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9. Update 10/02/13
Wed Oct 2, 2013, 09:14 AM
Oct 2013

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It's taken awhile to get into a groove here but enough time has passed where I now have enough info to get a good idea of the costs here.

Water is cheap here compared to the other town where I lived last year and without even really trying to save on water, I'm using less then 1000 gallons a month and the bill is still $10 less a month then at the other place.

I have the Rheem heat pump water heater set at the lowest setting and the water is warm which is good enough for me for taking showers and for hand washing the dishes. I've started keeping track of the electrical consumption by reading the meter last week and this week. I've used 57 kWhs in the past 7 days. Electricity is expensive here and it looks like my monthly bill will run about $60. Which really isn't bad considering the that I have an electric heat pump water heater, a chest freezer and a electric dryer.

I haven't turned the heating system on yet and I don't intend to until the middle of November and then I'll keep the t-stat set at 55. I'll shut the furnace off again about the middle of March.

Mowed the lawn for the last time this year last week. The reel mower worked very well. Considering what I used to spend on gas for the riding lawn mower we once had, the reel mower will probably pay for itself in 2 years.

The scooter has worked out very well for transportation and I'll keep on using it as long the weather allows. It's nice being able to travel about 80 miles on 1 gallon of gas.

Been spending less then $100 a month on food for myself. I'm going to increase that amount though so I can restock the shelves here.

Heating, electricity and water I'm estimating will run me about $300 a month this winter. Utilities run about $100 a month now but there will be a jump when I turn on the heating system.

The phone, internet and Netflix cost $68 a month.

Called the local VA clinic yesterday and the nurse said they'll get back to me about setting up appointments. I'm on blood thinner medication and I'll be going to the VA for all my medical issues and prescriptions now.

I qualified for a reduced rate dental plan and I pay 40% of the bill. It looks like I'll have enough money within a month or two to set up an appointment for a cleaning and checkup. It also looks like I'll have enough money for an eye exam and a new set of glasses. I'm years past due for that!


Was outside doing yard work and thought of a few other things while out there which I'll jot down here while taking a break.

Garbage pickup cost me $25 a month at the other place but it's free here. With a burn barrel in the back yard, I have less then a 13 gallon bag a month of non burnable garbage and I bring that down to my ex in-laws and put that in the pickup. When my former father-in-law wants to make a run to the landfill, I go with him and do the unloading.

Fall is here and the leaves are changing color and beginning to drop. I have the compost bin made and have been adding to it. A step-son has my mulching mower and I'll get that back to mulch up the leaves here to work into the vegetable garden, the flower gardens and a bunch in the compost bin.

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