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32. On the contrary, the re-import ban is poor policy done for symbolism
Sun Sep 1, 2013, 06:08 PM
Sep 2013

and theater. The historical rifles it will affect are not more dangerous nor more effective than many currently available rifles, despite their military-surplus background. Equal and equivalent rifles can be bought new, and these exact same rifles can still be purchased directly from the government. Consider also that rifles are used only in a small fraction of gun-related crimes (or accidents), and these particular firearms are among the more rarely-misused in that already rarely-misused category. So there's really no reason to believe that blocking the re-import of this small set (nothing like a "flood&quot of guns has anything at all to do with public safety and crime prevention.

Analogies on this topic always end badly, but I'll essay one anyway: the idea that this re-import ban will help curb crime is like thinking that banning blue Honda hatchbacks would help curb vehicular air pollution...

anything that gets ANY gun or ammunition offf the street is a good thing. bowens43 Aug 2013 #1
Actually, I do Pullo Aug 2013 #4
Haven't read Heller, I take it? nt hack89 Aug 2013 #5
Of course, by "Off the street"... beevul Aug 2013 #11
That horse has been beaten to death rl6214 Aug 2013 #12
Keep them in the 3rd world where they belong Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2013 #15
Uhhh, Yes, i do... virginia mountainman Aug 2013 #23
You're 0-for-2. Care to try for 3? Lizzie Poppet Aug 2013 #27
That horse is very dead. You can quite beating it. N/T GreenStormCloud Sep 2013 #33
All those M1 Garands ileus Aug 2013 #2
I agree. HooptieWagon Aug 2013 #3
These Executive Orders would only be in effect until the next President takes office, correct? wild bird Aug 2013 #6
Executive orders do not expire with the term of office of the president. Jenoch Aug 2013 #7
I got it. wild bird Aug 2013 #8
I do not know of a website on the gun issue that is completely objective. Jenoch Aug 2013 #9
The problem is in how you define completely objective. ... spin Aug 2013 #14
I think many on the RKBA threads Jenoch Aug 2013 #17
on most parts of DU Duckhunter935 Aug 2013 #26
Welcome to DU discntnt_irny_srcsm Aug 2013 #10
These are executive ACTIONS, not executive orders. rl6214 Aug 2013 #13
What's the difference? wild bird Aug 2013 #16
The easiest way to explain it is rl6214 Aug 2013 #21
Sounds like that just killed the CMP. oneshooter Aug 2013 #18
On a higher note, it just increassed the value oneshooter Aug 2013 #20
On the CMP forums rl6214 Aug 2013 #22
My question is, Jenoch Aug 2013 #19
NFA items are rarely... jeepnstein Aug 2013 #24
I agree with you. Jenoch Aug 2013 #25
are you calling Obama a gun grabber? CreekDog Aug 2013 #28
Let's see.. He tried to ban the most popular rifles in the country(among other things) and now this Pullo Aug 2013 #29
I foresee part-kits and a cottage industry of US receivers. aikoaiko Aug 2013 #30
Obama promised common sense gun control, and this is it mwrguy Sep 2013 #31
On the contrary, the re-import ban is poor policy done for symbolism petronius Sep 2013 #32
These rifles battle days have come and gone Sequoyah441 Sep 2013 #34
Do you even know the difference between a "battle" rifle and a "assault" rifle? oneshooter Sep 2013 #35
They have no idea ... and are damn proud of it DonP Sep 2013 #36
criminals don't go through the legal hassle of setting up trusts gejohnston Sep 2013 #37
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