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Hillary Clinton

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Fri Jun 17, 2016, 12:24 PM Jun 2016

Let's talk about the "left" online media. [View all]

As you may or may not know, I originally supported Bernie. Actually, to me he was a compromise. I generally got my news from places like Alternet, Counterpunch, Common Dreams, and other lefty news outlets. Places like DailyKos and Salon were *too moderate* for me. Coupled with social media, that all added up to create a picture of Hillary and the Democrats as sellouts, turncoats, and "DINOs" for their "abandonment of liberal politics". I read a lot of books from Chomsky and the like (who I certainly still respect). But all of that added up to a distrust of normal politics, a feeling that the system was "rigged" (gee where have you heard that before), that both parties were corporate (see above), that the Dems didn't really care about helping working people, etc,etc. Also that the media is rigged and biased, won't cover "real issues" for their "corporate masters" etc etc. Sound familiar?

When you hear this stuff from the Berners, this is why. They're getting their news and information from those kinds of sources. But more importantly, it's the tone. Not only does it portray mainstream Dems as sellouts for everything that even smacks of compromise, but it allows them to paint the progressive things they DO get done as "insufficient", "pandering", "token" or all kinds of other delegitmizers. This fires up the outrage, makes people feel fearful and angry, and rakes in the big bucks. So when Hillary, who is "establishment" because she's devoted her adult life to the Party, runs for President and has broad support within the Party, she gets smeared as being "coronated". Her progressive accomplishments are thrown under the mud because they weren't "big enough". Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders gets to hold a bunch of rallies, make a few progressive noises, and use "socialist" as an edge-lord label, and suddenly he's a rebel.

The one thing about this primary is that it brought me out of the echo chamber. When you start following and getting involved in real world politics, you can't stay in the echo chambers. Lefty media doesn't tell you that Hillary marched in Pride in the 90s, or that conservatives exist to block even the faintest hint of left politics., or that changing the political culture takes years, hell decades of work even if you're on the right side (just ask black people and LGBT people) They tell you that there are millions of nonvoters in each state who would turn out for far left policy (debatable, and turnout is a LOT more than that) and that elected Democrats don't make the country Europe because they're sold out to corporations and only care about enriching themselves.

So in the long run, I think the kind of media we have on the "Left" will continue to be a problem going forward. Bernie Sanders gaining so much traction despite being heavily unqualified, lacking a mature temperament, not truly understanding movement politics and being and short on policy detail wasn't an accident, it was a product of misinformation from an "independent" media designed not to inform the public, but to outrage them to generate more ad buys. I know that from experience.

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Let's talk about the "left" online media. [View all] forjusticethunders Jun 2016 OP
K&R Starry Messenger Jun 2016 #1
100% correct turbosteve Jun 2016 #2
You hit the nail on the head. nt eastwestdem Jun 2016 #3
Great post. ⬆⬆⬆ EVERYONE, READ THIS OP! ⬆⬆⬆ NurseJackie Jun 2016 #4
They (the far left) have used the internet pretty successfully BootinUp Jun 2016 #5
I personally think Bernie beats Trump in a landslide too forjusticethunders Jun 2016 #7
I agree creon Jun 2016 #26
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Soooo true. And so well put. ucrdem Jun 2016 #9
yeah the words "controlled opposition" forjusticethunders Jun 2016 #10
the Progressive Entertainment Complex, epistemic closure geek tragedy Jun 2016 #11
Off to the Greatest page Coolest Ranger Jun 2016 #12
My conversion was in 2000 with George W Bush ismnotwasm Jun 2016 #13
Something I always say is that I learned the price of ideological purity on 9/11 sweetloukillbot Jun 2016 #43
Thank you for an excellent post! DemonGoddess Jun 2016 #14
Thank you! mcar Jun 2016 #15
Sounds like you are describing something like a "FOX of the Left" Her Sister Jun 2016 #16
I've been calling them the profiteering left for a long time.. what was the name of Cha Jun 2016 #17
Hey Cha, blue neen Jun 2016 #18
Mahalo, blue neen! That was it.. I use to call her and greenwald.. greenham.. for all Cha Jun 2016 #19
Amen to that, Cha! blue neen Jun 2016 #20
Ah yes.. leftbaggers & the teabaggers.. anything to take down Obamacare.. that's only Cha Jun 2016 #21
Not only was she besties with Norquist, but she was trying to sell the idea of joining forces with BlueCaliDem Jun 2016 #23
110% correct and an enthusiastic KNR! This is exactly how my evolution began back in 2004 BlueCaliDem Jun 2016 #22
CommonDreams is just...I dunno, "completely unhinged" would be an understatement Tarc Jun 2016 #24
1968 creon Jun 2016 #25
There has to be a way though to include AAs, POCs and working class whites into the left brush Jun 2016 #28
I think creon Jun 2016 #29
Good stuff. Your last sentence sums it up well. brush Jun 2016 #30
Build on that creon Jun 2016 #31
In past years I would go to "Common Dreams", Counter Punch" and "Alternet" . . . brush Jun 2016 #39
The left creon Jun 2016 #41
It's not neccesarily the case that it HAS to be that. forjusticethunders Jun 2016 #33
That is so. creon Jun 2016 #35
I think Sanders "cares" in a sense but forjusticethunders Jun 2016 #36
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The online left creon Jun 2016 #37
This discussion in the thread is awesome. Starry Messenger Jun 2016 #40
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