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48. Oh, I think it would be easy to market.
Tue Feb 19, 2013, 10:09 PM
Feb 2013

In a culture that gave us the pet rock, marketing isn't the problem. The difficulty is in market domination. For most of human history religion was the only game in town, and a theocratic power structure was usually employed to make sure it stayed that way. Nowadays people can project their faith in any of a million different directions. There is really no difference between a revival meeting and the wave at a baseball game. Religion has, for all intents and purposes, become indistinguishable from any other brand loyalty. The most successful religions are little more than media empires for a reason.

Fiction isn't simple. Literature is one of the arts, and the arts are very complicated to produce and understand. Making art is like juggling spaghetti in a tornado. Everything you do retroactively affects everything else you have done and proactively everything you can do in the future. If science were like art-making the experiment would depend not only on the measurable qualities of the experiment itself but how the scientist feels about it, how anyone reviewing the results of the experiment feel and how all those feelings relate to the zeitgeist of feelings, expectations, fears, hopes and regrets of the culture at large over time and in relation to everything that has gone before. There has certainly been plenty of historical fiction since the bible was written and references to the world around the narrative are crucial to helping people understand what is going on and identify with the characters.

I doubt that reimagining Christianity again will prove helpful in the times ahead. Religion in general and Christianity in particular have hitched their cart to an expansionist mindset and here in the twenty first century with seven billion people on the planet and the specter of resource depletion, there is nowhere left to expand to. We may be on the cusp of another Axial Age, and any search for God shouldn't depend on the zeitgeist that got us into this mess.

The God Problem 3 (and finally) [View all] Thats my opinion Feb 2013 OP
While an interesting read I find your description of God unsatisfying. rrneck Feb 2013 #1
I'm with you pretty much through your post. It is intelligent and important-- Thats my opinion Feb 2013 #2
Cab fare. rrneck Feb 2013 #4
perhaps the fundamental moral problem of the question of god. Phillip McCleod Feb 2013 #64
If I understand this part of the essay correctly, okasha Feb 2013 #5
"If God can be defined as the energy at the heart of the cosmos"... rrneck Feb 2013 #6
It also shrinks "god" down to an irrelevance. Warren Stupidity Feb 2013 #9
As far as I'm concerned rrneck Feb 2013 #17
If marketing is our problem, we have serious difficulties. Thats my opinion Feb 2013 #19
Oh, I think it would be easy to market. rrneck Feb 2013 #48
You may be largely right, Thats my opinion Feb 2013 #57
Same here. rrneck Feb 2013 #58
Do it. I'd love to have a look. Thats my opinion Feb 2013 #60
super interesting take on things. Phillip McCleod Feb 2013 #65
Of a sort... rrneck Feb 2013 #71
accuracy is important. Phillip McCleod Feb 2013 #73
A sense of wonder!! You bet Thats my opinion Feb 2013 #16
You're welcome. rrneck Feb 2013 #18
Whenever I have had the opportunitg to deal with and be challenged by atheists or agnostics Thats my opinion Feb 2013 #20
Which ignores the rather obvious fact skepticscott Feb 2013 #7
Swing and a miss, okasha. trotsky Feb 2013 #10
Nothing you've 'posted here okasha Feb 2013 #44
Wow, argument by declaration. trotsky Feb 2013 #53
Are you ever going to apologize for your baseless allegation that I was blocked from another group? cleanhippie Feb 2013 #55
Are you ever going to apologize for your baseless allegation that I was blocked from another group? cleanhippie Feb 2013 #13
Good-- but the Greek word translated "you" is 2nd person plural. Thats my opinion Feb 2013 #15
rrneck, I see what you mean. SarahM32 Feb 2013 #49
Fine by me. rrneck Feb 2013 #50
Matthew 6:9-13 trotsky Feb 2013 #3
Charles has also failed skepticscott Feb 2013 #8
He's wasted too much time telling everyone how a society lacking religious belief... trotsky Feb 2013 #11
Occam's Razor edhopper Feb 2013 #12
If the world were just made up of things it wouldn't work at all. Thats my opinion Feb 2013 #22
You really need to stay away from making scientific claims about matter & energy. trotsky Feb 2013 #23
Question: Matter is also made up of energy, correct?? Angry Dragon Feb 2013 #32
E=mc^2 trotsky Feb 2013 #33
You are still presupposing God exists. edhopper Feb 2013 #30
The quesrion, "How was God created?" just pretends God is another thing. Thats my opinion Feb 2013 #31
And you're pretending that the universe is just another thing. trotsky Feb 2013 #34
To those out there wondering skepticscott Feb 2013 #35
What "Mystery"? edhopper Feb 2013 #54
matter is energy. energy is matter. Phillip McCleod Feb 2013 #66
Why is there a need to honor a force?? Angry Dragon Feb 2013 #14
one word: midi-chlorians Phillip McCleod Feb 2013 #67
Have no idea what you just said ............... Angry Dragon Feb 2013 #69
really? star wars? Phillip McCleod Feb 2013 #72
I liked Star Wars .... I must have missed that Angry Dragon Feb 2013 #74
Please let me know where I go wrong in your thoughts: Goblinmonger Feb 2013 #21
I would like to respond Thats my opinion Feb 2013 #24
Perhaps I'm not being clear Goblinmonger Feb 2013 #25
You were perfectly clear skepticscott Feb 2013 #26
Perfectly clear to me too. trotsky Feb 2013 #27
It occurred to me to wonder skepticscott Feb 2013 #28
I believe the answer is best demonstrated... trotsky Feb 2013 #37
Apparently you didn't get the memo skepticscott Feb 2013 #29
G.....m Having dealt with you over the last couple of years, Thats my opinion Feb 2013 #36
And there's your prejudice against atheists on display again. trotsky Feb 2013 #38
Never said that and don't believe it. Thats my opinion Feb 2013 #40
I truly believe you honestly have no idea how insulting and offensive your words are. trotsky Feb 2013 #41
Here's what you don't get, Charles, in the midst of your juvenile sniping skepticscott Feb 2013 #47
So I only respond to people who agree with me?--as you have just charged Thats my opinion Feb 2013 #51
Truly amazing..you read my post and all you could do was lie skepticscott Feb 2013 #52
Are you really surprised, though? mr blur Feb 2013 #56
Try this Thats my opinion Feb 2013 #59
Nice try, Charles, but major fail skepticscott Feb 2013 #61
Being completely unable to admit error seems to run in the family. n/t trotsky Feb 2013 #62
You see, Charles...this is why you get so little respect around here skepticscott Feb 2013 #63
Very well said, Charles. Good work. SarahM32 Feb 2013 #39
Not ready to leave my organized religion... goldent Feb 2013 #42
I suppose what it might mean to communicate would give the answer. Thats my opinion Feb 2013 #43
Not a bad answer goldent Feb 2013 #45
And another way to think of it is ... SarahM32 Feb 2013 #46
what if we could all fly? Phillip McCleod Feb 2013 #68
Bottom line, Charles skepticscott Feb 2013 #70
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