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Barack Obama

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18. Need to write something like this on their Facebook pages
Thu Apr 18, 2013, 01:44 AM
Apr 2013

Sen.___________ youre getting pretty old now. You better start planning on what you'll be thinking in your retirement years and deathbed. Will it be you wished you spent more time helping the corporations you represent?... or the people you were SUPPOSED to represent? SHAME on you!

Shameful [View all] sheshe2 Apr 2013 OP
The pics say it all..... alittlelark Apr 2013 #1
Their faces say it all, she. And, should be Cha Apr 2013 #2
Shameful, sheshe2 Apr 2013 #5
It' ain't over till it's over! Lady Freedom Returns Apr 2013 #3
Correct! sheshe2 Apr 2013 #10
I wish our party had volunteer cooperatives, so people like me could go to the traitor Democratic patrice Apr 2013 #4
We will just have to find a way, patrice. sheshe2 Apr 2013 #7
The List sheshe2 Apr 2013 #22
Bookmarking & Thanks! patrice Apr 2013 #23
Post removed Post removed Apr 2013 #6
I believe that you landed in the wrong place. sheshe2 Apr 2013 #8
I missed that one.. and am glad for Cha Apr 2013 #12
I don't know how the whole thing works here. Glad Mirt got to it though! sheshe2 Apr 2013 #13
Yes, I remember that. Cha Apr 2013 #15
You had me until "liberal nazi agenda"... LAGC Apr 2013 #9
Posted at 1:19, gone by 1:27. hay rick Apr 2013 #11
Keep in mind there are idiots celebrating the vote today. Spitfire of ATJ Apr 2013 #14
May I offer the TOLL FREE Capitol Hill switchboard numbers in my sig line, below? calimary Apr 2013 #16
Craven, soulless cowards - What a disgrace they are to everything decent and fair NBachers Apr 2013 #17
Need to write something like this on their Facebook pages ErikJ Apr 2013 #18
KnR, sheshe. Also: damn damn damn damn damn Hekate Apr 2013 #19
Their hearts are broken... ReRe Apr 2013 #20
Why did this require 60 votes, it wasn't a clouture vote? Wabbajack_ Apr 2013 #21
Shameful, indeed! Kath1 Apr 2013 #24
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