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7. Going forward it will be easier for her--only DEMOCRATS will be choosing the DEMOCRATIC nominee.
Wed Apr 6, 2016, 08:42 AM
Apr 2016

Not libertarians, Paulbots, Reformists, etc.

I expected the result in WI--it's his demographic--guns, lots of Republicans and right leaning independents, homogeneous, etc. I expect him to do well in WY too--that's Cheney country AND it's sparsely populated--he does well in rural environs.

I agree! Her Sister Apr 2016 #1
I'll believe it.. and eager to see them.. thank you! Cha Apr 2016 #2
Black voters don't subscribe to pie-in-the-sky. They see the forest for the trees. I truly admire BlueCaliDem Apr 2016 #14
Thank Goodness for the African American voters in America who are carrying on our Democracy. Cha Apr 2016 #16
In California, the American Independent, Democratic, and Libertarian Parties are allowing BlueCaliDem Apr 2016 #19
Oh thank you.. I wish it were Closed like New York.. I imagine Hillary will have a lot Cha Apr 2016 #20
While I love your OP BlueMTexpat Apr 2016 #3
http://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/election-2016/delegate-targets/democrats/ Her Sister Apr 2016 #4
Perhaps your table has updated? BlueMTexpat Apr 2016 #8
3 unaccounted in that table Her Sister Apr 2016 #12
Oh frabjus joy! BlueMTexpat Apr 2016 #22
AH yay! Thanks for updating me too!!!! Her Sister Apr 2016 #23
Love your post! DemonGoddess Apr 2016 #5
Nope, BS needed higher %. HRC made her target with the help of Blacks. Iliyah Apr 2016 #6
Going forward it will be easier for her--only DEMOCRATS will be choosing the DEMOCRATIC nominee. MADem Apr 2016 #7
I agree with you, MADem. eom BlueCaliDem Apr 2016 #15
His campaign has become a con job on his own supporters. CalvinballPro Apr 2016 #9
Pretty much. OhZone Apr 2016 #10
Oh yeah, openly deceptive.. so noticeably.. like he doesn't expect anyone to keep up with all Cha Apr 2016 #17
Enormous K & R. Thanks for posting. Surya Gayatri Apr 2016 #11
Yep rock Apr 2016 #13
K & R SunSeeker Apr 2016 #18
Nice! mcar Apr 2016 #21
Yup and his percentage with black voters.... SaschaHM Apr 2016 #24
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