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Is this one of those "see how great guns are" type posts? Silent Type Nov 2023 #1
Oh c'mon...don't you wish you could be the guy... ret5hd Nov 2023 #2
I'm convinced gunners don't spend time arming up and training because they don't want to shoot someone. Silent Type Nov 2023 #3
I have a question: yagotme Nov 2023 #6
If you are arming up and training for urban warfare, need more than a 38 special or shotgun Silent Type Nov 2023 #9
OK, thanks for your opinion on that. Do you have a stance on training? nt yagotme Nov 2023 #10
Let's hear your reason for posting this gun love junk, first. Silent Type Nov 2023 #12
You brought up training. I asked how you felt about it. yagotme Nov 2023 #13
I feel like we need to restrict guns, particularly toting. As far as training goes, Silent Type Nov 2023 #14
"Restricting guns" covers a wide definition. yagotme Nov 2023 #17
Drop the pretense...why post gun-humping blood lusting bullshit? ret5hd Nov 2023 #19
Lotta adjectives there. Pretty negative ones, too. yagotme Nov 2023 #20
Always asking'...never answering. ret5hd Nov 2023 #21
You asked "Why post..." yagotme Nov 2023 #22
You are correct. My mistake. ret5hd Nov 2023 #23
NP nt yagotme Nov 2023 #24
However, it is reasonalble to assume from your gun love, you might well get excited about the feel of a barrel. Silent Type Nov 2023 #25
Now, you're putting words/thoughts of yours, and attributing them to me. yagotme Nov 2023 #27
How often do you oil your guns? Silent Type Nov 2023 #28
As needed. Like any other mechanism. yagotme Nov 2023 #31
That's just restriction for the sake of restriction TexasDem69 Nov 2023 #30
Less guns means less crime, if for no other reason than guns are the most sought after item in burglary. Silent Type Nov 2023 #32
Let's stop selling liquor. yagotme Nov 2023 #35
Everyone has heard that lame junk before. Besides, most gunners I've known were drunks. Silent Type Nov 2023 #36
A LOT of drunks are drivers, too. Cars and booze don't mix, either. What's lame about saving lives??? yagotme Nov 2023 #39
of course it is Skittles Nov 2023 #4
I guess this person shouldn't have defended the home? TexasDem69 Nov 2023 #5
plenty of people deal with crime without guns Skittles Nov 2023 #7
That doesn't answer the question even a little bit TexasDem69 Nov 2023 #8
When someone breaks into your house, there is a presumption you were protecting your life. If Silent Type Nov 2023 #11
The listed article is lacking in pertinent details. yagotme Nov 2023 #15
In my opinion, article would have mentioned they were armed or attacked home owner. Silent Type Nov 2023 #16
Article is kinda sketchy. yagotme Nov 2023 #18
Of course you wouldn't. Why post a sketchy article in the first place. The NRA has a site for posting gun love. Silent Type Nov 2023 #26
This board has a section to post about gun control and RKBA. yagotme Nov 2023 #29
Don't we still have the option to express a rebuttal opinion? Silent Type Nov 2023 #33
"Why post a sketchy article in the first place. The NRA has a site for posting gun love." yagotme Nov 2023 #34
From the current Party Platform: AndyS Nov 2023 #37
I agree with this: yagotme Nov 2023 #40
"Gun rights are a losing issue" TexasDem69 Nov 2023 #41
Arguing/passing laws restricting gun rights is a losing issue. yagotme Nov 2023 #42
It depends on whether you are a money grubbing Republican or not. AndyS Nov 2023 #43
Hmm. An internet survey from seven years ago TexasDem69 Nov 2023 #45
Look at the bottom of the top poll, for the "**" reading. yagotme Nov 2023 #46
The numbers are the same now and you know it. AndyS Nov 2023 #47
Good riddance The Mouth Nov 2023 #38
I hate it for em... Fla_Democrat Nov 2023 #44
Good thief dead thief The Mouth Nov 2023 #48
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