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2. So you're saying killing someone is a good thing?
Sun Nov 1, 2015, 01:46 PM
Nov 2015

And should be done at the drop of a hat?

We will never agree on this.

Yes! One good guy with a guy killing one bad guy with a gun SheilaT Nov 2015 #1
I just read the OP's thread, GGJohn Nov 2015 #12
So you're saying killing someone is a good thing? daleanime Nov 2015 #2
Uh, no. The "drop of hat" metaphor is YOURS. Own it... Eleanors38 Nov 2015 #5
Forcing people at gunpoint into a back room = "drop of a hat" DonP Nov 2015 #7
Reginald Gildersleeve (this would be a much bigger story, with the name you gave, I think) petronius Nov 2015 #18
A criminal with a gun committing a crime? Yep, its a good thing. Waldorf Nov 2015 #35
I'd call that manslaughter. Ed Suspicious Nov 2015 #3
Post removed Post removed Nov 2015 #6
I wouldn't. Being forced to go "to the back of the store" is Especially threatening. nt Eleanors38 Nov 2015 #11
gun owner murders man in armed robbery attempt nt msongs Nov 2015 #4
LOL. GGJohn Nov 2015 #9
Wind. Eleanors38 Nov 2015 #14
disgusting. Silicosys4 Nov 2015 #16
Poor victim sarisataka Nov 2015 #20
innocent sweet little criminal with a gun... ileus Nov 2015 #31
You slept through years of English classes, didn't you? Lizzie Poppet Nov 2015 #43
Bet he will not rob another store Duckhunter935 Nov 2015 #8
Yup. GGJohn Nov 2015 #10
Well, being kinda dead he probably won't rob another store packman Nov 2015 #13
We live in a violent country, my fellow citizens HassleCat Nov 2015 #15
Is armed robbery, or the mere attempt of it, a capital crime now? procon Nov 2015 #17
When should self defense be acceptable sarisataka Nov 2015 #19
Only if robbers never never kill people in cold blood hack89 Nov 2015 #22
threatening anyone with a weapon gejohnston Nov 2015 #23
Definition issue and an answer discntnt_irny_srcsm Nov 2015 #24
Augustine addressed the central ethical concern. Lizzie Poppet Nov 2015 #44
that was my thought on the matter as well discntnt_irny_srcsm Nov 2015 #45
You really need to have a discussion with the 5 families of the women that took your advice... DonP Nov 2015 #28
Some risks aren't worth taking. ileus Nov 2015 #30
An armed robbery threatens the lives of all the other people. Waiting to see if the person shoots Waldorf Nov 2015 #36
If the judicial process was there in the store, this man would not have had to kill. krispos42 Nov 2015 #39
No, but it is one of only a few crimes where the use of deadly force is justified... jmg257 Nov 2015 #46
Were multiple people in the store? JonathanRackham Nov 2015 #21
Yep, that's about 3 for the year for the entire country. louis-t Nov 2015 #25
There's a great many more defensive firearms uses than three. branford Nov 2015 #26
What is it called when selective news is broadcast or printed? JonathanRackham Nov 2015 #27
I believe it's referred to as the "Gun Control Reform Activism" Group on DU... nt branford Nov 2015 #40
Here's a much better Reddit group for gun use SecularMotion Nov 2015 #33
Feel free to read any Reddit groups or news sources of your choosing. branford Nov 2015 #41
Hispanic??? Wut??? Only paranoid white people conceal carry... ileus Nov 2015 #29
That's why I liked this story, punctures multiple balloons at once DonP Nov 2015 #32
Well, it had to happen eventually .... eppur_se_muova Nov 2015 #34
Happens all the time, try to keep up DonP Nov 2015 #37
two must reads for both sides gejohnston Nov 2015 #38
Update - Cops: Charges not expected against licensed gun holder who killed suspected robber DonP Nov 2015 #42
Don't trick or treat with a plastic gun. ileus Nov 2015 #47
He grabbed a 13 year old boy and put the gun to his head DonP Nov 2015 #48
Race of the shooter TeddyR Nov 2015 #49
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