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9. It won't work for us.
Thu Mar 29, 2012, 11:32 PM
Mar 2012

We don't have enough authoritarians. Shit, it's like herding cats now. Your average liberal will emotionally invest in a frigging doorstop. A political party is a religion. We run government with politics. The only tool we can use toward that end is a political party. You wouldn't emotionally invest in a third party candidate would you? Why would you want your religion sucking up the emotional limelight?

Only one religion is even remotely acceptable for politics, especially for Democrats: Liberal Nationalism. The 99% are citizens of the Unites States first, and we don't need anyone dividing our loyalties. Those rich fuckers stole our money and we want it back. It isn't about justice. Politics doesn't do justice. Politics is the art of who gets what. It is about the equitable distribution of resources, and when any other organization that runs on emotions gets involved, like religion, they are just there to feed off the emotional energy of people who should be focused on getting their money back from those fuckers that stole it. If we don't pull together we will fall separately fighting among each other in the culture wars.

Never play another man's game. You'll lose every time.

The religious side of Occupy [View all] Thats my opinion Mar 2012 OP
Religion needs to stay out of politics. nt rrneck Mar 2012 #1
It's a social movement, not politics. Do you think religion should stay out of cbayer Mar 2012 #2
O.W.S. rrneck Mar 2012 #8
I find your definition of religion and religious groups very stifling, cbayer Mar 2012 #22
I don't consider it stifiling at all. rrneck Mar 2012 #24
With the tools of money and governement tama Mar 2012 #38
I do. deacon_sephiroth Mar 2012 #25
Well... ellisonz Mar 2012 #4
Aw ellison, c'mon dude... rrneck Mar 2012 #6
Or we could no wage sectional wars as part of an interfaith movement... ellisonz Mar 2012 #7
It won't work for us. rrneck Mar 2012 #9
Ye of little faith... ellisonz Mar 2012 #10
How many of the 99% are baseball fans? rrneck Mar 2012 #11
Sports is Powerful Stuff ellisonz Mar 2012 #12
And all of its power accrues to sports. rrneck Mar 2012 #13
Sports and religion are as old as politics n/t ellisonz Mar 2012 #14
Has there ever been rrneck Mar 2012 #15
Arguably... ellisonz Mar 2012 #16
I said rrneck Mar 2012 #17
Success is relative... ellisonz Mar 2012 #18
It's relative all right. rrneck Mar 2012 #20
And there is Rev. Jesse Jackson and his Operations Breadbaskey/Push/Rainbow cbayer Mar 2012 #28
No! That's bad because he's bringing religion into politics... ellisonz Mar 2012 #29
Who said anything about reason? rrneck Mar 2012 #34
For real rrneck... ellisonz Mar 2012 #35
I wonder how much money he made off that video? nt rrneck Mar 2012 #36
Just a little history Thats my opinion Mar 2012 #23
I like history. rrneck Mar 2012 #37
Thanks for the update. We all have to unite and stand up for the common good. - n/t Jim__ Mar 2012 #3
Great! As an atheist... Joseph8th Mar 2012 #5
Wonderful! God has arrived to save the day! cleanhippie Mar 2012 #19
I find this a useful occurrence. edhopper Mar 2012 #21
Agree. And trying to exclude any groups that share the goals just because cbayer Mar 2012 #27
Large groups like this need to keep their focus on the main issues. edhopper Mar 2012 #32
Trying to make OWS a religious movement... deacon_sephiroth Mar 2012 #26
Of course nobody is trying to make or pretend that Occupy is a religious movement Thats my opinion Mar 2012 #30
Yes, I don't see in your OP edhopper Mar 2012 #33
So what do people who object to this think of the religious communities cbayer Mar 2012 #31
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