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13. The interesting question is.......
Sat Sep 24, 2016, 08:44 AM
Sep 2016

The interesting question is.......why are Shin Bet holding back on supplying the reason for the arrest?.......If nothing else it makes the GOI look incompetent and uncaring about human rights....

I bet, Israel has no evidence because they never bothered to look for it. DetlefK Sep 2016 #1
The UN historically has done a great job of protecting terrorists oberliner Sep 2016 #2
Neither World Vision nor the UN has found any evidence whatsoever supporting the Israeli Little Tich Sep 2016 #3
The UN has a history of protecting terrorists as well as its own UN forces.... shira Sep 2016 #6
I suppose smacking Palestinian suspects around a bit and prosecute them for whatever made up crime Little Tich Sep 2016 #8
The UN killed 10,000 Haitians with cholera, then cited immunity for its crime shira Sep 2016 #9
That seems unsurprising oberliner Sep 2016 #10
I suppose I'll have the laugh on this issue. Little Tich Sep 2016 #11
What makes you think the UN is more trustworthy with all its scandals.... shira Sep 2016 #12
Here is a less biased report from Reuters. hack89 Sep 2016 #4
Sounds like the UN is on legally shaky ground FBaggins Sep 2016 #5
The thing is that the alleged crimes were his normal duties committed on the orders of the UN Little Tich Sep 2016 #7
The alleged crime is that he diverted resources for Hamas militant benefit on orders from Hamas FBaggins Sep 2016 #15
I think "unsubstantiated allegations" is the keyword here... n/t Little Tich Sep 2016 #16
So? FBaggins Sep 2016 #18
I think that the right to a fair trial should still apply - even to Palestinians. Little Tich Sep 2016 #20
Of course he has a right to a fair trial FBaggins Sep 2016 #21
I just can't get over the fact that Israel refuses to present any evidence for the charges and that Little Tich Sep 2016 #24
Israel has no obligation to present evidence to the United Nations. branford Sep 2016 #25
Seems the UN got enough immunity for Hamas rockets stored in UN schools. shira Sep 2016 #27
The interesting question is....... kayecy Sep 2016 #13
I suspect that it's the standard "you're not the boss of me" response FBaggins Sep 2016 #14
Apparently, this is a recurring problem for the UN: Little Tich Sep 2016 #17
You seriously can't tell the difference? FBaggins Sep 2016 #19
What do you mean - aren't all unsubstantiated charges bogus by definition? Little Tich Sep 2016 #22
Nope. FBaggins Sep 2016 #23
Do you think the charges are completely bogus, partially bogus or not at all bogus? Little Tich Sep 2016 #29
"Impossible to divert aid to Hamas" ? branford Sep 2016 #31
UN aid to Gaza being diverted to Hamas? When? How? Little Tich Sep 2016 #33
They don't really do in other places either. branford Sep 2016 #34
Riight... So no evidence at all is evidence enough for you... n/t Little Tich Sep 2016 #37
Not providing the UN with a special preview of the evidence branford Sep 2016 #39
You've got to be kidding, right? FBaggins Sep 2016 #36
Not in the least bit bogus FBaggins Sep 2016 #35
Presumed guilty until proven innocent? n/t Little Tich Sep 2016 #38
Suddenly a presumption of innocence means that you're immune from being charged? FBaggins Sep 2016 #40
Actually, there will probably be a secret trial with secret evidence, as there's no actual evidence Little Tich Sep 2016 #41
"the strict controls that are in place makes it impossible to divert aid to Hamas" FBaggins Sep 2016 #42
Has the UN investigated to your satisfaction Hamas rockets in UN schools? shira Sep 2016 #26
It's up to Israel to prove that a crime has indeed been committed before the UN will Little Tich Sep 2016 #28
Israel doesn't have to seek approval from a corrupt, terror supporting, antisemitic UN. n/t shira Sep 2016 #30
The UN has *requested* that Borsh be granted diplomatic immunity. branford Sep 2016 #32
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