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27. Here's a post I ran across on FB from a White Woman.. that attempts to explain
Mon Aug 10, 2015, 03:09 AM
Aug 2015

why #BlackLivesMatters is not targeting the gop instead of Bernie Sanders.

"I'm seeing lots of posts on Facebook and Twitter from other white people in response to U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders' Seattle rally today, and more specifically, the ‪#?BlackLivesMatter‬ protesters on the scene.

Many "Why protest Bernie Sanders and not, say, a GOP candidate?" posts are going around (or some variation, thereof). And most frustratingly, posts that essentially say, "Fall in line. He's the most progressive candidate in the race!"

You're missing the point.

Why protest Sanders and not Cruz, Huckabee, Trump, or Bush? Think of it this way: If a bully in your school (stand in for GOP candidates in this example) said something rude to you in the hallway, you'd likely go, "Ugh. That's annoying." But if a close friend (stand in for Sanders in this example) just out of nowhere came up and said that same rude comment, you might actually confront them over it. "Why did you say that? That's not cool. I expect better from you."

Point being, you react differently towards the person you think should be on your side because you care about that relationship (or, at very least, have hope for it), and you'd like to see improvement.

That's what's going on here. The "go focus on the 'real enemy'" line gets tossed around a lot, but it's nothing more than a way to derail a conversation.

I am white. I cannot and will never be able to comprehend what it's like to be black in America. I can't say "I know how you feel," because I don't and I can't know. And because of that, it is not my place to weigh in on tactical merits of the BLM protests. What I can do — and what other white people should do — is to stand in solidarity with those protesters, to raise their voices. What we shouldn't do is complain about tactics.

I 100% support the #BlackLivesMatter movement and protests, and if protesting Bernie Sanders rallies is what they feel they need to do, then I am supportive in that.

We need to ask why Sanders, knowing that this isn't wasn't going away anytime soon, wasn't prepared to respond with an acknowledgment that now, in 2015, the U.S. is largely a white supremacist culture. If he wants to win, he needs to earn the votes. To do that, he needs to respond to the concerns of the BLM protesters, and make the fight to dismantle white supremacy and state-sanctioned murder a core component of his campaign."

#BlackLivesMatter Mahalo for your OP, intheflow, it started some good dialogue.

The AA member who has tried time and time again BainsBane Aug 2015 #1
Thank you. intheflow Aug 2015 #2
Another white liberal here to correct a misunderstanding. pnwmom Aug 2015 #3
All good points. Thank you. n/t intheflow Aug 2015 #4
Your last point is the one that sticks with me. PeaceNikki Aug 2015 #5
Agreed. intheflow Aug 2015 #11
He had a leader of BLM speak in a official capacity at the event before he was trolled Exultant Democracy Aug 2015 #15
Just a thought; but, maybe ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #36
I don't think that this post will get many replies shaayecanaan Aug 2015 #6
Thank you for a thoughtful reply. intheflow Aug 2015 #7
A couple more points shaayecanaan Aug 2015 #16
Correction ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #37
Thank you for the correction. intheflow Aug 2015 #38
Okay ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #39
Agreed. intheflow Aug 2015 #41
Yes. I agree that the thought was to ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #42
Yesterday's disruption of Bernie's rally was borne from the failure of Democrats at Netroots... MrScorpio Aug 2015 #8
Many thanks for this. n/t OneGrassRoot Aug 2015 #9
Thank you so much for this deep and rich response. intheflow Aug 2015 #10
Listen to MrScorpio JustAnotherGen Aug 2015 #18
This should be an OP BainsBane Aug 2015 #12
Excellent post! n/t Spazito Aug 2015 #13
That is great Mr. Scorpio. Starry Messenger Aug 2015 #14
I simply cannot thank you enough for this post. I think many of us have long since stopped trying Number23 Aug 2015 #17
Great post, thank you so much. n/t emulatorloo Aug 2015 #20
Thank you so much for your explanatory post on why #BlackLiveMatter are doing what they're Cha Aug 2015 #25
Excellent reply. giftedgirl77 Aug 2015 #29
MrScorpio! I cannot praise this enough! Struggling to elucidate this, but here it is. Thank you. n/t freshwest Aug 2015 #31
MrScorpio, you should make this an OP n/t irisblue Aug 2015 #19
I could do that, but I don't think that DU is ready for it right now... MrScorpio Aug 2015 #21
"Here I can tell the truth." Which is why this forum has been absolutely BLANKETED with alerts Number23 Aug 2015 #22
You're awesome Scorp. joshcryer Aug 2015 #23
"Their capacity for self-delusion is inexhaustible." Starry Messenger Aug 2015 #24
yeah, I thought it would make a Compelling OP, too.. but, also see why you Cha Aug 2015 #26
This part here is something they should think about: freshwest Aug 2015 #32
Here's a post I ran across on FB from a White Woman.. that attempts to explain Cha Aug 2015 #27
Mahalo to you, Cha. intheflow Aug 2015 #30
What would be the point of going to the GOP? giftedgirl77 Aug 2015 #28
Why should any POC or woman or gay go to the GOP? Half the Democratic Party is composed of such. freshwest Aug 2015 #33
Historically, groups protesting injustice have protested the most unjust against their causes. intheflow Aug 2015 #34
We have no point in trying to talk sense into the GOP, giftedgirl77 Aug 2015 #35
My son's live's are at stake & their college is already paid for so that's a non issue for me. onpatrol98 Aug 2015 #40
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