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I see Doug Mastriano decided not to run for Senate. dchill May 2023 #1
dchill Duncanpup May 2023 #2
My rep is Lloyd Smucker. He voted against certifying the election. dchill May 2023 #3
Me too. James48 May 2023 #4
Exactly Duncanpup May 2023 #5
Where were you at in West Germany Duncanpup May 2023 #7
If I remember correctly, units GP6971 May 2023 #18
Well said, brother Aviation Pro May 2023 #6
Rhodes betrayed his country and he betrayed his oath. sarge43 May 2023 #8
Well said Sarge 43 Duncanpup May 2023 #9
Thank you. sarge43 May 2023 #14
K&R 2naSalit May 2023 #10
Every time I see one of those January 6th POS creeps democrank May 2023 #11
Exactly Democrank Duncanpup May 2023 #13
KNR niyad May 2023 #12
Especially that these Veterans were following a draft dodger. pwb May 2023 #15
I wonder what Rhodes could have become if he had a golden retriever ... JustABozoOnThisBus May 2023 #16
I enjoyed West Germany Duncanpup May 2023 #17
He ain't no fellow vet to me, MarineCombatEngineer May 2023 #19
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