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Renew Deal

(81,914 posts)
Sun Dec 21, 2014, 11:34 AM Dec 2014

Host Poll [View all]

This discussion thread was locked by Renew Deal (a host of the Religion group).

This is the poll that was requested...

This is to either replace the "believer" position (pick someone or another action).

18 votes, 3 passes | Time left: Poll closed
Texas Towlie
5 (28%)
2 (11%)
No One (leave the hosts as they are with no replacement)
2 (11%)
No One and remove all hosts but renew deal
9 (50%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Host Poll [View all] Renew Deal Dec 2014 OP
I pass because I don't really understand the purpose of hosts. nt Erich Bloodaxe BSN Dec 2014 #1
No one does, which is why all but Renew Deal should be removed. cleanhippie Dec 2014 #2
That's illogical. If no one understands, there would be no host. rug Dec 2014 #35
I've probably MILDLY disagreed with this sentiment Dorian Gray Dec 2014 #221
Depends on the group. Renew Deal Dec 2014 #4
Hmm. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Dec 2014 #16
Has anyone asked you if you want to be solely responsible okasha Dec 2014 #185
Honestly Dorian Gray Dec 2014 #222
As I recall, the last time a thread went totally out of control okasha Dec 2014 #224
That may be true Dorian Gray Dec 2014 #234
I think a run off until there is a majority opinion would be a good idea. Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #3
I support TexasTowlie! I think he would make a fine host. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #5
He/she is great in the Texas group LostOne4Ever Dec 2014 #11
I understand your view point but i never really found ut a problem to wait hrmjustin Dec 2014 #13
4 sure LostOne4Ever Dec 2014 #15
I think 5 people for such a contentious group is needed. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #18
Aside from the recent host malfunction when was the last time a post was locked here? Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #23
I think Dorian Gray Dec 2014 #223
I think "preventing bias" is a good thing. okasha Dec 2014 #184
This really doesn't have anything to do with hosting at this point. cbayer Dec 2014 #188
That's why posting this in Interfaith is just as bad. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #194
No it doesn't do that at all. cbayer Dec 2014 #198
As I've discussed, I have compromised Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #201
And, btw, "let them have it"? Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #209
I have a question for you. cbayer Dec 2014 #6
Sorry, just saw your reply in the other thread. cbayer Dec 2014 #7
We stopped that practice when the 5 post suspensions started Renew Deal Dec 2014 #133
Did you make a decision that blocking was off the table? cbayer Dec 2014 #136
At the time yes. Renew Deal Dec 2014 #138
I'm not sure I agree with that, but I have no data to show it would be otherwise. cbayer Dec 2014 #140
How did we ever survive? Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #155
How did we ever survive what? cbayer Dec 2014 #158
You said you don't want to live in a system where hosts don't block. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #160
I was mistaken, but I still think they have the option and I would expect them to use it. cbayer Dec 2014 #165
And in the Lord of the Flies there was a small group working for the common good. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #167
You continue to completely miss my point about the current hosts. cbayer Dec 2014 #173
Or you don't get it. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #177
And being shitheads towards each other is a particular problem in this group. cbayer Dec 2014 #178
Well, again, I would argue that using LotF for that Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #179
Keep teaching the novel. I could not care less. cbayer Dec 2014 #181
literature is like the bible, you can just toss out the bits you don't like, Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #199
That's pretty much all we covered Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #207
This is why a new host is needed. rug Dec 2014 #211
I'll do whatever the group wants Renew Deal Dec 2014 #132
I am confident that you could handle it as well. cbayer Dec 2014 #135
One of my concerns okasha Dec 2014 #189
It doesn't make any difference. cbayer Dec 2014 #190
"If people are willing to go out and recruit non-participants to vote in this meaningless poll" trotsky Dec 2014 #193
Well there was that thread in Interfaith. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #195
Oh right, it's OK when her team does it. trotsky Dec 2014 #196
And when specific people do it Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #197
Likely true. okasha Dec 2014 #208
I'll tell ya what....I'll be the sole host. A HERETIC I AM Dec 2014 #8
Hey hey hey now. AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #236
The operative word there is "was". A HERETIC I AM Dec 2014 #238
So, in other words... NeoGreen Dec 2014 #244
You talk like he doesn't do that now. n/t Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #250
