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Barack Obama

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great white snark

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Sun Mar 20, 2016, 04:30 PM Mar 2016

Carry on my DU friends. [View all]

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Well it's become abundantly clear that it's time for me to pay the piper. Been fighting cancer but now there is no fight left-my fate is irreversible. I'm at a loss because being a dumb Marine all I know how to do is fight.

I know I'm nothing special to DU, my contributions were piss poor and I just had to apologize to my AA, LGBT and everyone else I should have stood up for. Not an excuse but you should know that having done the unspeakable during the war has left me with many issues including communicating properly. For every post I manage to make at least 20 have been scrapped due to uncertainty.

You should also know my name is Paul, Chicago born and have had many family members waving the union flag for the United Steel Workers. And of course I'm a lifelong non-apologetic Democrat.

I don't know what to say to Cha and sheshe2...you always spoke for me and showed my a kindness seldom seen anywhere. I cherish knowing you. To Tarheel Dem, my first DU friend, I respect you so much and any cause thought important to you would have been just as important to me. Thank you. Thank you to all to long to list, still, know you all affected a life positively.

Please get Hillary elected. Please don't forget the important state/local elections where many good Democrats are poised to change the world. Please Skinner fix this or I will haunt your ass.

Please take care of each other.

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Carry on my DU friends. [View all] great white snark Mar 2016 OP
So, so sorry. charlyvi Mar 2016 #1
You don't know me or I you UtahLib Mar 2016 #2
+100 narnian60 Mar 2016 #41
I wish you peace. SunSeeker Mar 2016 #3
Hey Paul! Uben Mar 2016 #4
I have no words. Evergreen Emerald Mar 2016 #5
Go well. Go easily. murielm99 Mar 2016 #6
Thank you for being here. KitSileya Mar 2016 #7
Peace Paul The Polack MSgt Mar 2016 #8
Comfort and strength, Marine. Sempre Fi. sarge43 Mar 2016 #9
Hope u r Blessed and find Comfort ,,,, Cryptoad Mar 2016 #10
For Chicago-born Paul.... democrank Mar 2016 #11
Sempre Fi Paul. Here's hoping that you meet no resistance on this last recon FailureToCommunicate Mar 2016 #12
Wishing you peace and comfort Paul! denvine Mar 2016 #13
Paul, I hope you have the support of good friends IRL. pnwmom Mar 2016 #14
Bless you, Paul. May your life be joyous and filled with love, peace and friendship. Dont call me Shirley Mar 2016 #15
Peace and love brother SCantiGOP Mar 2016 #16
Peace be with you brer cat Mar 2016 #17
..... Spazito Mar 2016 #18
Much love at this difficult time wryter2000 Mar 2016 #19
Semper Fi (if it's proper for an ex-Army sergeant to say it) Jack Rabbit Mar 2016 #20
Never doubt that you made a contribution to DU--you did. Even though japple Mar 2016 #21
I'll see you in the next world... world wide wally Mar 2016 #22
Keep on fighting Paul. davidthegnome Mar 2016 #23
Ooh-Rah! and Semper Fi! Paul SnowCritter Mar 2016 #24
Keep fighting Marine Lazy Daisy Mar 2016 #25
... shenmue Mar 2016 #26
OMG Paul, Loki Mar 2016 #27
Go gentle. You are loved and will be missed. leftofcool Mar 2016 #28
Thank you for these beautiful and truthful words. Go bravely and with love in your heart. JackRiddler Mar 2016 #29
It was a privilege to have been in your sphere, Paul... SidDithers Mar 2016 #30
Bless your heart Rose Siding Mar 2016 #31
So much love to you Paul. ronnykmarshall Mar 2016 #32
Peace and comfort to you ... NurseJackie Mar 2016 #33
Peace brother. flying rabbit Mar 2016 #34
Wishing you peace and comfort.. one_voice Mar 2016 #35
