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20. I just love this..
Tue Feb 18, 2014, 07:59 AM
Feb 2014

Notice all the ships that are taken up, the users, all have Left posts on the ships. That means there are few Right posts available. The website randomly hands out 1/2 a map. You will either get a left side or a Right side. All these ships have people who have the left side, and no one seems to have been given the Right side of the map.. When the two halves come together, you get to sail. I have a Left side of the map too, but am smart enough, not to park on those ships, as my power level is not that great, and someone with a larger power level, could steal my map. Those parked there, don't worry about that sort of thing, because they are mostly too powerful for anyone to challenge.

I am doing better, today..but ran my stamina down to nothing. It will take a full day to regenerate, and the mean time, I can do some events but not others. I have a chance, once I have sufficiently regenerated to grab a next level item, that will boost my power considerably, once I have it in place.

Unlocking runes as you might guess costs more and more as you proceed. Once you unlock those spaces, its time to try and obtain some runes to place there. All of it is a crap shoot basically. Its like gambling that you will get a great one.. or a pathetic one. The smaller runes can be combined to make a rune with more power. The best thing is to grab as many small runes as you can, and add them to the more substantial runes bringing up their level to the highest they can go, which I believe is level 8. Obviously the more powerful runes you have, the better off you will be in one on one battles, or fights against creatures like BAAL mentioned above.

Thought I better add this before it changes..Even I find it hard to believe that I ranked so well in the Arena.

That will probably change soon. There is always someone stronger that comes along and knocks you out of your place.

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