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6. Yes, and I will share something here I hesitate to put in General Discussion.
Sun Nov 13, 2022, 01:30 PM
Nov 2022

Tuesday morning, Election Day, as I left for work, there was a frikkin' bald eagle IN MY YARD.

I live in a large suburb north of Dallas. I have a very small yard. The urban sprawl extends way beyond us, although there is a golf course not too far away and one large corner field not too far away that remains undeveloped. Still. I've lived here over 20 years and never seen a bald eagle in the neighborhood.

I wasn't even sure what it was at first. My car was in the garage, so I got in and backed out of the driveway into the alley. As I pulled out past the trash/recycle bins, I saw something out of the corner of my eye in the small strip of grass between my husband's car and the fence. Something about the size/color/texture told me it wasn't a cat or dog so I backed up to see what the heck it was. When I got far enough back to see it clearly, I realized the mid-sized brown thing had a white head and it was a very large bird of prey. He was looking right at me with a "What are you looking at?" attitude.

I took off for work thinking, "Was that an eagle? Could that possibly be a bald eagle?" So I went straight to Google once I got to work and searched for birds of prey in my location. I scrolled through pictures of all the hawks--nope, nope, nope--and then I searched eagles. Bingo. There have been a few bald eagle sightings in my area and that's definitely what I saw.

Was it a sign? I hoped it was a sign. I've been praying non-stop not even for Dems to win, but simply for truth and justice to prevail in this country. All I know is after I saw that eagle I felt much better about how the day would go and so far that hope has been holding.

Any idea why god wasn't interested in Wisconsin or Florida or Texas? NoRethugFriends Nov 2022 #1
Wisconsin CAN get better, but we retained GOV Veto power. TigressDem Nov 2022 #4
Florida seems to have been lost a long time ago. BUT with DeSantis linked to tRump...... TigressDem Nov 2022 #8
AND in Texas, MAGA now has 2 meanings. TigressDem Nov 2022 #12
The short version is that we lack the capacity to judge God's actions. TomSlick Nov 2022 #22
yes, Holocaust led to a lot of good NoRethugFriends Nov 2022 #23
Are you sure you are posting in the correct group? TomSlick Nov 2022 #24
Are you aware of where you are posting? ShazzieB Nov 2022 #27
ok. shame you're not open minded enough to support your positions. NoRethugFriends Nov 2022 #28
ALL posts are Latest Threads when first posted. NOT Latest Breaking News. Look at the tabs. TigressDem Nov 2022 #30
Sorry, I meant latest posts. NoRethugFriends Nov 2022 #34
That's OK TigressDem Nov 2022 #35
Are you aware of where you are posting? ShazzieB Nov 2022 #26
Why did God not answer the Republicans prayers ItsjustMe Nov 2022 #2
I'm sure He did in some cases, but parents don't always give kids what they want, neither does God. TigressDem Nov 2022 #7
God doesn't answer prayers contrary to the will of God. summer_in_TX Nov 2022 #29
EXACTLY TigressDem Nov 2022 #31
Definitely. summer_in_TX Nov 2022 #38
Right. Whose agenda are they following? Not God's TigressDem Nov 2022 #41
When there's not a single fruit of the Spirit in their lives, I think summer_in_TX Nov 2022 #42
Lots to be thankful for in church this morning Freddie Nov 2022 #3
YES there is. TigressDem Nov 2022 #9
I am still praying for Dems to win seats still outstanding. 🙏 ProudMNDemocrat Nov 2022 #5
I think constant prayer is going to be the new norm for me. TigressDem Nov 2022 #10
Yes, and I will share something here I hesitate to put in General Discussion. tanyev Nov 2022 #6
OMG It's not just me. TigressDem Nov 2022 #11
Cool. I can't say I've had anything like that happen before, tanyev Nov 2022 #14
COVID did bring a lot more of the wild animals into cities. TigressDem Nov 2022 #18
I don't pray for a specific party. wnylib Nov 2022 #13
I don't either. But DEMOCRACY is MORE than just DEMS it's the ability of the PEOPLE to self govern. TigressDem Nov 2022 #16
I think that the qualities of leadership wnylib Nov 2022 #19
Great leaders are awesome and what you say is true. TigressDem Nov 2022 #20
At my adult ed class at church Sunday morning, wnylib Nov 2022 #25
That is so cool. TigressDem Nov 2022 #32
I prayed for compassion among people Qutzupalotl Nov 2022 #15
That is a good head space. TigressDem Nov 2022 #17
I'm not into petitionary prayer. I simply don't think I'm smart enough to give God advice. TomSlick Nov 2022 #21
Yeah, God isn't a short order cook. TigressDem Nov 2022 #33
Your position is consistent with the plan language of Jesus' teaching, mine takes mental gymnastics. TomSlick Nov 2022 #36
Typically prayer is for the person doing the praying, so whatever works. TigressDem Nov 2022 #37
As I say, your position is clearly in line with the plan language of Jesus' teachings. TomSlick Nov 2022 #39
You do the lawyer thing, I am an unpublished Dean Koonz type processor. TigressDem Nov 2022 #40
If you know God's character and trust it, then it becomes easier summer_in_TX Nov 2022 #43
Right? TigressDem Nov 2022 #44
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