A peaceful journey, Paul mcar Mar 2016 #36
God be with you. Love your second to last sentence, great spirit at this time. Peace. George II Mar 2016 #37
Peace and love to you, Paul NastyRiffraff Mar 2016 #38
Thank you for fighting the good fight. Your words make me cry for many reasons. SleeplessinSoCal Mar 2016 #39
((great white snark)) Peace to you and to all who love you. blm Mar 2016 #40
I am a cancer survivor... gregcrawford Mar 2016 #42
We are rooting for you. Mary Mac Mar 2016 #43
Everybody is special on the DU Omaha Steve Mar 2016 #44
Peace be with you. May The Universe welcome you with open arms. Keep LoisB Mar 2016 #45
Thank you so much. stonecutter357 Mar 2016 #46
I wish you peace. I am so sorry. synergie Mar 2016 #47
Semper Fi, Paul........ mrmpa Mar 2016 #48
peace be with you... thanks for the post Fast Walker 52 Mar 2016 #49
I'm at a loss for words Kaleva Mar 2016 #50
Carry the torch of toughness... RepubliCON-Watch Mar 2016 #51
Carry On!! shadowmayor Mar 2016 #52
I'm so sorry Snark sharp_stick Mar 2016 #53
Thank you for being here Paul treestar Mar 2016 #54
You sound like a great person. DCBob Mar 2016 #55
God bless you Paul during the time you have left steve2470 Mar 2016 #56
Thank you for your contributions to DU Cali_Democrat Mar 2016 #57
Bidding you a comfortable journey, and thanking you for Rhythm Mar 2016 #58
for you... handmade34 Mar 2016 #59
Peaceful journey beyond the rim... Johnny Noshoes Mar 2016 #60
I've always looked forward to your posts because I knew they'd be good. greatauntoftriplets Mar 2016 #61
God speed, Paul. When I volunteer for Hillary it will be in your name. yardwork Mar 2016 #62
To you... babylonsister Mar 2016 #63
what you said. MBS Mar 2016 #114
You were always special to me Paul. sheshe2 Mar 2016 #64
.. Cha Mar 2016 #95
Yes........ sheshe2 Mar 2016 #96
You are special Paul. Thanks for being here still_one Mar 2016 #65
I'm so sorry BainsBane Mar 2016 #66
Paul, BooScout Mar 2016 #67
Caring thoughts for you and yours, GWS. JohnnyLib2 Mar 2016 #68
Paul, I'm so sorry this is your fate. Thank you for all you brought to DU, more than you know. Hekate Mar 2016 #69
Paul, while we never connected your words touched my heart. Fla Dem Mar 2016 #70
That sucks man. blackspade Mar 2016 #71
I'm sure we'll all be with you soon enough, Paul. Semper fidelis!! Elmer S. E. Dump Mar 2016 #72
Very sorry to hear this floriduck Mar 2016 #73
dude, i dont know you from a can of paint 8 track mind Mar 2016 #74
Peace and love to you, Paul. mia Mar 2016 #75
Hey Paul. It was great spending time with you on DU. Renew Deal Mar 2016 #76
Thanks for being on our side BeyondGeography Mar 2016 #77
Love to you from another Chicago born Person 2713 Mar 2016 #78
I'm so very sorry to hear this. I wish you peace and comfort. Thank you for your service and PeaceNikki Mar 2016 #79
Semper Fi from a fellow jarhead, donco Mar 2016 #80
I've always enjoyed your posts Bobbie Jo Mar 2016 #81
We don't know each other DemonGoddess Mar 2016 #82
Wishing you a peaceful journey, Marine. beveeheart Mar 2016 #83
If your name is any indication KT2000 Mar 2016 #84
I'll say a prayer for you Algernon Moncrieff Mar 2016 #85
Paul Thespian2 Mar 2016 #86
I have heard nothing less than your kindness, gentleness. you have touched people, Paul. seabeyond Mar 2016 #87
Peace be with you my friend. William769 Mar 2016 #88
My thoughts go out to you and to your family Sheepshank Mar 2016 #89
Breaking my hiatus briefly for you, eyes welling with tears. freshwest Mar 2016 #90
A brave post... New Orleans Strong Mar 2016 #91
Peace to you, Paul. Many thanks for serving our country and your contributons to DU. sueh Mar 2016 #92
Damn, great white snark.. Cha Mar 2016 #93
Know this, Paul: You are special to DU. TygrBright Mar 2016 #94
At 60 years of age, I am thinking a lot about my mortality, these days... Ferretherder Mar 2016 #97