Well, as long as the towel doesn't read... NeoGreen Dec 2014 #256
Don't we need consensus to change the rules? hrmjustin Dec 2014 #9
If this poll says we should just have one or none Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #10
No. Consensus to me would be both sides agreeing the rules need to be changed. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #12
So it's never going to change, then? Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #14
This, imo, is a partisan battle in which two sides are likely to be highly invested cbayer Dec 2014 #19
"The bat sign has obviously gone up" Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #24
In a non-safe haven group, there is no need to block users. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #25
I disagree. Members have been blocked from this group previously. cbayer Dec 2014 #29
And I'm fine with one host where I would rather have none. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #32
Scott was the last one blocked. for one month. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #33
When was that? Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #39
No before. After the 90 day rule came in we decided to just let the software work its will. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #47
That's not a compromise at all, unless you are compromising with your cbayer Dec 2014 #34
Of course it's a compromise. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #41
It's a compromise with those who want one host, not with those that want to cbayer Dec 2014 #45
Last block was in 2013 as per Justin above. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #53
I'm not sure, but I will concede that you are likely correct. cbayer Dec 2014 #55
So we keep RD Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #57
You are so funny. You are again acting like you are making a big compromise. cbayer Dec 2014 #60
I'm already compromising. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #64
I reject your "compromise" as a farce. cbayer Dec 2014 #65
I reject your "compromise" as you on a power trip. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #67
Additionally, though you dismiss it as the bat signal Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #71
I'm not referring to atheists at all, but you knew that. cbayer Dec 2014 #73
So what did you mean with the bat signal going up? Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #75
I love it when you are coy! cbayer Dec 2014 #79
Batman is also male, white and economically privileged. rug Dec 2014 #96
And he has a cave! cbayer Dec 2014 #99
But he has only one sidekick. rug Dec 2014 #104
Well, that is just showing how little you know about Batman. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #110
Who did he have besides Robin? rug Dec 2014 #112
I guess it depends on how you define sidekick. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #118
What's the consensus definition? rug Dec 2014 #121
Well played Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #125
Depends which Batgirl Prophet 451 Dec 2014 #233
And yet he fights for the poor and downtrodden regardless of race or gender. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #100
I'll give you comic books and you give me the New Testament. rug Dec 2014 #102
I'll give you New Testament only on being currently involved with it. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #105
Here's one: Without googling, what was The Atom's superpower? rug Dec 2014 #108
That's a good question to decide understanding. Kudos Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #113
He is my all-time favorite superhero. rug Dec 2014 #116
He may make a comeback? Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #120
I hope. rug Dec 2014 #123
He's turned up on the small screen now Prophet 451 Dec 2014 #232
I'll have to look that up. rug Dec 2014 #237
NP, dude Prophet 451 Dec 2014 #408
What is the difference? tradewinds Dec 2014 #351
The intelligence of the reader. rug Dec 2014 #355
You're right. tradewinds Dec 2014 #377
But would not grasp the elements of grammar and spelling. rug Dec 2014 #395
Of course, the truly intelligent of us know there is only so much value to tradewinds Dec 2014 #396
The truly intelligent would know when to use the first person plural. rug Dec 2014 #397
But does he discriminate based on someone being a religious believer? Or a supporter of religion? cbayer Dec 2014 #109
In Groups that are not safe havens, chronic disruption occurs. rug Dec 2014 #37
So when is the last time that has happened? Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #42
The one to whom it last happened is currently vacationing on his transparency page. rug Dec 2014 #44
Last block was in 2013 Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #54
There's ten days left. rug Dec 2014 #59
And there are some people only a hide or two from a vacation. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #63
Oh there's a big difference between your weaselly worded alerts and what he does day in and day out. rug Dec 2014 #81
I've alerted on only 1 of your hides. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #84
