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206. One big old tip back at ya for 2A apostles...
Tue Aug 7, 2012, 11:21 PM
Aug 2012

Your minimum training requirements to buy guns are a joke. *Never* try to imply that as a group you guys have gained any particular knowledge from the process cause I just joined your ranks. Yup, as a joke perpetrated on the liberal by a couple of right wing "2A advocate" buddies, I can now buy handguns and rifles in my home state. And the process leaves me with nothing but scorn because it took exactly a single hour of effort -- travel time to and from a local cop shop included. And that hour was completely intellectually devoid. Kind of like hours two and three (and four and dear god really? five? don't you guys get bored?) on the range were.... I do kind of like tweaking the scopes but honestly shoot/reload, shoot/reload, shoot/reload replace the target gets old fast. And amusingly I performed as good as my supposedly infinitely more practiced buddies when they wanted to compete. They were quite disappointed at that cause of course liberals can't shoot. But let's face it, inherent hand-eye coordination is something you got or you don't and it takes a LOT of practice to make up for lacking that. I also think they also were going to make jokes about me not knowing what to do, but 10 minutes with the Google and the basic mechanical operation of a gun is pretty simple. Ooooh the mad skillz I now possess...

Anyway, your training requirements are a complete and pathetic joke.

1) Gun safety training was less rigorous than my mandatory email training at work. Half the time requirement, no comprehension quiz. Pathetic, minimalistic check the box crap obviously arranged that way cause you bunch of whiners wouldn't probably shut up about it if you actually faced a situation where you could FAIL, now right? What. A. Crock.

2) Those "reams of forms" you need to fill out that sound so onerous? Yeah, got them. Less pages to fill in than the insurance and background forms for my recent SINGLE doctor's appointment. By a factor of two so it isn't even really close. Also, unlike the doctor's form I only had to look a single time at a supporting document for a number. Once again, I figure they had to tone down on the level of the stuff or they'd probably get several banker boxes of NRA form letters full of pathetic snivelling every day. Per office, of course. One thing about you guys, you can cut and paste with the best of them!

3) And then for a background check that takes on order of a single work week when I'm busy anyway. Ooooooo, what government oppression!

So let's recap: all the onerous government regulation you guys whine about and it took me like 60 minutes to complete it all and frankly I don't think I'm *that* much smarter than you. You guys make it sound like it's cleaning the flipping Aegean stables or something! Sorry, not by a long shot. If anything it is deliberately shoddy and I think it's because the regulators have been cowed by 40 years of your pissing and moaning. That needs to change!

Anyway, now I've decided to look into CCW classes too just so I can advance to the upper educational echelons of your little culture. Found one place that claims a single day is all it takes for the training. One class in a neighboring state claims to get that down to four hours "to meet the minimum requirements." And let's face it, the training is the only obstacle because I'm apparently REALLY good at your forms and my record is squeeky clean, yessir! So, after all that bragging by some about how CCW holders as a group have more training and discipline than many cops I can complete the training in a single day of effort? Really? Oh I can't wait for the endless line up of future "but I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night" jokes I am going to make once I got that little bit of paper too...

So. You're right. Grabbing guns is a bad thing. Of course, I have yet to see anyone actually seriously propose it but I figure you see it as a required starting position in a negotiation to "prevent the slippery slope" and all that. But I think training should have a minimum 80 hour supervised requirement including hands-on practicum before a person is allowed to even buy a 22 in Walmart. Including a RIGOROUS test at the end about safety AND law. Chapter and verse kind of stuff with trick situational questions drawn from 40 years of real world examples. Really mean assed trivia so you HAVE to know your shit and if you fail you don't get to try again for three months. Kind of like a driver's license which come to think of it took longer to prepare for as well. And I had to actually study for THAT...

