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Is It Time To Put Chips In Guns? [View all] SecularMotion Jan 2014 OP
I prefer to put them in dips. Common Sense Party Jan 2014 #1
LOL. Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #2
Post removed Post removed Jan 2014 #3
It's a fair question: Why don't you discuss your own OPs? friendly_iconoclast Jan 2014 #6
Well, he did. See where he called a fellow DUer a "Stalker?" Eleanors38 Jan 2014 #37
Not stalking, don't flatter yourself. Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #20
...or as someone once said... discntnt_irny_srcsm Jan 2014 #34
Yeah. Straw Man Jan 2014 #4
No ileus Jan 2014 #5
What if I sale it? flamin lib Jan 2014 #12
RFID makes sense on three levels; flamin lib Jan 2014 #7
"It makes unauthorized use impossible..."until it's hacked friendly_iconoclast Jan 2014 #9
Okay, so in a confrontation with police an assailant takes the officer's flamin lib Jan 2014 #11
In that instance it would be helpful bossy22 Jan 2014 #13
It doesn't make sense on many levels bossy22 Jan 2014 #15
Just be honest, okay? flamin lib Jan 2014 #17
I would not oppose it in that case bossy22 Jan 2014 #18
Ya mean like fly by wire? Or drive by wire? flamin lib Jan 2014 #22
Again, I don't have an ideological problem with it bossy22 Jan 2014 #23
Up thread you commented that flamin lib Jan 2014 #27
You are more than free to work on it bossy22 Jan 2014 #28
"mandate it and work out the kinks later". Is it so unreasonable to be against this? flamin lib Jan 2014 #30
no its not bossy22 Jan 2014 #31
Thalidomide was not produced or prescribed in the US. flamin lib Jan 2014 #32
So a testing regime did its job? bossy22 Jan 2014 #35
Someone spent time coming up with a prototype. Eleanors38 Jan 2014 #38
Exactly bossy22 Jan 2014 #40
When the military and the police widely implement it, i'll consider it. AtheistCrusader Jan 2014 #8
One comment illustrates the mindset of the proponents: friendly_iconoclast Jan 2014 #10
So I have a concealed weapons permit and am out walking my dog with a five shot snub nosed ... spin Jan 2014 #25
It also illustrates the problem with our soundbite politics bossy22 Jan 2014 #41
It's not as simple as many believe bossy22 Jan 2014 #14
The technology is here now and functional. flamin lib Jan 2014 #16
that were true, several gun manufactures are gejohnston Jan 2014 #19
Yeah, I cited that up-thread. flamin lib Jan 2014 #24
go ahead, produce it, test it bossy22 Jan 2014 #26
It won't happen any time soon because flamin lib Jan 2014 #29
so maybe that should tell you something bossy22 Jan 2014 #33
This is getting really boring. I answer every objection yet you find flamin lib Jan 2014 #36
you didn't answer anything bossy22 Jan 2014 #39
in the laboratory bossy22 Jan 2014 #21
So what is your point of discussion here? Packerowner740 Jan 2014 #42
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