Thinking of you, Paul DesertRat Mar 2016 #98
There'll be peace when we are done... but SaveAmerica Mar 2016 #99
Thinking of you. QC Mar 2016 #100
peace be upon you MFM008 Mar 2016 #101
I am so sorry to hear about this. I wish this were not happening to you. nt tblue37 Mar 2016 #102
Semper Fi, Paul. Nickel79 Mar 2016 #103
Paul, I am at a complete loss for words. This is a gut punch that I did not expect, and certainly.. Tarheel_Dem Mar 2016 #104
sending you love and stregth proud patriot Mar 2016 #105
Cross easy, Paul. Thank you for being here. nolabear Mar 2016 #106
God bless you and keep you. BigBearJohn Mar 2016 #107
Always loved your posts Paul. joshcryer Mar 2016 #108
You are loved. lovemydog Mar 2016 #109
Thank you for your words Samantha Mar 2016 #110
Hoping for a miracle cure for you ... brett_jv Mar 2016 #111
It's hard to find the words OKNancy Mar 2016 #112
Godspeed, Paul 72DejaVu Mar 2016 #113
May the Cosmos enfold you in universal, unconditional and infinite love. Surya Gayatri Mar 2016 #115
. NCTraveler Mar 2016 #116
You are a blessing to us too Coolest Ranger Mar 2016 #117
Apology accepted. Betty Karlson Mar 2016 #118
huh ? what ? steve2470 Mar 2016 #119
No. Quote: Betty Karlson Mar 2016 #123
ah ok, my bad! nt steve2470 Mar 2016 #124
While we may disagree on our choice for POTUS, we proud,y represent the USW! Dustlawyer Mar 2016 #120
Take it easy, Paul. Iggo Mar 2016 #121
I hope you and your family find peace and release from pain. sinkingfeeling Mar 2016 #122
Peace to you, and your family.. disillusioned73 Mar 2016 #125
Blessings Paul colorado_ufo Mar 2016 #126
Bless you Highway61 Mar 2016 #127
Wishing you comfort on this journey TNNurse Mar 2016 #128
Semper Fi, brother. Fair winds and following seas. Recursion Mar 2016 #129
Peace to you Paul panader0 Mar 2016 #130
Godspeed, Paul. nt Dr Hobbitstein Mar 2016 #131
Keep fighting the good fight! Initech Mar 2016 #132
Peace be with you, and let love call you home. DinahMoeHum Mar 2016 #133
Thinking of you Paul! hrmjustin Mar 2016 #134
This community is better for having you in it. Skinner Mar 2016 #135
Til we meet again... riderinthestorm Mar 2016 #136
travel well, Paul, nt geek tragedy Mar 2016 #137
Rest easy, brother. NuclearDem Mar 2016 #138
Semper Fi, brother cactusfractal Mar 2016 #139
my heart goes out to you, Paul noiretextatique Mar 2016 #140
Love you, great white snark. calimary Mar 2016 #141
Peace and love,Paul Third Doctor Mar 2016 #142
Peace to you, Paul. Punkingal Mar 2016 #143
You're not a dumb Marine DissidentVoice Mar 2016 #144
Peace be with you. herding cats Mar 2016 #145
Please pass in peace and without pain Gothmog Mar 2016 #146
i have learned that one of the kindest things to say to someone who is departing this world is this: orleans Mar 2016 #147
May peace be with you. MariaThinks Mar 2016 #148
Very sorry to hear this Paul. Pass gently and see you on the other side. stevenleser Mar 2016 #149
Alles gute from across the pond, Paul lebkuchen Mar 2016 #150
I hope there's someone close by to take care of you. MADem Mar 2016 #151
Peace to you cosmicone Mar 2016 #152
God bless you workinclasszero Mar 2016 #153
You are an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with your DU family. Godspeed greatlaurel Mar 2016 #154
Forgive this but have you tried sending your records to other cancer centers asking stevenleser Mar 2016 #155
Bless you politicasista Jun 2016 #156
Well said, politcasista. MBS Jun 2016 #157
I'll hope for a miracle for you; you deserve one. nt MADem Jul 2016 #158
we tried... samnsara Feb 2017 #159
we tried to get Hillary elected... samnsara Mar 2017 #160
So sorry...I wish you peace. Demsrule86 Oct 2018 #161
Just saw this and it broke my heart ... ificandream Jan 2022 #162
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