And how many of your alerts have failed? rug Dec 2014 #86
You're right, rug, you have 4 hides not because of what you have done Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #88
So, do you have the data on how many failed alerts were sent? rug Dec 2014 #91
On you? None. I'm 1 for 1 with you. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #98
Anectdotally, I've received jury results on eleven failed alerts to every hide. rug Dec 2014 #106
Yeah I got several alerts I was alerted on throughout this years as well. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #114
Wait, the election's not over yet. rug Dec 2014 #117
Are you to be the arbiter of who is/is not a "chronic disruptor"? tradewinds Dec 2014 #264
That is the hosts job. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #266
Yes. rug Dec 2014 #276
So are you going to tut-tut Justin for sending up the bat signal Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #163
I'm not aware of that having happened, but interfaith is an open group. cbayer Dec 2014 #168
So, basically, it's OK when your friends do it. Got it. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #169
I will absolutely scoff at that. cbayer Dec 2014 #171
Can you explain what you mean here? hrmjustin Dec 2014 #170
Cbayer said it was crappy because she thought atheists were rallying the troops. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #175
Oh ok. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #176
I bet they need klieg lights for that. rug Dec 2014 #215
Like you didn't know. AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #239
Your opinion is noted. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #241
"As a host your comment is under review. i will let you know." AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #242
That is not an attack. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #243
At the very least, it's a threat. AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #245
Oh please! a threat? stop being dramatic. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #247
Yes, because your use of host powers is eminently predictable. AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #249
Your opinion is noted. i disagree. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #251
It's cool. AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #253
I will. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #254
I said no such thing. Are you ever going to stop distorting what I say? cbayer Dec 2014 #180
Well, I got a hypocrisy point, but not for what you think. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #182
I would love for things to be less partisan, but they are partisan and I am definitely cbayer Dec 2014 #183
I don't know. Honestly. I don't know what changes it. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #206
So are you saying I deserve the treatment I receive here from some people? cbayer Dec 2014 #301
You asked what I could do. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #306
So now you're telling someone else I'm an ass? rug Dec 2014 #307
I said I was an ass, too! Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #308
You didn't answer my question, but I didn't really expect you to. cbayer Dec 2014 #310
"Go sit in judgement of someone else." Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #311
"What would you have me do?" - well that is an interesting question. Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #280
Well i don't make that decision but yes I think we need agreement on both sides to change the hrmjustin Dec 2014 #20
I don't. Because that will never happen. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #26
I am not going to start a revolt if my side loses. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #27
I didn't think you would, my man. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #28
Lol i guess an elf and a dwarf can get along. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #31
"none of the above" is not changing the rules. Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #17
Vote in the poll Renew Deal Dec 2014 #21
I did. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #22
When you get a chance, would you please answer my question above. cbayer Dec 2014 #30
Sorry. Which one? Renew Deal Dec 2014 #40
My question above about how you feel about dealing with blocking members cbayer Dec 2014 #48
Hmmm. okasha Dec 2014 #205
Just seeking feedback at this point. Renew Deal Dec 2014 #403
No. DU consensus means no strong objection. rug Dec 2014 #36
So where is it indicated that we need that definition of consensus to make a change? Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #43
That is the definition of consensus. What you're now saying is change without consensus. rug Dec 2014 #46
That alone says legions about what this is all about. cbayer Dec 2014 #49
Where in the rules does it say we need consensus to change hosting? Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #56
You think we can come to general agreement? What do you imagine that agreement to be? cbayer Dec 2014 #61
