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7. Just like Shitstain in his nomination speech . . .
Sat Jul 9, 2022, 03:06 PM
Jul 2022

"On day one, order will be restored".

Maybe Abbott can paraphrase that: "On day five, power will be restored".

I hear ya - it is getting worse by the month. Hope you get power back quickly. walkingman Jul 2022 #1
Thanks walking... that several thousand dollars worth of meat in the big deep freeze hopes so too. Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #2
We keep a layer of old milk jugs filled with water KS Toronado Jul 2022 #34
That can't possibly be true 'cause Greg Abbott AndyS Jul 2022 #3
As successfully as he eliminated rape in the great Texjezustan. Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #5
Just like Shitstain in his nomination speech . . . hatrack Jul 2022 #7
Up to more than 5700 homes now. Shit Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #8
Centerpoint, I assume? hatrack Jul 2022 #9
Winner winner spoiled dinner.. "feels like" temp is 107 with a heat advisory. So there's that. Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #10
Fort Bend County, Home Of The 2nd-Largest Conventional Power Plant In America hatrack Jul 2022 #4
Salt that wound.......lmao!!!! Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #6
Now the question is "drag out the generator and the yards of extension cords" to save the Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #11
Save the refrigerators first. HubertHeaver Jul 2022 #39
I see you're back up. HubertHeaver Jul 2022 #40
Y'all ever come back up? Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #41
Glad they are "fixing"it... more than 6000 out now. Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #12
My condolences, CN. I do not have the answers to your dilemma. ProudMNDemocrat Jul 2022 #13
Thanks proud....power is back on for now...tomorrow will be hotter. Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #14
And sleep naked leftieNanner Jul 2022 #16
Nothing more miserable than the seven days during the aftermath of littlemissmartypants Jul 2022 #15
With temperatures there hovering near 100 today Wednesdays Jul 2022 #17
hint, leave a hall light switch in the on position so u will knwo when power comes on. AllaN01Bear Jul 2022 #18
your screen name barbtries Jul 2022 #19
Can retire in a couple of years if the 403b bounces back from the pit, but stuck here for now. Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #20
Any chance of setting up a solar system in your situation? Rural_Progressive Jul 2022 #22
Thx Rural. I've got a modest under 2k sq ft home so not a lot of roof, and not one house in my Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #26
Well with a HOA like that pole mounted panels don't sound doable Rural_Progressive Jul 2022 #37
Nobody left... family in San Antonio, which has been hotter than here lately. Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #38
I sympathize. I've been without ac for weeks now. Apparently, the system needs to be.... Tarheel_Dem Jul 2022 #21
Condolences! I wish more of them could think outside the box FakeNoose Jul 2022 #23
My sympathies. LudwigPastorius Jul 2022 #24
My heart goes out to you Ludwig. The "wet bulb" effect is real and dangerous! Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #32
I'm very sorry you and innocent folks are suffering because of the malicious idiots in power. Ziggysmom Jul 2022 #25
These magats are going to give Abuthole another term, and Corny is useless. Dan Patrick the Lt Guv Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #27
For those of us that are currently living in reasonable temps - it won't last. erronis Jul 2022 #28
I was in Montreal last month for the Grand Prix and it was 47 (F) on that Saturday. I was in heaven Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #30
I got a generator to avoid this issue LetMyPeopleVote Jul 2022 #29
I've got a portable 8800 watt genny, but getting cords to the fridges freezer and room ac is tough. Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #31
I have Kohler built in generator on concrete pad in my backyard LetMyPeopleVote Jul 2022 #33
The wait for an install will be a big question tomorrow... Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #35
I was originally promised to have the generator in by January LetMyPeopleVote Jul 2022 #36
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