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8. Years ago
Fri Dec 8, 2023, 11:20 AM
Dec 8

my pcp told me to take a vit D supplement. My blood level was low. He told me most Americans have a D deficit, and I asked him if it was because we don't go outside much (Vit D is "the sunshine vitamin" after all), and he said no. I'm suspicious; I think our indoor lives do have something to do with our deficit, as well as reduced consumption of vit D-fortified food products like cows' milk.

I'm glad it's helping you, and I wish it would help me.

Vitamin D helps fight the Covid germ too. Captain Zero Dec 8 #1
This post might (or might not) interest you ... eppur_se_muova Dec 8 #2
Wasabi just removes your sinuses from the neuron pathway.☮️ mjvpi Dec 8 #29
This is wasabi extract, not edible wasabi. nt eppur_se_muova Dec 8 #36
Thanks. Woodwizard Dec 8 #3
It's not just sunlight, it's the intensity of it. Axelrods_Typewriter Dec 8 #18
Also, consider the fish oil omega-3 DHA Big Blue Marble Dec 8 #4
I put ground flax into oatmeal and eat oily fish (salmonids, tuna, sardines) as often as I can. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 8 #7
Thanks for mention the vegetarian option, just ordered some! MLAA Dec 8 #24
Thank you for that information. OLDMDDEM Dec 8 #5
I'm not a doctor, but there are no real upper limits to Vitamin D Bernardo de La Paz Dec 8 #6
There has been one documented case of overdose Warpy Dec 8 #40
True. Perhaps you'll agree it's a good thing I'm not a doctor or lawyer! . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 8 #43
Same here Warpy Dec 9 #50
Years ago cyclonefence Dec 8 #8
Thank you. LoisB Dec 8 #9
I take 2000 IU a day. Have for years, but I still have trouble marybourg Dec 8 #10
You can also get your D and B12 levels checked with your lab. Native Dec 8 #11
Also, anyone who is on Metformin should have B's and D checked. nt woodsprite Dec 8 #13
Add magnesium. Elder people are often deficient in that too. CousinIT Dec 8 #32
Yes this, a B12 deficiency can kill you Farmer-Rick Dec 8 #33
I take human food grade DE to harvest healthy cells. GreenWave Dec 8 #12
Thank you for passing this along. Ohioboy Dec 8 #14
When I hit 65 my doc told me to start D-3 and B-12, saying the usual "it's an age thing" before we laugh. MMBeilis Dec 8 #15
I take lots of vitamins and still have problems pulling that one word out "right now" usonian Dec 8 #16
I would tell you how much I agree... dchill Dec 8 #31
That's a very clever reply. usonian Dec 8 #38
I got nothin' dchill Dec 8 #42
Vitamin D ahlnord Dec 8 #17
There are Vitamin D plus Magnesium combos. . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 8 #30
There's two types of Vit D LittleGirl Dec 8 #19
I tried fish oil Farmer-Rick Dec 8 #35
Omega 3 is a good substitute LittleGirl Dec 8 #37
Ohh, thanks for the info Farmer-Rick Dec 9 #45
You're welcome LittleGirl Dec 9 #47
"I love salmon". Then you are no Mitt Romney -- progree Dec 8 #41
I can imagine being horrified by what he did to expensive salmon Farmer-Rick Dec 9 #46
I use a free phone app markodochartaigh Dec 8 #20
Many people don't absorb D that way LittleGirl Dec 9 #48
Studies indicate many people are low on D Marthe48 Dec 8 #21
I live in a climate LittleGirl Dec 9 #49
Have you looked at the maps showing where there is sufficient sunlight vanlassie Dec 9 #52
Thank you for this post... MiHale Dec 8 #22
What was the exact reason given for vanlassie Dec 9 #53
Too much in her blood... MiHale Dec 9 #54
What about hereditary factors??? Wouldn't that make a difference as well?? a kennedy Dec 8 #23
I use an algae based VGNonly Dec 8 #25
That's helpful claudette Dec 8 #26
... Faux pas Dec 8 #27
I take K2 D3 vitamins. multigraincracker Dec 8 #28
Pub Med, search for R. Vieth, vitamin D 4dog Dec 8 #34
D3 is turning out to be important for a lot of things Warpy Dec 8 #39
I live in Florida and 15 years ago I had a tan MOMFUDSKI Dec 9 #44
Scattergories Dear_Prudence Dec 9 #51
My mother used to tell this joke about memory. vanlassie Dec 9 #55
Vitamin D is good for so many things. Besides what people have said here it helps me pee. Maraya1969 Dec 17 #56
I don't know if anyone posted this upthread, but marybourg Dec 18 #57
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