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36. Ok so condemn such misogyny even the snark seen on DU
Fri Oct 17, 2014, 12:00 PM
Oct 2014

and please don't plead ignorance - just look through the boards I have mentioned with an open mind.

Missing the descriptor: which do we trust more/like more or distrust/dislike more! peacebird Oct 2014 #1
feel free to judge in any way you choose. Warren Stupidity Oct 2014 #2
I root for the underdog. I root for believers persecuted under communism CJCRANE Oct 2014 #3
Hmmm, individual sexist atheists vs religious executions for saying the wrong thing... beam me up scottie Oct 2014 #4
H'mm but who puts themselves forward as rational and unbound by theocratic influences intaglio Oct 2014 #5
A matter of perspective and definition beam me up scottie Oct 2014 #6
Nope I don't "know" that intaglio Oct 2014 #8
"Given the constant undercurrent of loathing that much atheism accommodates" Warren Stupidity Oct 2014 #11
Yes as exemplified by Dawkins, Sam Harris, Thundert00t and many others intaglio Oct 2014 #13
Of course there are many others that fight against them Goblinmonger Oct 2014 #14
Have you actually bothered to check any other of todays posts in "Religion"? intaglio Oct 2014 #19
How about you stop acting like I'm a clueless wonder Goblinmonger Oct 2014 #21
I will when you stop denying any flaw in atheism as it currently exists intaglio Oct 2014 #26
Do you really expect me to believe you're doing this out of concern for women? beam me up scottie Oct 2014 #29
Oh FFS intaglio Oct 2014 #32
I am saying I don't think you give a shit about sexism unless it suits your agenda. beam me up scottie Oct 2014 #39
Please show me where I have denied any flaw. Goblinmonger Oct 2014 #33
Ok so condemn such misogyny even the snark seen on DU intaglio Oct 2014 #36
Snark =/= misogyny Goblinmonger Oct 2014 #37
Atheism is a lack of belief in God/gods phil89 Oct 2014 #40
That's damn rude of you - asked if you know something about a DUer, you bring up muriel_volestrangler Oct 2014 #17
Post removed Post removed Oct 2014 #22
Which atheist DUers here defended misogyny? beam me up scottie Oct 2014 #27
Read the Mens Group intaglio Oct 2014 #30
No. You made the claim back it up. beam me up scottie Oct 2014 #31
I have read the Mens Group intaglio Oct 2014 #34
I don't care, if you can't back up your accusations don't make them. beam me up scottie Oct 2014 #38
Just so I understand, your problem with atheists here on DU is "the men's group". Warren Stupidity Oct 2014 #42
They're TOTALLY THE SAME man! trotsky Oct 2014 #7
You do realise this is just Dawkins' "Dear Muslima" argument? intaglio Oct 2014 #9
TOTALLY THE SAME! trotsky Oct 2014 #10
Post removed Post removed Oct 2014 #12
Of course they don't excuse it. Goblinmonger Oct 2014 #15
You have heard of Richard Dawkins ridiculous "Dear Muslima" post? intaglio Oct 2014 #18
Yes, I am. And I'm also aware of the fallacy of false privation Goblinmonger Oct 2014 #20
False equivalence and a straw man argument - Nice going! intaglio Oct 2014 #23
I said I was aware of the fallacy of false privation Goblinmonger Oct 2014 #25
You implied that I was guilty of that fallacy intaglio Oct 2014 #28
No, I didn't. Goblinmonger Oct 2014 #35
The bad things in atheism? phil89 Oct 2014 #41
yes but santa knows if you've been naughty. Warren Stupidity Oct 2014 #44
Sorry Act_of_Reparation Oct 2014 #16
no pie for you Warren Stupidity Oct 2014 #45
True, but I think it would depend on whether or not you expect someone to make said pie... Act_of_Reparation Oct 2014 #49
"Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll" rug Oct 2014 #24
Honestly, I thought Pie was a pretty decent option. AtheistCrusader Oct 2014 #43
Choosing between two wrongs isn't what I wish to do. mmonk Oct 2014 #46
you see no difference between these issues? Warren Stupidity Oct 2014 #47
I see alot of differences. mmonk Oct 2014 #48
I vote PIE AlbertCat Oct 2014 #50
< 3.14159265359 Tikki Oct 2014 #51
Both are assholes Prophet 451 Oct 2014 #52
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