Where in the rules does it say it's done by polls? rug Dec 2014 #62
Then that is a MIRT definition. Not how the word is actually defined. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #66
Oh no, the foot-stomping tantrum was just days ago. rug Dec 2014 #82
There was no tantrum that I saw. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #85
Of course you didn't. It's what you consider discussion. rug Dec 2014 #87
Oh come on. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #90
He didn't, now did he? He doesn't disrupt. Especially out of manufactured pique. rug Dec 2014 #93
Do you approve of pinto's lock of that thread? Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #103
No. rug Dec 2014 #111
you can't even bring yourself to answer a simple question unambiguously. Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #142
Ambiguity is the stuff of life, Warren. rug Dec 2014 #151
Why should a host be able to overextend their powers? Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #157
carefully avoiding an explicit personal attack is important at this point. Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #143
Ah, is that why you modified your alleged ignore list? rug Dec 2014 #152
I'd like to ask that I not be used any further, specifically, in this manner. Please stop. pinto Dec 2014 #227
Couple things. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #235
Do tell, monger. What is telling about it? rug Dec 2014 #286
I'm sorry. I was talking to pinto there. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #289
I'm sorry. I thought you were talking to pinto about me there. rug Dec 2014 #293
No more admonishments of people interrupting, then. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #295
There won't be any admonitions if there's no more trash talking of other DU members. rug Dec 2014 #299
What does your support of his action-- Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #302
Ah, you just can't help making personal attacks. rug Dec 2014 #303
Yes there was a tantrum. one of our members decided he needed to do three threads over the issue. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #92
Really? I think that pretty much defines a tantrum. cbayer Dec 2014 #94
I cleared out my ignore list for the fun. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #97
I have a thing about abuse of authority. Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #141
Yesterday i got truly upset for the first time here ever. i needed to take a break. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #145
The rules have a thing about abuse. rug Dec 2014 #153
Rules can't actually "have a thing" but please elaborate. Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #192
They can and they do. rug Dec 2014 #200
This is the bottom line. This poll is nothing more than advice. cbayer Dec 2014 #68
Yes I expect a meltdown by a few but i think most will move on. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #70
I'm really tired already of you calling my plan a farce. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #72
Aww…. is it ok if I tell you all the things I am really tired of? cbayer Dec 2014 #77
I don't believe this is a compromise either. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #80
2.5 hosts is the true compromise! Rainforestgoddess Dec 2014 #373
Love it. We currently have 4, so we could keep RD and cut the other three into halfs and cbayer Dec 2014 #374
Glad I'm not a host! Rainforestgoddess Dec 2014 #375
I'm glad neither of us are. I personally like being in one piece. cbayer Dec 2014 #376
If you're happy you're not a host Heddi Dec 2014 #394
Didn't see your post before posting #205. okasha Dec 2014 #210
Yes. i think to change the rules we shoukd have consensus. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #50
Define "consensus" tradewinds Dec 2014 #269
Very simple! In this room consensus is both the majority of believers and non-believers agreeing on hrmjustin Dec 2014 #270
No, that is just majority rule. tradewinds Dec 2014 #275
The fact is the hosts have the final say what really happens here. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #278
So, consensus is out of the question, then? tradewinds Dec 2014 #281
Hosting is not all that hard. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #283
"its a democracy but the hosts have the final say"????? tradewinds Dec 2014 #285
This is how the site is set up. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #290
Not a democracy. tradewinds Dec 2014 #291
Well it is in some respects but not in others. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #292
So, then it is not. tradewinds Dec 2014 #294
Well in this instance i think the hosts will go with a majority vote. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #296
Magic 8 ball says: No. tradewinds Dec 2014 #297
Why? hrmjustin Dec 2014 #298
So complain to Skinner. okasha Dec 2014 #328
This site never has been and has never intended to be a democracy. cbayer Dec 2014 #305
Only some "word salad " posts here. tradewinds Dec 2014 #314
Uh, oh. Did you not know it is an open board and anyone can respond to anything? cbayer Dec 2014 #315