10 Tips for gun control advocates. [View all] xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 OP
Oh good, another 2A supporter telling us that we're idiots. Scuba Jul 2012 #1
According to the cdc xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #2
You're bad at math too. Scuba Jul 2012 #8
80 million gun owners xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #9
once you remove the suicides gejohnston Jul 2012 #10
and a good point to make about suicides... alabama_for_obama Jul 2012 #37
based on Australian and Canadian experience gejohnston Jul 2012 #53
I see alcohol and drug abuse as slow suicide. Remmah2 Jul 2012 #111
true gejohnston Jul 2012 #115
and... kenfrequed Jul 2012 #139
Only "aprox 85 guns a day are fired resulting in a death"? Starboard Tack Aug 2012 #173
you are talking to the wrong people gejohnston Aug 2012 #174
I don't care what a mosquito reads if it carries death. Starboard Tack Aug 2012 #175
+1000 ellisonz Aug 2012 #198
What?? Are you even reading before you respond? xxenderwigginxx Aug 2012 #200
How many people die per day because of their cars? Right Hand of Dog Aug 2012 #177
chicks dig Glocks gejohnston Aug 2012 #178
85 vs 230,000,000 xxenderwigginxx Aug 2012 #179
You consider 85 gun killing incidents in America every day statistically insignificant. Starboard Tack Aug 2012 #180
that is counting suicides gejohnston Aug 2012 #182
LOL Starboard Tack Aug 2012 #183
If I were you, I wouldn't either gejohnston Aug 2012 #184
The only fact that really counts is success rate. Guns win hands down when available. Starboard Tack Aug 2012 #185
we went through this before, gejohnston Aug 2012 #186
If 85 cars a day crashed resulting in people dying, we'd do something about it DainBramaged Aug 2012 #190
apples and oranges gejohnston Aug 2012 #191
not idiots gejohnston Jul 2012 #6
How would you make gun ownership more "neat and orderly?" (n/t) spin Jul 2012 #20
Ignorant 4th law of robotics Jul 2012 #47
IBTL, but thanks for the tutorial. TheCowsCameHome Jul 2012 #3
This is posted in the RKBA forum, where such threads belong...should not be locked ProgressiveProfessor Jul 2012 #12
We have been asked to confine ourselves here sarisataka Jul 2012 #45
Every google dump of news articles containing shootings the anti-gun zealots post is flamebait rl6214 Jul 2012 #118
Yeah, right. TheCowsCameHome Jul 2012 #157
#6 is factually incorrect. OneTenthofOnePercent Jul 2012 #4
good point. xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #5
The M1Garand is a semi-auto Battle Rifle. oneshooter Jul 2012 #160
True, but some context is warranted. xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #162
yawn SecularMotion Jul 2012 #7
Bored by the facts are you? rl6214 Jul 2012 #119
Facts often ARE boreing. HALO141 Jul 2012 #129
A question about a comment you made. Kaleva Jul 2012 #11
I think I understand your point xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #13
Okay. Thanks for the clarification! Kaleva Jul 2012 #16
The last one I saw for sale xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #21
You should check out the CMP, Civilian Marksmanship program rl6214 Jul 2012 #120
Nice xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #127
No you won't. But they will ship it direct to your door! oneshooter Jul 2012 #161
I have a C&R Lic so they did ship to my door. rl6214 Jul 2012 #166
that would depend on how close you were to one another, alabama_for_obama Jul 2012 #41
You would have on advantage Mec9000 Jul 2012 #58
10 more bongbong Jul 2012 #14
Do you have any particular facts armueller2001 Jul 2012 #17
PROVE IT! bongbong Jul 2012 #23
The sky is blue n/t sarisataka Jul 2012 #46
Perhaps. If so please disprove these "Big Lies." (n/t) spin Jul 2012 #19
PROVE IT! bongbong Jul 2012 #22
Are you copying and pasting the same replies to every thread? nt Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #24
No bongbong Jul 2012 #26
Just most of them? ErikO Jul 2012 #35
Teh Bells Tolls bongbong Jul 2012 #69
Do you dispute the fact that there is a group of liberal gun owners who have formed a club? rl6214 Jul 2012 #122
Which points are you referring to as "Big Lies"? xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #25
HILARIOUS! bongbong Jul 2012 #27
Which parts are opinion? Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #33
Sense & Dense bongbong Jul 2012 #70
You haven't yet contributed anything to xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #71
The NRA Talking Point Express bongbong Jul 2012 #72
Well Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #73
It should be noted xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #75
PROVE IT! bongbong Jul 2012 #78
I already posted a link to the poll nt Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #80
Where bongbong Jul 2012 #86
Was in the discussion below Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #89
Polls bongbong Jul 2012 #112
Read the entire site, not just the first graph nt Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #113
As usual every one of your posts is just rl6214 Jul 2012 #123
Crzay bongbong Jul 2012 #145
