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33. My cheap coffee making system
Mon Oct 14, 2013, 05:32 AM
Oct 2013

1 stock pot with cover
1 hand held fine mesh strainer
1 1/3 measuring cup
1 2 quart pitcher

In the stock pot, I pour in 2 quarts plus a couple of cups of water and 2 close to full 1/3 cups of coffee ( I use the 1/3 measuring cup 'cause it's smaller and it's easier to get the coffee out of the can)in the stock pot. Put the cover on the stock pot and heat on the stove till boiling then simmer for another 5 minutes. I let the coffee cool down to room temp in the pot before placing the sieve over the opening of the 2 quart pitcher and pouring the coffee into the pitcher.

As I drink my coffee room temperature or colder, I use a plastic juice pitcher. The reason I add a couple of extra cups of water is that the coffee grounds will retain some of the water. If you use just 2 quarts of water, you'll not end up with 2 quarts of coffee.

This method of making coffee is pretty much the way my parents made it and pretty much everyone else I knew when i was young made it although they had regular coffee pots while I'm using a stock pot.

Electric drip coffee makers last about 1-2 years in this area because of the hard water even with regular cleaning. The one I have is getting very slow and rather then go out and buy another, I spent $1 on the hand held strainer and another $2.50 on the plastic juice pitcher. The stock pot and cover I already had. And because I have a LP gas stove, I can make coffee even if the power goes out.

Coffee pots [View all] Kaleva Aug 2012 OP
I still have my parents' stainless steel percolator which is tall. Manifestor_of_Light Aug 2012 #1
We've been French Press coffee exclusively for 10 years at least. NRaleighLiberal Aug 2012 #2
I'm not familiar with French Press so I'll go and read about them. Kaleva Aug 2012 #3
this is our weapon of choice! NRaleighLiberal Aug 2012 #4
I have this coffee grinder. Curmudgeoness Aug 2012 #14
Wow. Just $5.99! Kaleva Aug 2012 #16
Well, probably not just $5.99 Curmudgeoness Aug 2012 #17
Agree. French presses are really nice. Also great to use if you want to make tea from Flaxbee Aug 2012 #25
I'd never get a stovetop percolator... TreasonousBastard Aug 2012 #5
The electric drip coffeee makers are convenient Kaleva Aug 2012 #7
In my childhood world everybody had a Pyrex Percolator. NYC_SKP Aug 2012 #6
We exclusively use this: cbayer Aug 2012 #8
I drink alot of coffee but it can't be strong. Kaleva Aug 2012 #9
This is not for you, then, as the coffee is very strong. cbayer Aug 2012 #10
Interesting that there are many different options Kaleva Aug 2012 #11
I used to use them a lot, but it's difficult to keep coffee warm once made. cbayer Aug 2012 #12
I prefer my coffee to be at least room temperature and preferably colder. Kaleva Aug 2012 #13
Try this thermos travel mug Sherman A1 Aug 2012 #19
You can add hot water to it. athena Jan 2013 #29
I have one of those too. guardian Jan 2013 #32
I bought an old electric perculator at a garage sale Curmudgeoness Aug 2012 #15
To each their own, however I have a programable electric drip coffee maker and Sherman A1 Aug 2012 #18
I'm looking for a cumulative effect. Kaleva Aug 2012 #20
if i had to give up my fully auto espresso machine NMDemDist2 Aug 2012 #21
We've been using that method for a few years now... Lars39 Aug 2012 #22
Score!! NMDemDist2 Aug 2012 #23
Practically danced my way to the check outs! Lars39 Aug 2012 #24
A fun site on what I would call 'Coffee Trivia' of sorts: snappyturtle Aug 2012 #26
Hmmmm. I always thought coffee stayed fresher longer if kept in the fridge. Kaleva Aug 2012 #27
I learned about this some time ago and I think it is right. nt snappyturtle Aug 2012 #28
This is what we use. kristopher Jan 2013 #30
Stove top jambo101 Jan 2013 #31
My cheap coffee making system Kaleva Oct 2013 #33
I use a french press, but I got a stainless steel one because I kept breaking the Squinch Oct 2013 #34
Great thing about a french press is no disposable filters to replace Kennah Oct 2013 #35
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