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Sun Jan 12, 2014, 06:55 PM Jan 2014

Agree or disagree - Religious Tolerance is an worthwhile individual value [View all]

By that I mean individual religious tolerance, not political tolerance; i don't think anybody here is advocating imposing legal or political sanctions on religious or non-religious belief.

Also I recognize that Christianity has a pretty bad record on this, as do many other religions. I'm talking about the ideal not reality.


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One thing we can all agree on is that these bullshit polls have to stop!
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It's a worthwhile cultural and social value, too. okasha Jan 2014 #1
I think it's more than just worthwhile. I think it's critical. cbayer Jan 2014 #2
I know a number of good/liberal democrats who are also people of faith Gothmog Jan 2014 #102
I grew up surrounded by it and have an abiding respect for people of faith cbayer Jan 2014 #103
I did some searching Gothmog Jan 2014 #104
Did you convert because of a relationship or because it spoke to you? cbayer Jan 2014 #105
Because it spoke to me Gothmog Jan 2014 #106
That's wonderful. cbayer Jan 2014 #107
we should not tolerate the belief in invisible magical Omnipotent beings. bowens43 Jan 2014 #3
Discourage it? cbayer Jan 2014 #5
Best way to create an atheist xfundy Jan 2014 #8
Do you have any evidence, other than anecdotal, to support that premise. cbayer Jan 2014 #10
If you think you're allowed to make them, trotsky Jan 2014 #36
I think tolerance is a value to be supported in all our interactions. pinto Jan 2014 #4
Tolerance of the Hindu next door and the Methodist across the street Warpy Jan 2014 #6
I think in that case are talking more about political tolerance el_bryanto Jan 2014 #12
Lots of people think that. trotsky Jan 2014 #21
I am sorry for my lack of clarity el_bryanto Jan 2014 #23
The law limits peyote use okasha Jan 2014 #28
I respect religion until it tries to step on my right to live my life. xfundy Jan 2014 #7
tolerance of people edhopper Jan 2014 #9
Define "religious tolerance" skepticscott Jan 2014 #11
It looks like your knickers are already in a wad from a single question. rug Jan 2014 #13
. hrmjustin Jan 2014 #17
I suppose i mean social tolerance and mutual respect el_bryanto Jan 2014 #14
Some beliefs edhopper Jan 2014 #15
And you feel it best not to be tolerant of those beliefs? nt el_bryanto Jan 2014 #16
yes edhopper Jan 2014 #18
And how exactly do you propose to not tolerate those people? rug Jan 2014 #33
I was responding to each post edhopper Jan 2014 #41
But you did say something abount not tolerating people. rug Jan 2014 #49
There are certainly people I don't tolerate because of their behavior edhopper Jan 2014 #54
And again, how exactly do you not tolerate those people? rug Jan 2014 #55
I am lost edhopper Jan 2014 #57
How do you not tolerate people at a pro-life march? rug Jan 2014 #58
Did I say I don't tolerate them. edhopper Jan 2014 #62
Yes. rug Jan 2014 #64
I guess where back to edhopper Jan 2014 #69
Those beliefs Dorian Gray Jan 2014 #77
Those, no, you are right. edhopper Jan 2014 #78
I probably do as well Dorian Gray Jan 2014 #93
Depends, edhopper Jan 2014 #95
I hear you. Dorian Gray Jan 2014 #96
I don't have friends like that edhopper Jan 2014 #97
Why? rug Jan 2014 #31
Because they are ridiculous edhopper Jan 2014 #42
And what exactly do you gain from that? rug Jan 2014 #48
Mocking? edhopper Jan 2014 #52
I know Jon Stewart. Jon Stewart I would like to be a friend of mine. rug Jan 2014 #53
That's not a definition skepticscott Jan 2014 #19
Dictionary definition? el_bryanto Jan 2014 #20
As edhopper noted above, trotsky Jan 2014 #22