I wonder how it would be taken if every anti gun post was answered with ProgressiveProfessor Jul 2012 #163
Apparently one CAN be that dense. cleanhippie Jul 2012 #125
LOL bongbong Jul 2012 #143
LOL cleanhippie Jul 2012 #155
It is your job to disprove those claims. spin Jul 2012 #106
Oh, OK bongbong Jul 2012 #108
You would definitely have a hard time proving #9 to me ... spin Jul 2012 #135
And yet you are completely ineffective at promoting more gun restrictions. aikoaiko Jul 2012 #43
LOL bongbong Jul 2012 #67
If one smells bullshit everywhere they turn... cleanhippie Jul 2012 #124
Not everywhere bongbong Jul 2012 #144
We both know it applies to you. cleanhippie Jul 2012 #156
The enemy gate... Callisto32 Jul 2012 #15
HaHa xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #18
The book makes me cry becuase it is so good. Callisto32 Jul 2012 #130
I have the same concerns for the movie xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #131
Interesting username auburngrad82 Jul 2012 #28
Its a sci-fi fiction. xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #32
Aha, I see a Commissar of Political Purity has arrived... Marengo Aug 2012 #187
Online Gun Sales electedface Jul 2012 #29
Then Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #34
That video is so much bullshit it makes me cramp Chuuku Davis Jul 2012 #38
this person has posted this same nonsense at least 3 times today. alabama_for_obama Jul 2012 #42
Why do you feel it is appropriate to promote lies, distortions and untruths on D.U.? PavePusher Jul 2012 #116
Why do gun threads keep coming up Chuuku Davis Jul 2012 #30
It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness. nt Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #36
Because it is an entertaining debate ... spin Jul 2012 #114
This message was self-deleted by its author bupkus Jul 2012 #31
Life is best lived as a continuing education ... spin Jul 2012 #117
This message was self-deleted by its author bupkus Jul 2012 #158
Breaking news... xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #159
It would appear that you actually know have little knowledge about the gun culture ... spin Jul 2012 #165
Why do newbes always come in here with right wing gun talking points like it's something brilliant? Hoyt Jul 2012 #39
Interesting opinion Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #40
Do you care to "prove" that crud is true? Hoyt Jul 2012 #49
Which point? Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #50
#s 3 through 10. #1 and 2 have been addressed. Hoyt Jul 2012 #51
Did I miss any? Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #55
Why don't you show us where Declaration of Independence addressed guns? Hoyt Jul 2012 #57
Not spin, I said it shows their intent and here you go Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #59
So not one word about guns in the Declaration of Independence. Hoyt Jul 2012 #61
I keep mine under my pillow xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #62
Join the gun culture club. Most here aren't that honest about the right wing gun stuff they post. Hoyt Jul 2012 #64
Apparently sarcasm is lost on you as well xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #65
As is what "gun culture" really means. rl6214 Jul 2012 #126
I said it shows intent Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #63
That shows "intent" for 2nd Amendment? Then, the 2nd Amendment isn't about bearing arms and Hoyt Jul 2012 #66
I've said many times Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #68
Then fine, hide a few guns at home since that is the intent of the 2nd Amendment. Hoyt Jul 2012 #74
Where in the 2nd amendment Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #77
Opinions bongbong Jul 2012 #81
Nope Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #83
Entire discussion bongbong Jul 2012 #85
Really? xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #87
Yeah bongbong Jul 2012 #93
I'm starting to think you really don't have anything to add to the discussion nt Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #95
has no intention of adding anything gejohnston Jul 2012 #100
Para bongbong Jul 2012 #107
LOL bongbong Jul 2012 #105
No he/she really doesn't rl6214 Jul 2012 #128
Now you're trying to dodge the issue because you got called out on it Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #90
Dodge bongbong Jul 2012 #91
That's the dodge Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #94
LOL bongbong Jul 2012 #99
I've gone out of my way to backup my points Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #101
Backup? bongbong Jul 2012 #103
Well Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #104
Actually, that is a dubious interpretation. kenfrequed Jul 2012 #168
Autographs bongbong Jul 2012 #76
Was waiting for that one :-) Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #79
LOL bongbong Jul 2012 #84
From an examination of the rights at the time Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #88
search bongbong Jul 2012 #110
That's a funny thought -- these guys do seem to think they are one of the Founding Fathers. Hoyt Jul 2012 #82
