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1. "if" + "could" + "assume" + "uncertainties" + "may" + "possibly" = just more "CCS" BULLSHIT.
Tue Feb 10, 2015, 07:59 AM
Feb 2015

> “There are a lot of commercial uncertainties about carbon capture and sequestration technologies,”

NSS ...

> if biomass electricity production is combined with carbon capture and sequestration in the western
> United States, power generators could actually store more carbon than they emit

> The carbon reduction might even offset the emissions from fossil fuel used in transportation

> burning biomass as part of BECCS may have a greater impact on greenhouse gas emissions
> than using these same feedstocks for biofuels, solely because of the possibility of carbon capture.

> “We’re evaluating a technology with some uncertainty behind it, but we are saying that if the technology exists, ..."

i.e., "Fluffy unicorns farting rainbows would be really good for us all (if only they existed)."

Even the photo is being dishonest: "a carbon dioxide injection well in Australia" that is used to extract
more fossil fuels to be burnt

"CCS" is just one big scam.

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