Part of me wants to ask why you are asking this question - el_bryanto Jan 2014 #26
I'm asked the question because your OP is meaningless. trotsky Jan 2014 #27
I asked a question; if you don't like the discussion that ensues el_bryanto Jan 2014 #29
Congratulations, that is exactly the point. trotsky Jan 2014 #30
How narrow are the boundaries of your tolerance though? el_bryanto Jan 2014 #32
Who knows? trotsky Jan 2014 #35
It only gets tricky if you assume that I am suggesting that Religious Tolerance el_bryanto Jan 2014 #44
Then your poll is meaningless. trotsky Jan 2014 #65
What religious beliefs do you tolerate? rug Jan 2014 #34
lol. hrmjustin Jan 2014 #37
Well the OP amended his post edhopper Jan 2014 #43
Thank you, trotsky. rug Jan 2014 #47
So you only want an answer from him? edhopper Jan 2014 #50
Yeah, he made a vers specific comment about what he will or will not tolerate. rug Jan 2014 #51
Perhaps? You "suppose"? skepticscott Jan 2014 #24
I've answered the question twice now el_bryanto Jan 2014 #25
No, you replied twice skepticscott Jan 2014 #83
I don't anticipate having a productive discussion with you at all. el_bryanto Jan 2014 #86
Then my answer to your poll question is no. gcomeau Jan 2014 #71
Might I ask how you feel about religious satire in literature? LostOne4Ever Jan 2014 #89
Great post. trotsky Jan 2014 #94
I am a rather tolerant person. hrmjustin Jan 2014 #38
Tolerance and civility, like so many things, start at home. We can all be role models. pinto Jan 2014 #39
I was going to push agree. Inkfreak Jan 2014 #40
I put 'somewhat agree'... LeftishBrit Jan 2014 #45
Are religious rights not human rights? cbayer Jan 2014 #46
An example... LeftishBrit Jan 2014 #66
Good examples. cbayer Jan 2014 #68
only to the same extent that other forms of mental illness are "tolerated...." mike_c Jan 2014 #56
Are you seriously calling the religious mentally ill? cbayer Jan 2014 #59
read my sig line.... mike_c Jan 2014 #60
That's an opinion, but it has no basis in fact. cbayer Jan 2014 #63
2 questions el_bryanto Jan 2014 #61
those are interesting questions.... mike_c Jan 2014 #72
I think you might be misunderstanding my situation el_bryanto Jan 2014 #74
are you familiar with Garrett Hardin's "The Tragedy of the Commons?" mike_c Jan 2014 #75
The Commons argument is an interesting one, but I don't believe it works el_bryanto Jan 2014 #76
I think there is a danger in treating a belief system, with which one disagrees, as mental illness LeftishBrit Jan 2014 #67
perhaps you misunderstand me.... mike_c Jan 2014 #73
Agree but... Prophet 451 Jan 2014 #70
I don't respect beliefs, nor do I tolerate them, I respect the rights of people to their beliefs... Humanist_Activist Jan 2014 #79
And when you call someone a bigot as an expression of your "belief", that's ok? cbayer Jan 2014 #80
No, do you think us "anti-theists" are hypocrites by definition? Humanist_Activist Jan 2014 #81
You accused me of being bigoted against atheists. I asked you what you based that on, cbayer Jan 2014 #82
They demand that we respect their beliefs, which is just stupid... Humanist_Activist Jan 2014 #84
Who demands that? cbayer Jan 2014 #85
So you support making gay marriage illegal? skepticscott Jan 2014 #101
I tolerate someone... rexcat Jan 2014 #87
Religious tolerance? Pffft. Evoman Jan 2014 #88
Ideals can go jump in the lake... uriel1972 Jan 2014 #90
That's aprincipled statement. rug Jan 2014 #91
Principles and standards are of great importance... uriel1972 Jan 2014 #92
Why should people have to tolerate stupid beliefs? Vashta Nerada Jan 2014 #98
People will believe what they believe... uriel1972 Jan 2014 #99
I can see where you are coming from. Very direct response. nt el_bryanto Jan 2014 #100
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