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36. Dehydrating apples today
Fri Nov 9, 2012, 01:29 PM
Nov 2012

The plan to make apple sauce and apple butter with my ex hasn't panned out yet but when I was over there a couple of days ago, her parents were also there and we got to talking about it. They, the parents, said that they had a dehydrator that I could use it for as long as I needed it so when my ex was bringing me back, we stopped at her parent's house and got it. Yesterday I made a batch and it took about 12 hours. Enough to fill a quart size freezer bag and part of another. I got another batch going this morning. I may be dehydrating apples for some time as I do have quite a few. I still want to make applesauce and apple butter and that may happen yet.

My ex's niece who stayed at this house for a few months last year left a number of bills (most of which I had to pay) behind and I saved them. Yesterday I was doing some paperwork and came across the gas bill for last November when she was here and she had used 76 therms that month. I'm positive I'll be using much less then that but then again, she didn't have the furnace shut off during the night and much of the day like I'm doing. It's about 40 degrees outside right now but a balmy 62 inside even with the furnace off. The dehydrator itself is putting out some heat.

Got a letter from SS explaining the extra payment I got at the beginning of the month. The letter also said that my regular monthly benefit will be $1103 in December and not $1071 and there will be another increase in January for cost of living adjustment. How much of an increase in January will not be known till it is determined how much is deducted for my Medicare premium and that won't be done till sometime in December. So the monthly budget I posted here will have to be tweaked a bit when I get the info.

My efforts at frugal living [View all] Kaleva Aug 2012 OP
Great stuff, Kaleva and a huge kudos to you. cbayer Aug 2012 #1
I'm having fun doing it! Kaleva Aug 2012 #3
You are right, frugal living is more labor intensive Curmudgeoness Aug 2012 #2
Took your advice about the clothes lines in the basement. Kaleva Aug 2012 #4
I like the vinegar idea. You will have to let us know if it works. Curmudgeoness Aug 2012 #5
Got the clothes lines up today. Kaleva Aug 2012 #6
You make me feel lazy. Curmudgeoness Aug 2012 #7
If you are going to have a chest freezer full of food put a temperature alarm on it.. Fumesucker Aug 2012 #9
Very good suggestion. Curmudgeoness Aug 2012 #10
This is awesome! Phentex Aug 2012 #8
An update Kaleva Sep 2012 #11
Wow! You are kicking butt, but you need to eat better. cbayer Sep 2012 #12
The interesting things that are available! Kaleva Sep 2012 #15
Reading that you were burning wood scraps reminded me of something. Lars39 Sep 2012 #13
Free pallets on Craigslist are as prolific as free couches and tube TVs. Robb Sep 2012 #14
I have an illegal (according to code) setup as far as the woodstove is concerned. Kaleva Sep 2012 #16
Thinking about your water heater and cold laundry wash Starboard Tack Sep 2012 #17
I haven't thought about it. Kaleva Sep 2012 #18
Saving on heating costs this winter by freezing my butt off Kaleva Sep 2012 #19
Good luck quitting smoking! mkultra321 Sep 2012 #20
I am trying to quit smoking, but it isn't easy. RebelOne Sep 2012 #21
I had switched to Murano brand cigars at about $1.33 a pack Kaleva Sep 2012 #22
An update Kaleva Sep 2012 #23
New update Kaleva Oct 2012 #24
A couple of thoughts (and a big welcome back!) cbayer Oct 2012 #26
Good question about the amount of water I use. Kaleva Oct 2012 #27
Dishes, and other points cprise Jun 2013 #53
For lighting at night Shankapotomus Oct 2012 #25
Wow, you are an inspiration! positiveidea Oct 2012 #28
Update Kaleva Oct 2012 #29
11/03/12 Kaleva Nov 2012 #30
Just want you to know I love reading your posts. Very inspirational! Starboard Tack Nov 2012 #33
thank you for posting... hopeful68 Nov 2012 #31
Looking at my gas and electricity usage history Kaleva Nov 2012 #32
Monthly Budget -Updated 1/24/13 Kaleva Nov 2012 #34
Thanks to those who find this interesting! Kaleva Nov 2012 #35
Dehydrating apples today Kaleva Nov 2012 #36
I am on Social Security and have been told the cost of living adjustment RebelOne Nov 2012 #37
Back when I was working, I thought nothing of $20 or even a $100 Kaleva Nov 2012 #38
I have been reading Worried senior Dec 2012 #39
interesting read. Thanks for sharing Liberal_in_LA Dec 2012 #40
Update: 12/1/12 Kaleva Dec 2012 #41
Push mower we can do it Dec 2012 #42
Thanks! Bookmarked. Kaleva Dec 2012 #43
No problem, I think you will love that mower we can do it Dec 2012 #44
You can reuse canning lids provided you don't distort them during removal. lumberjack_jeff Dec 2012 #45
I'm hoping to work with the ex next year doing canning. Kaleva Dec 2012 #46
Update 1/4/13 Kaleva Jan 2013 #47
Update 1/10/13 Edited 1/12/13 Kaleva Jan 2013 #48
What I did... Elron Aven Jan 2013 #49
Update 1/17/13 Kaleva Jan 2013 #50
Update 5/17/13 Kaleva May 2013 #51
I love reading your posts Worried senior May 2013 #52
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2013 #54
Enjoy your posts. Sienna86 Jun 2013 #55
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