take a 110 adapter Shellback Squid May 18 #50
I have no travel advice but I'm very happy for you and your partner. badhair77 May 18 #53
Thank you 😊 FirstLight May 19 #55
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