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In reply to the discussion: "Gays can't be trusted with children" [View all]


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125. I apologize abjectly.
Sat May 5, 2012, 09:28 PM
May 2012

I did write that, although not in those exact words. I was very wrong to do so, and it is not true. What I wrote was based on incorrect information. I no longer believe that in any way. After writing that, a number of years ago, I learned the actual facts of the matter. I learned that there is no connection between orientation and the likelihood that someone is likely to desire sex with underaged people.

Knowing that, I'm ashamed that I once thought otherwise, and wrote what I wrote. Since the time I wrote that, I've gotten a thorough education on the subject, thanks to some very kind LGBT people I've met. I was wrong. I am very sorry that I ever said such a thing. Since I learned the truth, I have come a long way in my understanding of LGBT issues. I'm in full support of erasing any prejudices against LGBT people. I'm actively working for marriage equality in Minnesota, where a constitutional amendment is going to come up for a vote in November. I've posted a call to other DFLers to work against this amendment on the web site of the DFL precinct where I am the chair. A link to that call is in my signature line.

I cannot delete the post on Free Republic. I was banned there in 2006 as an anti-freeper. If I could delete it, I would. I kept the same screen name I used there, knowing that people would find the things I wrote there. I'm not anonymous, and my real identity can be found at the links in my signature line.

I won't ask for forgiveness for what I wrote. I will say that I would never say anything of that nature again. I was misinformed. I am not misinformed any longer. I am sorry that I wrote that and know that it was hurtful and damaging.

I normally do not post in this group. I still won't, because I know that many here don't want to see my face, and I understand that. I'd probably feel the same way. I will never say anything of the sort again, because I don't believe anything of the sort.

I apologize. I deeply regret my ignorance and my words that were based on that ignorance. I was woefully mistaken, and regret that very much.

You can count on my wholehearted support for LGBT rights issues, for marriage equality, and you can count on me not to say such things now or in the future.

I ask for your understanding, if not your forgiveness. I can't ask for that forgiveness. I can only try to demonstrate my good faith now and in the future.

