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49. LOL! Yep, I missed it. My dumb ass. Sorry about that.
Fri Jul 20, 2012, 03:02 PM
Jul 2012

I'm saying it's just a television show that is designed to make rich people richer. They don't care who's right or wrong. They don't care who shoots who. They don't care about the issue at all. They only care about making money by telling people what they want to hear. And all too many people on the left lap that shit up like manna from heaven not because it's right or wrong, but because it sounds good. It's just another example of disaster capitalism feeding on the fears of the 99%.

Haven't you noticed how many discussions at DU are little more than "my dad can beat up your dad" with think tanks, lobbying groups, talking heads, and other assorted ideology manufacturers as the "dads"? Acronyms for various groups get flung about like rocks as if any of them gave a shit about anything but making money. I don't care who says what. I think they're all full of shit. I don't trust any of them as far as I can piss on them. Democrats will continue to shoot themselves in the foot until they start acting like citizens instead of bourgeoisie consumers.

As for Obama and gun policy: I don't think he will touch it with a ten foot pole. That pole may shrink to nine feet if he gets reelected. Gun policy is a chip in a much larger policy game that may get traded, but it's so hot I doubt he will have any inclination to use it no matter how he feels about guns. If I thought it would straighten out the rest of this mess, I'd trade it in a minute. But I know that won't happen because the people we need to get in the Democratic big tent will bring a shit load of guns with them, and if we ask them to check them at the door, they'll go to the red tent down the road.

As far as TPaine7 goes, he's one of the most thoughtful posters in the gungeon and an asset to DU. I have found in my experience here that when I disagree with the biggest "antis", I can shut them down with a sentence or two (or in the case of this thread, an image of my phone). But when I disagree with a "gunnie" I have to give it some thought. That's because this is a safe haven for every liberal political trope in the book, which is why I got in a pissing contest with Warren in the first place. He thought I said something bad about liberals and took a shot at me by calling me a racist. That kind of petty bullshit is SOP for the gungeon. You want to be pro gun here, you need to have your shit together, and TPaine7 does.

So Obama is a gun snatcher? Seriously? Warren Stupidity Jul 2012 #1
Of course. That's exactly what I said. n/t TPaine7 Jul 2012 #7
I'm glad you agree. Warren Stupidity Jul 2012 #9
May I ask you a question? 2ndAmForComputers Jul 2012 #31
Obama. TPaine7 Jul 2012 #64
In practice, no. AtheistCrusader Jul 2012 #26
Since the 2008 election Obama has been quiet about guns. GreenStormCloud Jul 2012 #40
Kind of like when people actually believe when rUsh, oLier and hateme spew garbage on their shows. geckosfeet Jul 2012 #2
Actually, statistics do show that a gun increases rather than decreases the risk... DanTex Jul 2012 #3
So it's a lie that supports the One True Faith, TPaine7 Jul 2012 #6
Uh, no, my point is that it's not a lie. Statistically, a gun puts you at greater risk. DanTex Jul 2012 #16
Presumably then there would be a direct correlation between 4th law of robotics Jul 2012 #18
Has nothing to do with gun ownership. Starboard Tack Jul 2012 #21
Ok . . so there is a direct correlation between CHLs and violence 4th law of robotics Jul 2012 #22
Please don't put words in my mouth. The following are my words. Starboard Tack Jul 2012 #24
So prove it. 4th law of robotics Jul 2012 #25
Statistically, my risk is the same as someone who doesn't own a gun. Kaleva Jul 2012 #20
Speaking of lies... TPaine7 Jul 2012 #27
The only person lying here is you. DanTex Jul 2012 #53
"But 'this' can also be interpreted more generally..." TPaine7 Jul 2012 #58
In other words, you have no point, and you've backed away from the lies in your last post. DanTex Jul 2012 #59
I feel bad for you. TPaine7 Jul 2012 #60
LOL. Trying to ignore your lie isn't going to work. DanTex Jul 2012 #65
If you look up the definition of gejohnston Jul 2012 #66
So why are fewer people getting shot? hack89 Jul 2012 #8
And a car increases the risk of having a vehicle wreck. Higgs boson Jul 2012 #63
Good show. Hope they keep exploring this gun BS that plagues our society. Hoyt Jul 2012 #4
If you want to have liberals on TV rrneck Jul 2012 #5
I see you edited out the racist crap you originally posted. Warren Stupidity Jul 2012 #10
You see I edited out an auto complete typo. rrneck Jul 2012 #11
really? Warren Stupidity Jul 2012 #13
Look at your keyboard. rrneck Jul 2012 #14
not gonna happen. Warren Stupidity Jul 2012 #15
I believe you. rrneck Jul 2012 #17
Sorry for jumping in, but I think rrneck is right on this. Starboard Tack Jul 2012 #23
Thanks for jumping in. rrneck Jul 2012 #29
No problem. Respect. Starboard Tack Jul 2012 #55
Thanks for being a standup person. discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2012 #62
Here you go slick. rrneck Jul 2012 #28
And by the way... rrneck Jul 2012 #12
Ghetto has more than one meaning. If the context doesn't support a racial meaning, there is no TPaine7 Jul 2012 #19
It's SOP. rrneck Jul 2012 #30
unh-uh "what ghetto want to hear" is easy to parse. Warren Stupidity Jul 2012 #35
Where's that apology? rrneck Jul 2012 #37
Anti-Obama horseshit - from someone with 272 Gungeon posts, and NONE elsewhere muriel_volestrangler Jul 2012 #32
You are 100% correct. I hope the Admins take notice. 2ndAmForComputers Jul 2012 #33
I think you might have replied in the wrong thread. nt rrneck Jul 2012 #34
No, he didn't. 2ndAmForComputers Jul 2012 #36
I probably missed it. rrneck Jul 2012 #38
Sorry, still not buying. 2ndAmForComputers Jul 2012 #42
Then produce some fucking proof rrneck Jul 2012 #44
Nah, I think I'll watch kitten videos instead. 2ndAmForComputers Jul 2012 #47
That's what I thought. rrneck Jul 2012 #50
The right thread, and I'm worried you can't see that muriel_volestrangler Jul 2012 #39
Maybe I'll reconsider my decision to not post in this forum after Nov 7. 2ndAmForComputers Jul 2012 #41
"from someone with 272 Gungeon posts, and NONE elsewhere" rrneck Jul 2012 #43
It's TPaine7, the thread starter muriel_volestrangler Jul 2012 #45
LOL! Yep, I missed it. My dumb ass. Sorry about that. rrneck Jul 2012 #49
Has TPaine7 ever said anything in favour of a Democrat? muriel_volestrangler Jul 2012 #52
Beats me. rrneck Jul 2012 #54
Thank you very much for your kind words, here and elsewhere in this thread. TPaine7 Jul 2012 #61
I don't remember him saying anything nice about a Republican gejohnston Jul 2012 #57
so then she's no worse off by carrying the gun? n/t krispos42 Jul 2012 #46
Anything with a liberal bent should be banned from TV!!!!! Doctor_J Jul 2012 #48
Does every character in a fictional show have to tell the truth with every word? arcane1 Jul 2012 #51
Of course not. rrneck Jul 2012 #56
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