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Response to Warren Stupidity (Original post)

It is BEYOND time .... PassingFair Feb 2014 #1
Oil. Customer for US made weapons. merrily Feb 2014 #2
Perhaps ??? SamKnause Feb 2014 #3
Hopefully an apologist will be along soon... trotsky Feb 2014 #4
well, as it isn't *their* religion, perhaps not. Warren Stupidity Feb 2014 #5
Unfortunately that hasn't stopped them before. n/t trotsky Feb 2014 #6
Or they could attempt to derail the discussion. Warren Stupidity Feb 2014 #13
Or walk back from language used. rug Feb 2014 #18
You are actually serious. Warren Stupidity Feb 2014 #22
A "new" low? cleanhippie Feb 2014 #23
You make a fair point. Warren Stupidity Feb 2014 #25
I don't think you're in a position to weigh in on what's low. rug Feb 2014 #34
Evidence indicates otherwise. Warren Stupidity Feb 2014 #37
You may be right. He has expertise in the area. rug Feb 2014 #42
I don't think you're in a position yo weigh in on rhetoric and religion. rug Feb 2014 #33
you repeat yourself poorly. Warren Stupidity Feb 2014 #38
You disrupt poorly. rug Feb 2014 #40
How do you propose to jettison it? rug Feb 2014 #7
Hmm... well I suppose we could line up all the believers and Warren Stupidity Feb 2014 #8
How do you propose to line them up? rug Feb 2014 #9
In a row. Warren Stupidity Feb 2014 #10
Polietely, I'm sure. rug Feb 2014 #11
Oh yes. Very polietely, for sure. Warren Stupidity Feb 2014 #12
What will you do if they decline? rug Feb 2014 #15
Atheist extremists will engage in high pressure sales tactics including Warren Stupidity Feb 2014 #21
I think you're confusing that with rhetorical bullshit. rug Feb 2014 #35
this is the subthread where you are feigning outrage at imagined threats Warren Stupidity Feb 2014 #39
Then you should be able to answer very simply how you propose to jettisn religious belief. rug Feb 2014 #41
I already told you: we are going to line you all up and tickle the nonsense out of you. Warren Stupidity Feb 2014 #43
I already told you about your dozen sohphomoric evasions. rug Feb 2014 #44
You don't like tickling? Warren Stupidity Feb 2014 #45
There's a word for someone who hides from his own words. rug Feb 2014 #46
Is the word "rug"? Warren Stupidity Feb 2014 #47
Try again. rug Feb 2014 #48
"rug" Warren Stupidity Feb 2014 #49
Bwahahahahahahahaha! cleanhippie Feb 2014 #51
I'll give WS credit. At least he used words. rug Feb 2014 #53
It's clear who is running from his own words rug Feb 2014 #52
which words were those? Warren Stupidity Feb 2014 #54
I don't blame you for forgetting. rug Feb 2014 #55
I stand by those words. The planet should jettison religion. Warren Stupidity Feb 2014 #57
Then you should be able to answer #7 this time. rug Feb 2014 #61
Where did I propose to jettison anything? Warren Stupidity Feb 2014 #65
Oh, that's right. You only said "perhaps". rug Feb 2014 #66
no I said perhaps the planet should jettison religion Warren Stupidity Feb 2014 #67
Hey! You just got credit for using words! cleanhippie Feb 2014 #56
I'm not sure that is a good thing. Warren Stupidity Feb 2014 #59
I know. Probably worth about 2 cents on a trade-in. cleanhippie Feb 2014 #60
Has anybody asked you for your two cents lately? rug Feb 2014 #63
could I please have your 2 cents? Warren Stupidity Feb 2014 #68
Sure. He has a last-word compulsion that cannot be denied. cleanhippie Feb 2014 #69
I love how he is so bothered that he feel compelled to respond with insults. cleanhippie Feb 2014 #64
Don't feel any lesser. rug Feb 2014 #62
+1 cleanhippie Feb 2014 #50
! cleanhippie Feb 2014 #14
What is this shit? shenmue Feb 2014 #16
Well, I suppose if Allah had wanted her to live... trotsky Feb 2014 #19
Disgusting! hrmjustin Feb 2014 #17
It baffles me how you can say that considering some f the things you believe. cleanhippie Feb 2014 #24
I beg your pardon sir? hrmjustin Feb 2014 #26
How you can call others' absurd beliefs "dark age thinking" when you believe cleanhippie Feb 2014 #27
I am done! hrmjustin Feb 2014 #28
Why? cleanhippie Feb 2014 #29
I see the hypocrisy clearly. rug Feb 2014 #36
Our great allies in the war on terror! Iggo Feb 2014 #20
Scum fron the 8th century warrant46 Feb 2014 #31
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2014 #30
Not shocking at all get the red out Feb 2014 #32
Unreal Stargazer09 Feb 2014 #58
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