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2. I am married to a man who is Bohemian Czech and I am primarily African descent with ALOT of
Sun Apr 8, 2012, 06:13 AM
Apr 2012

european, native American, (grandmother grew up on a reservation) and Asian. It's just a regular marriage and the only thing that sets it apart from any other is the color of our skins and hair texture. I feel HUMAN, as my race, (that is mine, yours and everyone's race). Why would my children change my outlook? It's a huge mistake to get caught up in the "tragic" mulatto, thing. You do realise that MOST black peole in the US are VERY mixed and in other countries, are not considered to be African descent but that horrible name "Mulatto", Creole, Octaroon, en fact, in many south American Countries, like Brazil, I would be considered white even though my skin is a medium golden caramel brown. So, it doesn't really apply to most people, not genuinely.

Race is a social construct and doesn't really exist.

I've been in them, they are like any other relationship arcane1 Apr 2012 #1
I am married to a man who is Bohemian Czech and I am primarily African descent with ALOT of Ecumenist Apr 2012 #2
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