It is absolutely not forgiveable HillWilliam Apr 2012 #1
What kind of turnaround would someone have to exhibit? Prism Apr 2012 #4
Mumbled apologies aren't enough for me HillWilliam Apr 2012 #18
If the person believed this 20 or 30 years ago, then probably yes obamanut2012 May 2012 #81
This smells like bait to me. Now why don't you reveal who said such a thing? MADem Apr 2012 #2
Juries keep hiding it Prism Apr 2012 #3
I question you because you didn't reveal who said it or the context. MADem Apr 2012 #10
What, exactly, would you like me to do? Prism Apr 2012 #14
OK--I take your point. MADem Apr 2012 #21
Treating those who mistreat and misuse others kindly does not express 'fairness' at Bluenorthwest Apr 2012 #25
Usually, when they are dragged over here, it's for the "point and laugh" entertainment value. MADem Apr 2012 #42
I don't want to fight over it either Prism Apr 2012 #26
I was laboring under a complete misapprehension, and I am sorry if I came off snarky, myself. MADem Apr 2012 #46
It kinda bothers me you are in here lecturing the LGBT Group obamanut2012 May 2012 #83
I didn't mean to lecture. I didn't understand the context. MADem May 2012 #85
Byrd is a bad example, because he stayed very homophobic obamanut2012 May 2012 #82
Elsewhere in this thread, I talked about people who only believe in some equal rights. MADem May 2012 #86
Its nothing short of hate speech. Vanje Apr 2012 #5
It's one of the most frightening things that can be uttered xchrom Apr 2012 #6
Isn't this statement a ToS violation due to its inherent homophobia? LonePirate Apr 2012 #7
It wasn't said here on DU Prism Apr 2012 #8
Use the Ignore feature unless ... LonePirate Apr 2012 #11
I would not call him a pillar. MADem Apr 2012 #12
It was posted in 2004 elsewhere, dragged here via 'confessional threads' Bluenorthwest Apr 2012 #13
You and I have seen the lies Prism Apr 2012 #15
Well he did not say sorry at all. He lied right here on DU and did not own it nor apologize Bluenorthwest Apr 2012 #16
But it's not civil of you to say so Prism Apr 2012 #17
Dishonesty is never civil, a lie is not civil. I will always call out a lie and a liar... Bluenorthwest Apr 2012 #19
You and I are on the same page Prism Apr 2012 #20
I am in error then--I thought he did apologize. MADem Apr 2012 #22
Thank you. Just thank you. Bluenorthwest Apr 2012 #27
Yes, the big lie here is being left mysteriously unexplained Prism Apr 2012 #32
If he didn't apologize, he needs to. MADem Apr 2012 #40
Today he is back to saying those weren't his views. Hassin Bin Sober May 2012 #61
I thought it was early 2006 obamanut2012 May 2012 #84
Please do not rehash past issues. Fearless Apr 2012 #56
"The process" doesn't work Creideiki Apr 2012 #58
In your opinion. n/t Fearless Apr 2012 #59
Mine too, fwiw. There's a lot of history to be atoned for on DU. A lot. yardwork May 2012 #63
Mine too, while we are at it. Jamastiene May 2012 #67
My irritation with the post is not regarding the issues... Fearless May 2012 #70
Everyone over in H&M and everywhere else on DU has discussed this. Jamastiene May 2012 #74
I understand the anger that this has created... Fearless May 2012 #76
Civilized discussion did fail Prism May 2012 #89
I wish to apologize to you for something Fearless May 2012 #95
Easily accepted Prism May 2012 #102
That's very gracious of you, Prism. I'm so happy that this is being worked out. yardwork May 2012 #103
+1 Fearless May 2012 #110
Thank you. Jamastiene May 2012 #111
Very well said! Brava! yardwork May 2012 #91
That poster brought the topic up, and he and you don't get to decide that it's run its course CreekDog May 2012 #94
I was unaware that this was the person that was being talked about... Fearless May 2012 #96
Does that not mean that the process is working on DU3? I'm confused. Fearless May 2012 #69
Yes, you do seem to be confused. yardwork May 2012 #71
To backtrack... Fearless May 2012 #73
Backtrack? Creideiki May 2012 #79
Please stop. The personal attacks are not necessary or helpful. Fearless May 2012 #88
You first. Creideiki May 2012 #90
At no point have I attacked you or anyone. Fearless May 2012 #93
Mine Too The Green Manalishi May 2012 #116
A regular poster here @ DU Vanje Apr 2012 #9
Was a regular poster at FR. laconicsax May 2012 #60
This message was self-deleted by its author Zorra Apr 2012 #23
Zorra, you place a huge IF right there. IF they apologize and demonstrate honesty. Bluenorthwest Apr 2012 #31
This message was self-deleted by its author Zorra Apr 2012 #54
I do, Zorra, have pretty much the same code as you. I am at the Bluenorthwest Apr 2012 #57
This message was self-deleted by its author Zorra May 2012 #72
Blue, I think that you are letting an outsider divide you from brothers and sisters. yardwork May 2012 #122
This message was self-deleted by its author Zorra May 2012 #75
Ahhh yes, but NOW he says he really didn't mean those bigoted things he said. Hassin Bin Sober May 2012 #98
This message was self-deleted by its author Zorra May 2012 #100
The duplicity hasn't stopped. THAT'S the point. Hassin Bin Sober May 2012 #101
This message was self-deleted by its author Zorra May 2012 #106
Well, I think that coming into our group and posting an OP that suggested we lie and confuse voters yardwork May 2012 #113
Haven't read your reply yet, but yes, this: Call Me Wesley May 2012 #123
I can see only one construct where that statement is acceptable dsc Apr 2012 #24
What kind of real amends would you recommend? Prism Apr 2012 #30
If they have kids dsc Apr 2012 #52
Jury results: Ptah Apr 2012 #28
Someone doesn't want this discussed Prism Apr 2012 #29
well, I am uninclined to lock this thread HillWilliam Apr 2012 #33
I'm still furious about it Prism Apr 2012 #34
I also have no problem with a discussion here. DURHAM D Apr 2012 #35
Luck of the draw, yes. Also, this is in my opinion a round in the game. So luck+agenda+ Bluenorthwest Apr 2012 #47
After discussing it with the OP, I agree with your assessment. Not that my opinion counts, I am not MADem Apr 2012 #44
Even if asked, I could not bring myself to lock this thread. Jamastiene May 2012 #68
