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3. What is the difference
Sat Mar 31, 2012, 01:33 PM
Mar 2012

between a politically active representative of the church and a lobbyist?

What is the difference between a politically active religious organization and a lobbyist organization?

Has there ever been a popular movement of any consequence that did not have a political objective?

Spiritual beliefs? Yes. Religion? Hell, no. kestrel91316 Mar 2012 #1
What makes a "spiritual" belief any different in this context... Silent3 Mar 2012 #4
People can HAVE their spiritual beliefs. They can't have laws that kestrel91316 Mar 2012 #12
This may be more complicated that it appears Thats my opinion Mar 2012 #13
I would ask why your spiritual beliefs lead to a proposition about health care. Jim__ Apr 2012 #18
Of course different people come to the same conclusion through differentd means. Thats my opinion Apr 2012 #23
Nice of you to pass judgement skepticscott Apr 2012 #19
People can HAVE their religious beliefs. They can't (or at least shouldn't) have laws that.. Silent3 Mar 2012 #15
Of course--spiritual beliefs are just another way of saying religious commitments. Thats my opinion Mar 2012 #16
I think the Constitutional balance is fair as well as a political football these days. pinto Mar 2012 #2
What is the difference rrneck Mar 2012 #3
Are these quesions for which you are looking for data? Thats my opinion Apr 2012 #24
I was looking for an answer. rrneck Apr 2012 #26
No Worried senior Mar 2012 #5
On the contrary izquierdista Mar 2012 #7
Well that certainly adds to an intelligent conversation Thats my opinion Mar 2012 #9
As much as Walls of Text. 2ndAmForComputers Apr 2012 #17
Freedom of choice vs. restrictive rules socialindependocrat Mar 2012 #6
The issue you raise is political--and you are on target. Thats my opinion Mar 2012 #11
This notion is a relativiely new idea LARED Mar 2012 #8
Lots and lots of straw men...why? skepticscott Mar 2012 #10
Freedom of religion cannot exist without freedom from religion. laconicsax Mar 2012 #14
The obvious rrneck Apr 2012 #20
Don't hold your breath skepticscott Apr 2012 #21
Yep rrneck Apr 2012 #22
I answered your #3 Have a look --The last few words of this current post are "gotcha" words Thats my opinion Apr 2012 #25
I dont need a response. rrneck Apr 2012 #27
Amd by the way, rrneck Apr 2012 #28
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