Sure. Respond away. tradewinds Dec 2014 #317
Cbayer is one of our best posters in this room. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #318
This is not Mark Charles, by the way. Even Mark Charles does it better. cbayer Dec 2014 #320
Agreed that he is not Mark. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #321
No, it isn't. okasha Dec 2014 #335
Idiolect - I like that! cbayer Dec 2014 #337
That would be your opinion. tradewinds Dec 2014 #322
And you based this on being here for a few days and at one of this rooms low moments? hrmjustin Dec 2014 #323
This is not the only rodeo. tradewinds Dec 2014 #325
Is that an insult at me? hrmjustin Dec 2014 #326
Of course not. Why on earth would you think that? tradewinds Dec 2014 #330
Well in general I think people in this room have a wealth of experience in real life. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #332
In general? tradewinds Dec 2014 #334
You haven't been here long enough to know that. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #339
Like I said, this is not the only rodeo. tradewinds Dec 2014 #342
You picked the most contentious room to post in. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #343
Discussions involving fantasy often are. tradewinds Dec 2014 #344
Lol well we disagree on religion. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #345
.. tradewinds Dec 2014 #352
Please define "strong objection" tradewinds Dec 2014 #268
Google the site. rug Dec 2014 #274
OK, but seems silly. tradewinds Dec 2014 #277
Maybe you should buy a star. rug Dec 2014 #282
And a clue. okasha Dec 2014 #340
I like Texas Towelie shenmue Dec 2014 #38
Me too! hrmjustin Dec 2014 #74
I'll vote for kittehs every time! okasha Dec 2014 #219
I would like to know if there has ever been a situation where the current hosting arrangement... trotsky Dec 2014 #51
Who abused there power? hrmjustin Dec 2014 #52
seriously? I don't think that is an honest response. Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #69
I don't think this one is. rug Dec 2014 #95
ok - what was dishonest about my response? Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #144
I must check a calendar. Lent seemed unusually long this time. rug Dec 2014 #150
So you have nothing. What a surprise. Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #172
I see you took him off ignore. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #174
Not for the first time, I'm sure, lol. rug Dec 2014 #203
He missed you. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #204
Oh I have plenty, Warren rug Dec 2014 #202
Selective reminiscences of the past are not confined to "Known and Unknown: A Memoir". rug Dec 2014 #58
The only solution I don't like is no hosts Renew Deal Dec 2014 #404
I voted. pinto Dec 2014 #76
. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #78
I think AC will be a worthy successor. rug Dec 2014 #101
I appreciate your vote of confidence. AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #387
Should current hosts be voting in this poll? trotsky Dec 2014 #83
They hsve the right. They participate here. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #89
This should be called the free floating hostility thread in honor of George Carlin. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #107
Or the Festivus Airing of Grievances. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #126
Even better. I am keeping my ignore list clear just for fun. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #127
lol Renew Deal Dec 2014 #405
I suggest choosing a believer in a non-Christian religion... LeftishBrit Dec 2014 #115
I think that is a great idea. cbayer Dec 2014 #122
Excellent suggestion unrepentant progress Dec 2014 #226
We've never questioned Renew Deal Dec 2014 #406
This message was self-deleted by its author Lordquinton Dec 2014 #119
Who resigned over abuse of power? hrmjustin Dec 2014 #124
Well, Pinto, and I forget who he replaced Lordquinton Dec 2014 #129
Struggle4progress left because his work hours didn't let him post here as much as he used to. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #131
No, I agree with him on that Lordquinton Dec 2014 #186
Lmfao! hrmjustin Dec 2014 #187
Oh, yup. okasha Dec 2014 #213
Are you fine with what pinto did? Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #419
That is correct. trotsky Dec 2014 #128
Atheists get the blame Lordquinton Dec 2014 #130
Nobody here said it was only the atbeists here. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #139
Ho resigned to get someone to try and self delete? hrmjustin Dec 2014 #134
"I love it. God help me, I do love it so" A HERETIC I AM Dec 2014 #137
! rug Dec 2014 #154
I voted. longship Dec 2014 #146
Well said! hrmjustin Dec 2014 #147
Good, you shouldn't comment further. trotsky Dec 2014 #148
He could comment all he wants. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #149
This message was self-deleted by its author longship Dec 2014 #156
I rest my case. nt longship Dec 2014 #159
Excellent. trotsky Dec 2014 #161
Oh dear. QED. nt longship Dec 2014 #162
So far, you've posted three more times (one self-deleted) after saying you had no further comment. trotsky Dec 2014 #164
