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Fri May 26, 2023, 01:56 AM May 2023

216 months in fed prison Stewart Rhodes a domestic terrorist and a fellow vet. [View all]

Stew and i are prior members of the 82nd we’re both the same age fifty seven. I’m going back to work next Tuesday after vacation. Stew is going to Atlanta USP for classification and to wait assignment to one of the Feds U.S.Penitentiaries. Yes with that amount of time it’s gonna be a Prison no camp to start.
Probably best for Stew to get a blade real fast to protect his traitorous ass against the everyday violence. I’m not talking rape no decent convict is down for that shit I’m talking just for protection for survival of every day life in a U.S.P.

These vets that partook in attempted coup or who supports their orange messiah they’re just pure christofascist racist scum. Who betrayed the oath we swore upon enlisting, Now did I take the oath seriously in 83 when I raised my paw no not at all. Yet when trumpig was elected me personally I felt wow it is still binding.

I had conversation at work last week in parking lot with fellow union vet who flies trump 2024 and Hybrid confederate and US flag. I don’t get into the worship of the Stars and Stripes.

Yet I told the dude you know the confederacy stabbed this country in the back. He replied it was for states rights , yea and what kind of rights did the south want tell me. Exactly the right to own another human as slaves so pound sand maga alpha male is what I actually said and thing is he approached me to start conversation.

Good job to the Woke F.B.I. and the Fed prosecutors at the Liberal D.O.J. I now await you to do.
Mike Flynn is long shot yet I await indictments for many others yet especially these two former soldiers who swore that same oath as all of us.
Scott Perry
Doug Mastriano
Crush all these fucking traitors who tried to destroy our Madisonian democracy.

If anyone Vets were offended by this post then you can also Fuck off I just get very emotional over insurrection treason or sedition.

I see Doug Mastriano decided not to run for Senate. dchill May 2023 #1
dchill Duncanpup May 2023 #2
My rep is Lloyd Smucker. He voted against certifying the election. dchill May 2023 #3
Me too. James48 May 2023 #4
Exactly Duncanpup May 2023 #5
Where were you at in West Germany Duncanpup May 2023 #7
If I remember correctly, units GP6971 May 2023 #18
Well said, brother Aviation Pro May 2023 #6
Rhodes betrayed his country and he betrayed his oath. sarge43 May 2023 #8
Well said Sarge 43 Duncanpup May 2023 #9
Thank you. sarge43 May 2023 #14
K&R 2naSalit May 2023 #10
Every time I see one of those January 6th POS creeps democrank May 2023 #11
Exactly Democrank Duncanpup May 2023 #13
KNR niyad May 2023 #12
Especially that these Veterans were following a draft dodger. pwb May 2023 #15
I wonder what Rhodes could have become if he had a golden retriever ... JustABozoOnThisBus May 2023 #16
I enjoyed West Germany Duncanpup May 2023 #17
He ain't no fellow vet to me, MarineCombatEngineer May 2023 #19
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