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15. Has there ever been
Fri Mar 30, 2012, 01:09 AM
Mar 2012

a successful civilization organized around sports?

Holy Roman Empire
Pharonic Egypt
Any number of divine Chinese emperors.
Aztec empire
Persian empire.

It took about two thousand years between the axial age (+-500BCE) to the enlightenment. (17th century CE) to supplant religion for nationalism. There is simply no comparison. We don't need to open that can of worms again.

The religious side of Occupy [View all] Thats my opinion Mar 2012 OP
Religion needs to stay out of politics. nt rrneck Mar 2012 #1
It's a social movement, not politics. Do you think religion should stay out of cbayer Mar 2012 #2
O.W.S. rrneck Mar 2012 #8
I find your definition of religion and religious groups very stifling, cbayer Mar 2012 #22
I don't consider it stifiling at all. rrneck Mar 2012 #24
With the tools of money and governement tama Mar 2012 #38
I do. deacon_sephiroth Mar 2012 #25
Well... ellisonz Mar 2012 #4
Aw ellison, c'mon dude... rrneck Mar 2012 #6
Or we could no wage sectional wars as part of an interfaith movement... ellisonz Mar 2012 #7
It won't work for us. rrneck Mar 2012 #9
Ye of little faith... ellisonz Mar 2012 #10
How many of the 99% are baseball fans? rrneck Mar 2012 #11
Sports is Powerful Stuff ellisonz Mar 2012 #12
And all of its power accrues to sports. rrneck Mar 2012 #13
Sports and religion are as old as politics n/t ellisonz Mar 2012 #14
Has there ever been rrneck Mar 2012 #15
Arguably... ellisonz Mar 2012 #16
I said rrneck Mar 2012 #17
Success is relative... ellisonz Mar 2012 #18
It's relative all right. rrneck Mar 2012 #20
And there is Rev. Jesse Jackson and his Operations Breadbaskey/Push/Rainbow cbayer Mar 2012 #28
No! That's bad because he's bringing religion into politics... ellisonz Mar 2012 #29
Who said anything about reason? rrneck Mar 2012 #34
For real rrneck... ellisonz Mar 2012 #35
I wonder how much money he made off that video? nt rrneck Mar 2012 #36
Just a little history Thats my opinion Mar 2012 #23
I like history. rrneck Mar 2012 #37
Thanks for the update. We all have to unite and stand up for the common good. - n/t Jim__ Mar 2012 #3
Great! As an atheist... Joseph8th Mar 2012 #5
Wonderful! God has arrived to save the day! cleanhippie Mar 2012 #19
I find this a useful occurrence. edhopper Mar 2012 #21
Agree. And trying to exclude any groups that share the goals just because cbayer Mar 2012 #27
Large groups like this need to keep their focus on the main issues. edhopper Mar 2012 #32
Trying to make OWS a religious movement... deacon_sephiroth Mar 2012 #26
Of course nobody is trying to make or pretend that Occupy is a religious movement Thats my opinion Mar 2012 #30
Yes, I don't see in your OP edhopper Mar 2012 #33
So what do people who object to this think of the religious communities cbayer Mar 2012 #31
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