I suggest you leave him alone. He doesn't answer to you. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #166
Stand down! rug Dec 2014 #217
The last time we had this discussion: Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #191
If I thought that this would help, I would support it. longship Dec 2014 #212
They are never going to trash this group. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #214
Well, you have a point there, re GD. longship Dec 2014 #216
I have no problem peacefully discussing this LostOne4Ever Dec 2014 #228
LGBT, which is a paragon of decorum compared to Religion, okasha Dec 2014 #229
Both of those groups have significant differences from Religion though LostOne4Ever Dec 2014 #231
I'll go with the bunnies. okasha Dec 2014 #348
Thank you for your input. longship Dec 2014 #230
"Let's cut the meta and get back to discussing religion." rug Dec 2014 #218
Imagine that! hrmjustin Dec 2014 #220
Words were exchanged! hrmjustin Dec 2014 #225
Would it be possible... NeoGreen Dec 2014 #240
I would also like to see an option for 3 hosts. cbayer Dec 2014 #246
How is 'let juries handle it' partisan? AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #252
Do you have an indication that those voting for just RD Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #257
Heavens no. You think that coalition is going to break ranks in order to reach a compromise. cbayer Dec 2014 #259
The option I really want isn't even up there, either. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #260
So, it the poll is changed to show "no hosts" as an option, are you going to change your vote? cbayer Dec 2014 #265
Wait a minute. I thought I was TPTB. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #272
Oh, no, you are clearly not TPTB. cbayer Dec 2014 #284
Oooh, 3+RD instead of 4+RD, what a fucking compromise. AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #262
2+RD=3. okasha Dec 2014 #357
Still not half of the former 5. (Counting RD) AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #358
Whom do you propose to split down the middle, Solly? okasha Dec 2014 #364
The hosts aren't necessary. AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #367
Same reason SCOTUS has 9. okasha Dec 2014 #369
Try looking up the history of the court. AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #370
And an odd number was eventually settled on. okasha Dec 2014 #371
settles on FOR NOW. AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #372
"I don't condemn" - well sure you did and do. Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #263
And of those voting for Texas Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #267
I want you to consider something here. cbayer Dec 2014 #273
What a crock of shit. AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #279
What exactly are they being protected from? Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #287
There have been a couple LostOne4Ever Dec 2014 #300
Ok I take it back, every now and then an actual off topic post goes up. Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #329
I think they *want* hosts to wield the banhammer. AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #309
To ban those who follow the SoP? LostOne4Ever Dec 2014 #312
Not me. This is not a safe-haven and at this point I expect what I see in this room. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #313
So what do you think you need a committee of hosts for? Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #331
With more hosts you get different perspectives. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #333
"Different" AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #360
Yes. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #363
Because I'm a Thor geek, I get to post this Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #316
... LostOne4Ever Dec 2014 #319
I approve of both the Thor image and the Loki response Rainforestgoddess Dec 2014 #381
Im happy to be of of service! LostOne4Ever Dec 2014 #393
Too pretty, that one Rainforestgoddess Dec 2014 #409
To some extent, yes, there is a split. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #288
To some extent there is a split? Some extent? cbayer Dec 2014 #304
But, you can't prove the atheist orginization doesn't exist! Lordquinton Dec 2014 #338
I'd like to see the 3-host option, too. okasha Dec 2014 #349
It is the compromise position, despite other things being cbayer Dec 2014 #350
Option four has that effect. AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #248
I read it as retaining RD... NeoGreen Dec 2014 #258
I could be wrong, but I think someone has to 'own' the group. AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #261
See Skinners reply from last time. No hosts is fine. Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #271
That's a good point Renew Deal Dec 2014 #407
Yes, I read options #3 and #4 as the same... NeoGreen Dec 2014 #410
Ok, I stand corrected... NeoGreen Dec 2014 #413
I'm glad to have you hosting and I support Texas Towlie as a great new nonpartisan host. NYC_SKP Dec 2014 #324
