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Response to hatrack (Original post)

Mon Nov 7, 2016, 01:16 PM

89. All FL Fringe Millennials,XYZ-Gen's obligated vote dem per FL' very real crucial 4x-Env. Crisis's

(love the slang and screw the spell checker )

ALL ABOVE MENTIONED !! "If you do't like this little song well just grin and bear & if the shoe fits wear it" .. AND THIS WHAT THEY SHOULD ALSO BE PREACHIN' IN FLORIDA AND ON ALL PAID FOR TV, RADIO'S NOW .Tthis is the reason for all young voters who ain'y yet voted to get off their butts now and vote !!!!!

At this late hour we are especially Floridians in the midst of at least 3 MAJOR ENVIRONMENTAL MISTAKES AND CRISIS the above mentioned, be they your friends or you do have an environmental obligation to vote Dem across the board ...especially anyone under 30 yrs old havin' just too much fun, too idealistic, too damn cool etc etc .. including all millennials .... with special reach out to all people of color who can should vote for VOTE DEM ACROSS THE BOARD with also community GOOD REASONS TO GET INVOLVED NOW!!

Now I will list one ...t their are many others ..but this one will have the most future now shock negatively impacting on all black poor black and white, and river communities along the way east and west of US 1 from south FL to north Central Fl ... LOCALS ... refer to it as (THE THUNDER TRAIN FROM HELL) .. IT'S THUMBS DOWN an ergonomic noise pollution heath hazard whose far reaching damages have not in any way been assessed, environmental potential damage maker, a planning and business night mare and an introduction of yet another not so random variable of probable hazardous per loss of animal as well as human life perpetuation even a first glance ... how this inconsiderate business legislation is, was fast tracked is not at all unusual in the "CARPET BAGGER STATE RIGHT TO WORK STATE" ;

#1 This ([The thunder Train From Hell) legislated with token, incomplete, compromised biased ergonomic and environmental evaluation ..should be a RALLY-ING CRY ... TO ALL clack young men in Florida and around the states ...who love their momma's baby bothers , pregnant wife's, baby moma's, and extended families as theses multiple trains will be traveling at an average SPEED OF 100 MPH .. and stopping 32 times a day... through all hoods and poor white neighbor hoods also . no one has come out with the spec's on ergonomic impacts to thousands of humans as well as animals ...let alone the long term environmental damage especially to-the already threatened in extreme crisis ( Indian River Lagoon) that border the train track much of the way .....

Now this alone and many other proposed non-opposed republican legislation disguised as creating jobs minus any regulatory considerations ..should be the call to alarm to all voters under 30 ..that may not be brain dead ... YET?? Note: all Fl FDEP/EPA offices are staffed with skeleton crew's ... nearly al environmental tech as well as consultant jobs are 80% fewer since 1994 ..since their became a majority of republican senators and congressmen as well illegal redistricting ..... Downside & no small wonder that many many environmental professionals have been out of work for years ..
YES THE FOX IS , HAS BEEN WATCHING THE CHICKEN COOP IN FLORIDA ... and young black voters voters all young voters owe it to themselves, families and future to get out and vote Democrat across the board ...ASAP ...fo every-ones sake

Note: that this call to arms for environmental activist future noW-DEMS doesn't include paying heed to any & all all CRABS as ya might as well be talkin' to the wall or a Mooney or some one in a catatonic state ...WHATS WITH THAT ?? ...is a waste of your time at this late hour ...hey just aren't gonna vote for the environment. egocentric lurker naively stupid, fact less, paranoid, special interest, head in the sand, stupid is as stupid does, environmentally & logically challenged, & or un-educated-spoiler-rabid-(plannin' on goin' to heaven' bible thumperin's .. mindless set that sing with the chior "It'll take Care Of Itself" !!?? .... In all due respect Environmental Crisis Denier's should/need be hence-forth be checkmated) because we have work to do, especially at this time, and their can be special provisions made for them challenged baby mentalities poltico-anti-regulatory-knee jerk-stone-wallers in adult bodies as binuss' as unusual mentalities ... any such progressive adden-dumbs to proposed FL environmental crisis legislation can be added taged on such providing current legislative Env. DENIERS extra short bus-transpo-vougers to get-em-up to speed, ALONG WITH other relocated special resources such as crayola's, art paper, show and tell activities , including also: public domain instructional elementary school video's including: specially allocated acclaimed video series in Laymans terms "Jonnny WhyIs The Earth Not Flat", "Johnny Where Does It Come From", "Johnny Where Does It All Go", "Is Jesus also Our Garbage-Man Too?" "Johnny Is Oil just for Cookin'" , "Johnny Who Owns The Earth", "Susie, Why Can't I swim with the dolphins Anymore?" .......
Note this has been and still is Environmental Tech/fundraiser.. who walks the walk a resource for the environment, ..environmental fundraising event management etc etc ...as a hands on sustainable gardener ..Environmental Jazz acousutic Musician Fundraiser. organizer, manager, promoter of 4 major stables of acoustic musicians over 30 years per events gathering's fundraisers,.. and eventual series of prime time show casesopen mics .. that put more musicians on stage than any one organisation south of nashville me ... FrankieCisco ..Harris an green X-union card carrying Dem since 1969 ... yes I went to Woodstock & camped out ill prepared with (2) foxy Brunets, & one blond my sister & Bobby Dylans formost groupies "Davis Peel & The Lower East Side", madf at our own bovby dylan at the time ..cause he had sold out-& gone electric ... those were the days I could see 8 ft to the bottom of the river

I'm the son WW2 my Hero, old world union technician grandson of Klammath river Native american Reservation X-constable Depression Era Dead Eye Harris .environmental empathy is was in mu blood so i legitimized it with poor luck in a right to work state ....but i recycle, garden and volunteer... what are you gonna do besides vote democrat or move ?/

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