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I miss Hitch, greatly. Laffy Kat Sep 2016 #1
Not as much as I do. Cheers. Missn-Hitch Sep 2016 #28
Obviously. Laffy Kat Sep 2016 #36
Jesus Christ Lordquinton Sep 2016 #37
before I watched this video I had great respect for Mother Teresa..... chillfactor Sep 2016 #2
I don't recall that Hitchens ever had anything good to say about anyone. So this comes as no surprise The_Casual_Observer Sep 2016 #3
Mother Teresa thought abortion was the "greatest threat to peace" Major Nikon Sep 2016 #7
You expected Mother Teresa to be pro-abortion??? The_Casual_Observer Sep 2016 #8
The lack of toilets and the general lack of sanitation in the missions is independently documented. Warren Stupidity Sep 2016 #9
"I'm proud to blame Teresa for the lack of toilets in India!" struggle4progress Sep 2016 #24
It was a medical facility Warren Stupidity Sep 2016 #25
India's 900 largest cities generate at least 29 thousand million liters of sewage daily struggle4progress Sep 2016 #31
... Calcutta's sewage system was created under the British around the turn of the century struggle4progress Sep 2016 #33
I see a sewer has broken and a flood of Google Gish has poured out. Warren Stupidity Sep 2016 #35
The actual facts might interest anyone who is really concerned about sanitation in India, struggle4progress Sep 2016 #44
I don't expect anyone other than misogynist shitbags to be anti-abortion Major Nikon Sep 2016 #11
Thats a pretty brave stand. Spent a lot of time in places like Calcutta have you? The_Casual_Observer Sep 2016 #12
Kolkata Warren Stupidity Sep 2016 #13
"Of course, more politically correct visitors tripped all the time, rug Sep 2016 #17
Do you agree with her on abortion? Lordquinton Sep 2016 #38
How do you pronounce Kolkata, quinton? rug Sep 2016 #39
Do you agree with her stance on abortion? Lordquinton Sep 2016 #40
Start a thread on abortion if you want my opinion on it. rug Sep 2016 #41
Do you agree with her on abortion? Lordquinton Sep 2016 #42
It speaks volumes about you. rug Sep 2016 #43
That makes no sense Lordquinton Sep 2016 #45
You mean like you've judged Hitchens? Major Nikon Sep 2016 #14
I'll judge Hitchens. rug Sep 2016 #16
The day that you or Hitchens are awarded a Nobel Prize or become saints The_Casual_Observer Sep 2016 #19
Those that have no substance to offer are easily forgotten Major Nikon Sep 2016 #20
Henry Kissinger has a Nobel Prize. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2016 #23
Agnes Bojaxhiu collected hundreds of millions of dollars in donations. trotsky Sep 2016 #34
She thought OTHER people's suffering was a gift from God. Mariana Sep 2016 #15
I guess you would know the details of her death. The_Casual_Observer Sep 2016 #21
Don't need to be an expert to read the news. Mariana Sep 2016 #22
When we lost Hitch, we lost a gem. nt longship Sep 2016 #4
Hitch was not a gem. guillaumeb Sep 2016 #27
I don't agree with everything he said. longship Sep 2016 #29
Did you at least appreciate the humor in my response? guillaumeb Sep 2016 #30
I am not sure. longship Sep 2016 #32
As I stated on the other thread, this video may as well have been titled: jonno99 Sep 2016 #5
The problem those who make such observations have is Hitchens wasn't the only one calling bullshit Major Nikon Sep 2016 #6
It really isn't RCC doctrine that the dying poor should be denied palliative care. Warren Stupidity Sep 2016 #10
Exactly. Mariana Sep 2016 #18
I'm also pretty sure the RCC is in favor of sanitation. Warren Stupidity Sep 2016 #26
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