Solid. I was a mod. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #327
I was a mod but I wouldn't recommend myself to host this particular group. NYC_SKP Dec 2014 #336
While it is true that what is popular is not always wise LostOne4Ever Dec 2014 #341
I'd like to kick this thread for more votes with this humorous little Tosh.0 clip. NYC_SKP Dec 2014 #346
I'd like to call the question, so to speak. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #347
It's not an up and down vote, but I second a call to close the debate. cbayer Dec 2014 #353
So when those of us that wanted no hosts last time were in the minority Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #354
Do you ever stop? cbayer Dec 2014 #356
He can't. okasha Dec 2014 #361
He is indeed an aristocrat of the soul. cbayer Dec 2014 #365
Nope. I'm like the damn energizer bunny. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #398
A person of superior intelligence once wrote: Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #359
Lol i wonder if we will get to 500 posts in this one. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #362
I hope not. I'm on a desk 'pute now, okasha Dec 2014 #366
I hope they decide tonight. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #368
Well LostOne4Ever Dec 2014 #378
lol I love it. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #379
We would probably be the first people blocked here since the jury change though LostOne4Ever Dec 2014 #380
I think people would find the humor in it. lol. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #382
I'd think that through, again. tradewinds Dec 2014 #383
All the more reason to do it. You want in? LostOne4Ever Dec 2014 #385
Sure tradewinds Dec 2014 #390
,why tradewinds Dec 2014 #391
not. tradewinds Dec 2014 #392
What song do you want to do? LostOne4Ever Dec 2014 #384
lol. maybe a different day. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #386
Another day then LostOne4Ever Dec 2014 #388
Lol. we shall see. i think on second thought you might be right. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #389
This thread is getting a lot like a Rick Roll. n/t Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #399
I just wanted post 400 Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #400
I got to 50,000 today. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #401
You realize that is almost 50 per day for every day you have been a member? A HERETIC I AM Dec 2014 #429
A lot of it was my NY room posts. I posted a lot of updates in there. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #430
I don't know what "NUY" is, but neither here nor there. A HERETIC I AM Dec 2014 #431
Typo sorry. NY room posts. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #432
I give up what is a "NY room post"? Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #440
You forgot the s. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #441
Oh, by "room" you mean "group" or "forum". Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #442
I have escaped from time to time. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #443
Seems like people have had enough of this. Renew Deal Dec 2014 #402
.?. haikugal Dec 2014 #411
it is the Only renew deal option (56%) vrs everything else put together (44%) (nt) LostOne4Ever Dec 2014 #412
That is an odd characterization of the results. Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #415
Yeah, a vote for me should be in no way translated as opposite the 'no hosts' option. AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #424
RD, I object to the way you have stated the results of this poll. trotsky Dec 2014 #414
Goood point Renew Deal Dec 2014 #422
Maybe you should ask him to resign. rug Dec 2014 #426
If you are confused by the results you could hold a run-off between the top two. Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #416
And a run-off is generally only used when no option got a majority vote. trotsky Dec 2014 #417
To interpret this as anything other than a clear indication of just you as host Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #420
I understand why you think that Dorian Gray Dec 2014 #433
I believe he said up above he would. Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #435
But it's totally a thankless job Dorian Gray Dec 2014 #436
In which case, we can just do as Skinner himself suggested, and have no hosts. trotsky Dec 2014 #437
Absolutely Goblinmonger Dec 2014 #438
Good luck with the decision. n/t. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #421
You seriously have to "figure out what that means"? Curmudgeoness Dec 2014 #423
Good luck Dorian Gray Dec 2014 #434
Why have a poll and then ignore the resuts of that poll and try to fnd ways mr blur Dec 2014 #418
No one has done anything like that. Renew Deal Dec 2014 #444
I vote for no hosts at all. Metatron Dec 2014 #425
Whatever you do, and the rules are clear it is entirely the hosts' decision,- rug Dec 2014 #427
Agreed! It is the hosts decision. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #428
Sorry I'm late Capt. Obvious Dec 2014 #439
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