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28. The GOP will try to push Sanders to get the nomination, wont happen but he would be
Fri Jan 22, 2016, 04:55 PM
Jan 2016

The GOP best road to victory. They will hold the Swift Boating until the nominee is determined. If some here thinks there have been attacks on Sanders, in fact they have not begun.

That is a low comment. And I like Senator Sanders' positions. guillaumeb Jan 2016 #1
It's obvious he's not up to campaigning. Starry Messenger Jan 2016 #2
Sanders should look into his past to see Dawson Leery Jan 2016 #3
Of all people--Chuck Todd just said Bernie has not been vetted by the media nor by riversedge Jan 2016 #12
The GOP will try to push Sanders to get the nomination, wont happen but he would be Thinkingabout Jan 2016 #28
Bernie would be their worst nightmare emsimon33 Jan 2016 #34
Actually I am hearing Sanders will not win against any of the GOP candidates. Thinkingabout Jan 2016 #36
Every poll shows Bernie beating every Repug candidate by a wider margin than Hillary emsimon33 Jan 2016 #37
Was it a misquote about HRC and PP a part of the establishment? Thinkingabout Jan 2016 #38
Posted on another DU discussion emsimon33 Jan 2016 #39
Was it a misquote or a lie, is HRC and PP part of the establishment, these are two groups which Thinkingabout Jan 2016 #40
Same polls taken at this time in 2008... prior to any Iowa vote.... FrenchieCat Jan 2016 #41
Yeah yeah yeah.. the US media/gop want BS to run against.. they know they can't beat Hillary. Cha Jan 2016 #43
You can be sorry because you're so horribly wrong it's pathetic. That's terrible bunk what Cha Jan 2016 #42
And he was supposed to be different...wouldn't go negative... lunamagica Jan 2016 #4
F**k him dlwickham Jan 2016 #5
Not with those in the gutter comments being spouted from his mouth. riversedge Jan 2016 #6
I have saying all along Sanders and his people are running a negative campaign lewebley3 Jan 2016 #9
So have I. Just because he and his supporters SAY he isn't, doesn't make it true. BlueCaliDem Jan 2016 #48
I'm glad I'm in a safe Dem state Treant Jan 2016 #8
Since I really don't see Bernie winning the nomination by any metric, I don't have to worry about BlueCaliDem Jan 2016 #49
Bernie, all talk, hot air, and insults. kjones Jan 2016 #11
All hat(e), no cattle. Thanks but no thanks. eom BlueCaliDem Jan 2016 #50
he doesn't have to worry his insulting mouth about that. Cha Jan 2016 #46
That comment was in poor taste Gothmog Jan 2016 #7
Translation: GusBob Jan 2016 #10
Actual Quote Lage Nom Ai Jan 2016 #13
Yeah, that's an equivalency. Treant Jan 2016 #14
Did you get a desk reference for Christmas? Lage Nom Ai Jan 2016 #15
Oh, I'll respond. Treant Jan 2016 #16
Funny Lage Nom Ai Jan 2016 #17
Mods Treant Jan 2016 #18
Done. Cha Jan 2016 #20
Thanks, Cha! Treant Jan 2016 #23
You don't really except for said jury.. it's up to the HOSTS of the Hillary Group to keep an Cha Jan 2016 #24
yes, data was taken by the BS team.. josh uretsky and 2 others were fired.. BS apologized to Cha Jan 2016 #21
"So you think attacking the possible Democratic candidate is smart?" You need to ask the BS Cha Jan 2016 #22
Sanders supporters need to look in the mirror--" So you think attacking the possible Democratic riversedge Jan 2016 #29
Good point emsimon33 Jan 2016 #32
He made a logical fallacy - and told a lie for simpletons Politicub Jan 2016 #35
This does not sound like Sanders. Maybe he is getting tired. McCamy Taylor Jan 2016 #19
Was a misquote, of course emsimon33 Jan 2016 #33
He knew exactly what he was saying, and it wasn't a random comparison. n/t Lucinda Jan 2016 #54
Message auto-removed Name removed Jan 2016 #25
Actually only stated a fact. emsimon33 Jan 2016 #26
go peddle your vile smears someplace else--like the gutter. riversedge Jan 2016 #30
berni is so desperate to bring in dick cheney.. it's really sad. Cha Jan 2016 #44
But it's not an attack or smear mcar Jan 2016 #27
KnR Hekate Jan 2016 #31
How about your FP, bernie.. how would you like if it someone brought up a person equal to Cha Jan 2016 #45
It was a beyond the pale comparison riversedge Jan 2016 #47
He is right deathrind Jan 2016 #51
No bernie is dead wrong. And, he's stepped in it Big Time. It says everything about him and Cha Jan 2016 #53
Typical Republican/Rove smear. Take someone's strong point and livetohike Jan 2016 #52
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