Also Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #92
I'm responding to your response to my post #76. bongbong Jul 2012 #97
They're all cited, you're a troll friend nt Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #98
LOL bongbong Jul 2012 #102
Don't you love it? sarisataka Jul 2012 #121
The fact that you even asked that question xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #60
so point #1, the infamous "gun show loophole" alabama_for_obama Jul 2012 #44
People sell guns at gun shows without background checks. Happens all the time. Hoyt Jul 2012 #48
Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #52
So, I guess 0.8% is OK for violent crimes? How about all the "non-violent' crimes and intimidation Hoyt Jul 2012 #54
I don't think its reasonable to assume that if those .8% of criminals were unable xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #56
#11 gejohnston Jul 2012 #96
Excellent words!!!!!!! JoeInNy Jul 2012 #109
It's unbelievable RegieRocker Jul 2012 #136
You can lead a gun-grabber to read but you can't make them think. nt jody Jul 2012 #132
Read post 136 RegieRocker Jul 2012 #137
ROFL because you don't know me! jody Jul 2012 #140
I was in agreement with you! RegieRocker Jul 2012 #147
Can we hit ignore for someone with 52 posts? Sancho Jul 2012 #133
You know what i like? xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #134
You know as much about Dr. Peeper as you know about 2a. RegieRocker Jul 2012 #138
Do you really believe your post quoted below is an example of history and logic? jody Jul 2012 #142
WTF does health coverage have to do with this problem. RegieRocker Jul 2012 #146
I think my dr pepper statement xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #148
Ok RegieRocker Jul 2012 #150
Please don't prove yourself at 10, 2, and 4.... Sancho Jul 2012 #154
Someone has an awfully damn high opinion of himself. Callisto32 Jul 2012 #164
This is ridiculous flamebait kenfrequed Jul 2012 #141
I am seeing a lot of words without really saying anything useful xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #149
Working in inverse order. kenfrequed Jul 2012 #167
I'm not seeing your case TheKentuckian Aug 2012 #199
I gave it all the attentiont it decidedly deserved and probably a bit more. kenfrequed Aug 2012 #210
My intent in point #10 is to convey something xxenderwigginxx Aug 2012 #212
And you accomplished this by... kenfrequed Aug 2012 #218
another new poster here to dispense NRA-funded pearls of wisdom villager Jul 2012 #151
Sighhhh...You know one does not have to be an NRA member xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #152
...to buy into their honed, corporate-lobbying propaganda? villager Aug 2012 #170
As opposed to fear-mongering directed towards gun owners, which has gained little traction. friendly_iconoclast Aug 2012 #171
Is there anything decent left in you that gets tired of the blood-soaked apologetics? villager Aug 2012 #188
An assessment of political reality has become a "blood-soaked" apologia? How pitiful. friendly_iconoclast Aug 2012 #194
well, you've certainly managed to answer the question in a definitive way. villager Aug 2012 #195
you have that confused with Brady gejohnston Aug 2012 #172
Also...at some point you were a newbie xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #153
"NRA-funded" If you've got any evidence, now would be a good time to show it.. friendly_iconoclast Jul 2012 #169
...and as is usual with such claims, no evidence was provided. friendly_iconoclast Aug 2012 #176
Well said Ya Basta Aug 2012 #181
Rubbish DainBramaged Aug 2012 #189
so Wyoming is the same as New York gejohnston Aug 2012 #192
You weren't supposed to notice that... friendly_iconoclast Aug 2012 #193
You can see in this same article xxenderwigginxx Aug 2012 #196
Meh DainBramaged Aug 2012 #197
Anybody who publicy uses the phrase "right to keep and bare arms" has no credibility in my book. geckosfeet Aug 2012 #201
so are you saying there is no right to gejohnston Aug 2012 #203
Operating as the grammar police seems xxenderwigginxx Aug 2012 #205
Yeah. It's my fault people can't write then expect other people to take them seriously. geckosfeet Aug 2012 #207
As time goes on the general public will become disenchanted with gun owners... Walk away Aug 2012 #202
you are still talking about 30-40 gejohnston Aug 2012 #204
The makeup of the US population is going to change drastically in the next 10 to 20 yrs Walk away Aug 2012 #208
a couple of false assumptions gejohnston Aug 2012 #209
Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. xxenderwigginxx Aug 2012 #211
The idea that all, or most, 2A supporters xxenderwigginxx Aug 2012 #213
Keep it up! You'll end up holed up in the "don't tread on me" hills along with... Walk away Aug 2012 #214
plenty of game to shoot.......... gejohnston Aug 2012 #217
One big old tip back at ya for 2A apostles... Pholus Aug 2012 #206
When did I ever discuss xxenderwigginxx Aug 2012 #215
Hey, by your OP we're just trading "tips." Can't you handle one coming back? Pholus Aug 2012 #216
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