+1 n/t Marcel May 2012 #78
I have been going through a personal tragedy recently William769 Apr 2012 #36
Sorry to hear things are rough over there, Bill HillWilliam Apr 2012 #37
It's not real to some people Prism Apr 2012 #38
Perfect... DURHAM D Apr 2012 #43
I noticed you were not around and missed you. DURHAM D Apr 2012 #41
Sorry for your loss. MADem Apr 2012 #45
Hope everything is working out for you. Pab Sungenis Apr 2012 #48
I'm sorry for your loss. Call Me Wesley Apr 2012 #49
I'm not gay and don't have children but that stament drives me to distraction, if not rage tech3149 Apr 2012 #39
I think my stance on this issue is clear Call Me Wesley Apr 2012 #50
You and I feel exactly the same way. Puglover May 2012 #87
I had totally forgotten that, Puglover! He was the first to respond to the Mending Fences thread yardwork May 2012 #92
His record was never clean. Call Me Wesley May 2012 #109
The first time I noticed him he was defending BP after the oil disaster. I remember that too. yardwork May 2012 #112
Ooops, I'm being late again. Call Me Wesley May 2012 #108
The statement is the equal of the libel known as the Blood Libel... Bluenorthwest Apr 2012 #51
them's fighting words mitchtv Apr 2012 #53
Maybe I overlooked it, but did he ask for anyone's forgiveness? CreekDog May 2012 #97
Tell that asshole to tell the 16 year old that lives with my partner and I Evasporque Apr 2012 #55
The big picture is, I guess, it's sort of "understandable" since.... Smarmie Doofus May 2012 #62
It is extreamly damaging and hurtful Veruca Salt May 2012 #64
That last part is what I keep saying here: Bluenorthwest May 2012 #65
It is THE single WORST thing that some people say about gay people. Jamastiene May 2012 #66
Of course it is damaging, shows the most egregious kind of ignorance. Rhiannon12866 May 2012 #77
A well-loved and long-time lesbian Boy Scout leader was recently fired obamanut2012 May 2012 #80
The scout leaders that molest the little kids always seem to be self-identified heterosexual males MADem May 2012 #99
Apparently the scout leader reported financial improprieties up the line. That's when she was fired. yardwork May 2012 #104
Shameful. Blatant, too. MADem May 2012 #105
Personally, I would henceforth excise that person from my life. closeupready May 2012 #107
Prism, my opinion on this matter has changed as a result of the dismissive attitude on the part yardwork May 2012 #114
I'm done. Zorra May 2012 #115
I'm sorry that you deleted your posts. I thought we were having a good conversation. yardwork May 2012 #117
I'm so sorry, yardwork. Nothing you've posted had any relation to my being "done", Zorra May 2012 #119
I'm sorry to see that you've deleted your posts. Call Me Wesley May 2012 #120
I could'nt have said it any better. Puglover May 2012 #121
Honestly, Call Me Wesley, and Puglover, Zorra May 2012 #143
This needs a sincere apology with acknowledgement of wrongdoing. stevenleser May 2012 #118
Agreed - should be posted in this group too, thats the minimum FreeState May 2012 #124
I apologize abjectly. MineralMan May 2012 #125
"What I wrote was based on incorrect information" obamanut2012 May 2012 #126
I didn't know it. MineralMan May 2012 #127
Why Conservatives Believe in Anti-Gay Pseudo-Science- from Alternet Bluenorthwest May 2012 #128
I Am, Without A Doubt..... queerart May 2012 #133
I can only repeat what I've said upthread. Call Me Wesley May 2012 #134
+1 obamanut2012 May 2012 #136
"I cannot delete the post on Free Republic." Shining Jack May 2012 #129
Yes, posts. MineralMan May 2012 #130
Out of curiosity MNBrewer May 2012 #131
I wasn't a freeper. I was poking at freepers. MineralMan May 2012 #132
You'll better go out and march with them, Call Me Wesley May 2012 #135
I took everyone off ignore, not just you. MineralMan May 2012 #139
But you admitted up thread you believed Gays were pedophiles obamanut2012 May 2012 #137
LGBT issues were not one of my major interests then. MineralMan May 2012 #138
But yet LGBT issues appear to have been one of your issues on FR obamanut2012 May 2012 #140
How much 'research' does it take to suss out that gay people have kids of their own? Bluenorthwest May 2012 #141
Weren't the first 500 threads on this enough? Doctor_J May 2012 #142
Are you a member of this community? DURHAM D May 2012 #144
Why do you feel it is not appropriate to this group? obamanut2012 May 2012 #146
Do you know this guy? DURHAM D May 2012 #148
No, why? obamanut2012 May 2012 #154
I thought the post to which you responded was pretty clear Doctor_J May 2012 #150
You've been told that you are in a protected group, and you're continuing to disrupt. yardwork May 2012 #151
No, I answered a direct question that was asked in reponse to my 1st post in this thread Doctor_J May 2012 #153
Why shouldn't it be discussed in here? obamanut2012 May 2012 #155
Those of you claiming this is all 6 years old are pushing a falsehood. Bluenorthwest May 2012 #158
This is the LGBT Group and we discuss here what is relevant to our LGBT members. William769 May 2012 #147
+1 mitchtv May 2012 #152
This is our group, a safe haven. Jamastiene May 2012 #149
I just put that member on ignore, just now. closeupready May 2012 #145
I am glad to see this being discussed here in LGBT. trumad May 2012 #156
Thank you for posting. DURHAM D May 2012 #157
On DU2 he was always in LGBT threads.... Bluenorthwest May 2012 #159
Funny--- I think my above post is my first in LGBT.. trumad May 2012 #160
You got hot allot more respect from me than you already have. William769 May 2012 #163
Believe me Trumad. Puglover May 2012 #165
You are a brave and honest poster. Bluenorthwest May 2012 #166
Loves me some trumad! Call Me Wesley May 2012 #167
I had several posts deleted on DU2 re: that guy. Hassin Bin Sober May 2012 #161
Yep trumad May 2012 #162
His posts on DU2, and how he was rendered bulletproof by certain moderators Pab Sungenis May 2012 #164
It's unforgivable. This old thread was brought up in a new thread Autumn Oct 2015 #168
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