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17. I imagine you and I are not far off on the gun issue.....
Sat May 3, 2014, 11:24 AM
May 2014

Guns are beyond controlling at this point. Too many in circulation and legal to manufacturer, sell, purchase and possess. So at this point really nothing will stop anyone who wants to buy/steal/borrow a gun from going on a shooting spree.

50,000 handguns are stolen a year. That is 5 times the number of guns used to murder people every year (about 9000 firearm murders a year). So guns will always be available to criminals.

So I think the average citizen should be able to carry a gun for protection. I think it should require a CC license because I think some basic instruction about state laws and when to shoot and not shoot is a good thing. I hate open carry, think it is mostly just showing off and alarms people and hurts the gun cause.

I hate the NRA, just a right wing group interested in keeping people paranoid and selling guns. And they are a right wing nut haven. Ted Nugent mode. I would ban any member form the DU who supported the NRA. But I don't set the rules.

Dems should not fight guns as it will just cause us to lose voters and not reduce gun deaths.

I do think most gun owners overestimate the chances they will need a gun in their lifetime. Most cops never fire their weapon in the line of duty and should be in situations more often than the average citizen. Hell, NYC has 30,000 cops and only about 75 cops fire their guns a year.

So what happens in the UK is of no matter to me. It is a very different country with a different gun history.

and your thoughts on this? Duckhunter935 May 2014 #1
Have you checked the comparative figures for gun crime intaglio May 2014 #2
Even before there were gun laws in GB, the crime rate was low. Eleanors38 May 2014 #4
Actually no intaglio May 2014 #5
Having trouble understanding this. I think you are saying Eleanors38 May 2014 #10
No - start thinking about history intaglio May 2014 #30
Beyond your snark, the relevant issue is whether or not Eleanors38 May 2014 #42
"Leftist uprisings"? Really? Starboard Tack May 2014 #20
Oh please gejohnston May 2014 #21
You're right, UK bad, US perfect. Starboard Tack May 2014 #23
more like UK is stifling and perfection is impossible gejohnston May 2014 #24
Funny, that's how I felt about the US - stifling Starboard Tack May 2014 #32
Florida is stifling gejohnston May 2014 #34
Class and peerage a BFD? Starboard Tack May 2014 #36
Where in the SOP does it say you have to comment on stories? Posting an article often.... Logical May 2014 #3
nice to see you this morning Duckhunter935 May 2014 #6
You said..... Logical May 2014 #9
Discuss Duckhunter935 May 2014 #12
So in other words the SOP does not say that....... Logical May 2014 #14
we disagree but that is OK Duckhunter935 May 2014 #15
would you care to discuss the story? Duckhunter935 May 2014 #13
I imagine you and I are not far off on the gun issue..... Logical May 2014 #17
We agree Duckhunter935 May 2014 #18
Is that what you truly believe? "The king's oppression" LOL Starboard Tack May 2014 #7
so we should be still part of Britain? Duckhunter935 May 2014 #8
gunchester jimmy the one May 2014 #26
This message was self-deleted by its author IronGate May 2014 #27
So, GB's crime rate WAS low before gun prohibition. Eleanors38 May 2014 #11
naw more like gejohnston May 2014 #19
A very wise quote discntnt_irny_srcsm May 2014 #31
2 interesting links Starboard Tack May 2014 #37
You don't think MI-5 isn't? gejohnston May 2014 #38
Every tourist gets printed and retina scanned Starboard Tack May 2014 #39
You, me, Thom Hartman, Alex Jones, Ron Paul, gejohnston May 2014 #40
It's hard to imagine anyone disagreeing. Starboard Tack May 2014 #44
I would like for you to explain to me IronGate May 2014 #16
Why should you care? No reason, unless you are curious Starboard Tack May 2014 #22
I wasn't addressing you, but I know this is an open board, so, here goes. IronGate May 2014 #25
I tend to agree with most of what you said there. Starboard Tack May 2014 #33
Don't forget, the U.S. has the 2nd Amendment Jenoch May 2014 #41
Baloney! nt Starboard Tack May 2014 #45
Is that all you have to say? Jenoch May 2014 #46
Actually, I majored in both English and US history. That's why I say baloney. Starboard Tack May 2014 #47
The last of the 13 colonies ratified the constitution in 1790. Jenoch May 2014 #48
I guess you think Washington invented the wheel and the alphabet too. Starboard Tack May 2014 #49
I appreciate iate your agreement with my point. Jenoch May 2014 #50
Very good. Because it got the idea from England, same as it got the language. Starboard Tack May 2014 #52
So you agree with the gejohnston May 2014 #51
You certainly are the master of the non sequitur GE. LOL Starboard Tack May 2014 #53
I'm Bruce Leroy to Bloomberg's Sho'nuff gejohnston May 2014 #54
Good for the UK....glad the US isn't as regressive when it comes to basic human rights. ileus May 2014 #28
Ah yes, the basic human right to shoot other humans Starboard Tack May 2014 #35
I'm a bit more interested... discntnt_irny_srcsm May 2014 #29
37,342,964. rrneck May 2014 #43
go to the horse's mouth jimmy the one May 2014 #55
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