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25. More about Formations....
Sun Feb 23, 2014, 12:42 AM
Feb 2014

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Most of what I learned about Formations, I found here;

Two of the most important formations are Player vs Player and the Events battles against BAAL and Cerberus. I have two examples which I took from the above webite.

This formation is for player vs player. It seems to work the best of the two examples provided at the website. Here at the top row, I have my top three champions. Left to Right: Shayd, Cianna and Dawnbringer. Two rows down I have (left to right) Yui and Calvin. I mentioned before that Calvin is a kind of "tank" in that he can take a lot of hits...and provide time for the other champions to do their work against another player. My player (Yui) is next and will provide a small blow after the initial blows by my opposing opponent. Shayd is very last to survive and she is the strongest. As each champion is eliminated, Shayd stays on to provide that extra power at the end, and thus normally grants a win for my team, unless of course the opponent has greater power than my team. Things such as third level items can make a huge difference against 1st and 2nd level items.

Here it shows my team against an opponent in the Arena.

The next formation is for the Events battles, Player vs Baal and or Cerberus.

In this event, there is no way you are going to win against these two powerful opponents. But, you want your team to survive the blows as long as possible. The idea being that everyone who participates will continue striking the creature until they can on longer stand. Everyone contributes to the destruction of the challenging monster. Your team will fight, and be destroyed and then you will be ready to strike again, after a 20 to 30 second time period. (if you have diamonds to spend, you can regenerate right away...other wise you have to wait. and diamonds are expensive!)

In this break down I have (example taken from the above link) Shayd, Cianna, and Calvin on the top level. The second tier down is Dawnbringer and Yui. My character (Yui) will provide as a sacrifice to the creature, for after the first blow, She will be gone. Next to be hit will be the bottom level! Amazing that there is no one there, so it would be considered a miss. That means the creature has just wasted a vicious strike. Calvin will jump in next and get his shot at the creature. The creature will strike back again at the bottom level, no one is there, so its a miss. Followed by Cianna who will strike a blow. The creature will try again at the bottom level, and again, no one is there. A miss. Three wasted blows. Shayd will next strike and finally the creature will strike against Calvin. It will take a while before Calvin is completely gone. This circle will continue until only Shayd is left...and the creature will have wasted many shots, while my team has had solid blows against the creature.

Here you can see the lay out in action against Cerberus. Each guild will fight against the creature contributing to its demise. The last player to kill the creature, will win 10 thousand gold coins, which can be used for much needed gear to help one level up to a higher position. I should note that not only is this not an easy task, but some guilds (like Infectious) will take advantage of the situation, by striking players who are busy fighting the Creatures. In doing so, they are allowed to steal reputations which are used to go higher in rank. The other day, I was attacked and lost 20 reputations because I lost. However, after the battle I received over 140 Reputations for my efforts on the creature. Those who strike against other guilds during this event, usually have their ships sunk, while attempting to obtain more treasure. Its an on going war in some cases.

Sailing with one of the most powerful players in the Realm right now.. no one would dare try and sink us..they would lose!

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