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9. *Something* is "Truly lamentable"
Wed Jun 15, 2016, 04:08 AM
Jun 2016

> Who was here for T-rex's disappearance?

Lots of other creatures, some of whom survived.

> Who vainly fretted about the peterosaur's (sic) demise?

Other pterosaurs.

> Where were the caring when millions of other creatures came and went thru the eons???

Just because you weren't there doesn't mean that other creatures cared about each other.

"Caring" didn't start (and end) when Bronze Age peasants started to force their mythologies upon others.

> We humans are NO DIFFERENT than a mega-volcano or a giant asteroid impact - except,
> unlike those catastrophes, we recognize ourselves as such.

WRONG. There is no choice involved with a mega-volcano or giant asteroid, merely luck
or good fortune to be in a suitable place to survive.

The global destruction that we as a species have been performing over the centuries
is completely voluntary - a result of deliberate choices made (usually for personal greed).


> But this rock has NEVER been about continuity. Never.

Continuity at geological scales has never been the issue for ecologists, only the
religious morons who insist that they can't be doing any real harm as their sky fairy
is looking after them.

> It coalesced out of bits of stellar detritus and morphed from an inhospitable blob
> to a lab for the spark of life to play upon.

... over billions of years ...

The damage that we have done has mostly been done over a couple of centuries.

That damage has been known and widely publicised for decades.

That damage has increased with every year due to greed.

Every week, more decisions are made to make the situation worse for short-term
profit, in the full knowledge of the destruction that is involved.

*That* is why we are different from a volcano or roaming stellar boulder.

> But who of we civilized sorts is ready to give up their flat screens and spend
> our afternoons skinning some hapless monkey for the evening meal?
> Who? Yeah - I thought so.

No official monkeys around here so the best we can manage is to skin
some of the fat selfish bastards who don't care about other creatures
and prefer to sit on their arse in front of their flat screen TVs.

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