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A UU hymnal may be of some help. Laffy Kat May 2015 #1
Maybe the priest has some ideas. Or maybe your dad's old hippie friends do. struggle4progress May 2015 #2
kick... daleanime May 2015 #3
Sorry for the passing of your father, BB. Kind thoughts to you. misterhighwasted May 2015 #4
That's a nice one BainsBane May 2015 #7
My mother just informed me that Gibran is gauche BainsBane May 2015 #18
You could check out Marianne Williamson's Illuminata catrose May 2015 #5
Thanks, I will. nt BainsBane May 2015 #9
There are a lot of meaningful songs that generation sang, with various words struggle4progress May 2015 #6
We do have a musician BainsBane May 2015 #8
The funerals I've attended often begin dark and mournfully but end upbeat struggle4progress May 2015 #10
We're having it in the park, outside BainsBane May 2015 #11
May your memories be a blessing struggle4progress May 2015 #12
Thank you. BainsBane May 2015 #13
When Joyce died, we had no music and no poems and no prayers. Hoppy May 2015 #14
Wow. What a lovely idea. BainsBane May 2015 #15
Why have a "service" at all? Warren Stupidity May 2015 #16
For his friends and family BainsBane May 2015 #19
This is a nice older( sort of) hippie song. misterhighwasted May 2015 #17
I think John Prine was his favorite BainsBane May 2015 #20
Yes John Prine. misterhighwasted May 2015 #21
He was 74 BainsBane May 2015 #22
Yes I understand, my father's life ended for a similar reason misterhighwasted May 2015 #24
Thanks so much BainsBane May 2015 #25
"Johnny Got His Gun" was actually a 1938 novel about a badly wounded WWI soldier: struggle4progress May 2015 #26
Oh yes..I recall some history there with Trumbo. misterhighwasted May 2015 #34
Cool man, your dad. misterhighwasted May 2015 #23
The song is Pete Seeger's rewrite of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 struggle4progress May 2015 #27
It's from the Bible - Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 Iris May 2015 #39
When my dad passed away (at 92) The Velveteen Ocelot May 2015 #28
So sorry for your loss. I spent hours on the Internet looking for applegrove May 2015 #29
Best to you. xfundy May 2015 #30
poetry that expresses deep emotions for those who we love and who just passed on. achsadu May 2015 #32
I went to a return to Earth day funeral yeoman6987 May 2015 #31
Sorry BB. I wrote a short story which had a theme. I'll DUmail it to you if you want. It's my view. freshwest May 2015 #33
He told us he had no preference about burial or memorial service BainsBane May 2015 #36
Crossing The Bar - Tennyson (nt) malokvale77 May 2015 #35
Any particular literature or poetry, or even ideas he might have liked? AtheistCrusader May 2015 #37
I would imagine an Episcopal priest would end the service with The Lord's Prayer. NaturalHigh May 2015 #38
I am so sorry for your loss. cbayer May 2015 #40
Thank you, cbayer BainsBane May 2015 #41
Sorry for your loss BainsBane, pinto May 2015 #42
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